Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My son

My son RameshI never thought I can give this kind of present for my son from me on the new millennium. My son Ramesh is working in US and returned home for the millennium. As usual I was very excited to see him. He has been living in US for 5 years now and he comes home every 2 years. He arrived on the Christmas day as me and his dad went to the airport to pick him. Ramesh was very excited to see us both despite his jetlag and just kept talking. Since we picked him up in the middle of the night we went to bed soon even though Ramesh wasn’t keen. In the morning after the breakfast we sat down to open our presents. They were lot of them. Jewelry, perfumes, clothes etc… Some were for his friends and our relatives but most were for his mom and dad.For the next 4/5 days Ramesh was constantly with me helping in my kitchen and in other chores telling tales about his US life. Every now and then he went to see his friends to catch-up with him. On the 31st, I thought of asking him on a gift from me for the New Year. At lunch, his dad came from work to have lunch with us and on the table I brought up the topic. His dad also liked it and said he would like give another gift too. Ramesh refused any gifts at first but I kept stressing. After some time he told his dad that he will accept anything his dad gives and told me he will think and tell me what he wants from me. Then I asked him “Probably we should get you a wife!” Ramesh blushed a lot and said “Na…I am too young for it”. We laughed off. After few moments Ramesh said “I know what I want for new year mom! I was afraid to say it before dad.” I said “That’s good! Then spit it out!”Ramesh said “Hope you won’t be upset mom!”“I won’t. Tell me…If I can afford it I will” I replied.“Sure you won’t be upset mom!”“Yes honey! I won’t! Now tell me” asked him eagerly.Ramesh paused for a moment and said “Gosh! This is so embarrassing!”“Come on Ramesh! It won’t be that bad”After another moment he said “I want you mom!”I laughed “You want me son? You have already got me!”“No! I mean I want more of you mom!” Ramesh replied.“More of me! What more honey? Do you want me to come to US too?”“Well, I want that too but…more means…” Ramesh hesitated again.I said “Come on Ramesh! More means?”Ramesh paused again for a while and then said “aah…I want something….that is underneath your saree mom..”I was stunned. Before I could recover, he continued “I want to lick your yoni (pussy) and enter it mom”My senses went blank….I could not hear anymore. I could see Ramesh but can’t hear his voice. I was dumbfounded.Then suddenly half of my blood rushed to my mouth and suddenly I uttered “I am your MOTHER for god sake Ramesh! What the hell are you asking?”Ramesh said “You only provoked me mom. I just told you what I want.”“I am you mother…You don’t expect to get gifts like that from your mother!” I paused.“This is sick Ramesh! Why do you want such a gift from me?”“Because I love you mother”“Is this the way to show your love? By asking your mother to sleep with you?”Ramesh kept quiet.“Oh Ramesh! What has gotten on to you son? If you are lonely we will get you married!”Ramesh interrupted “No mom! I don’t want anyone but you”“But I am your mother! You were born out of me. You are my body!”“But I am a man now mother! You have been great to me as mother and I want you to be my woman too!”“Shut up! Don’t say that kind of words” I screamed.Ramesh kept quiet and I walked into my bedroom and shut the door.I kept thinking. I still have these pictures of my son in my thoughts…so innocent and respectful. What happened to him? He is lusting for his own mother. I bore him for 9 months and brought him to this world. He was a good student and has done well in his life. And then suddenly this? Must have been the westernization I thought. My thoughts drifted along for another hour or so and by then my anger got lost. I felt sorry for Ramesh.I came out of the room and looked for Ramesh. I looked in his room. He was lying on his bed reading a book. I walked in towards his bed. He pretended my absence.I walked up to him, sat on the bed and asked “Why Ramesh? How did you get such an unnatural thought?”He smiled, and then got up, picked up a cd he brought with him, held my hand and pulled me to the computer room.He loaded the cd and opened a web-page on the cd. The page had a picture of me and below it, it had numerous links to several text files. The he clicked on one and showed it to me. It was an erotic mother/son incest story!All the other files were mother/son sex stories too. Some were consensual and others were rapes. Some involved sleeping or un-conscious state sex. Many even claimed mothers getting pregnant by their sons!Gosh! So much literature on mother/son incest!Ramesh left me there for me to explore more. I was disgusted at first but slowly I got interested in the stories. Some even write that they recommend mothers to have sex with their sons.I read through some of them before it was time for me to cook for dinner. I left the computer and Ramesh took his cd back.I had to go to bathroom to ease myself off after reading those stories. No wonder those stories gave Ramesh some sexual thoughts about his mother.Ramesh never spoke to me about it after that. We had our dinner and we went to sleep early. Ramesh was still watching tv. That night I had to seduce my husband to fuck me. He was surprised a bit about my sexual intensions but we had an excellent sex. My hubby is a good lover. But to be frank, during the act I replaced him with my son fucking me.But I took care not to utter his name aloud. The whole night I kept thinking about those stories. I even dreamt of them. In the morning after the breakfast, I waited until his dad left saying he will not be coming home that night as he has y2k work. As soon as he is out I asked Ramesh for the cd. Ramesh did not utter a word and gave me the cd.I spent pretty much the whole day reading those stories. I was surprised to see so many of them. And there were many with Indian cultural background too!We had lunch…I went back to the computer. We had afternoon tea…I went back to the computer. I took a break to cook dinner for both of us and soon after we had our dinner. Ramesh insisted he will go to his friends place but I told him not to. He was not happy and resumed his tv watching. We both watched the tv until midnight. We the clock stroked 12 we congratulated each other on new year. His dad rang us from work and Ramesh rang all his friends here and in US to wish them.After calling everybody Ramesh resumed his tv watching as I went to my bedroom. Then I took off my saree and my blouse leaving only the bra and petticoat. Then I called Ramesh.Ramesh walked into the room and I could see him being agape looking at me. I told him to come inside and lock the door. He locked the door and turned towards me and I said “Here is your gift Ramesh! Your mother’s body and her yoni”Ramesh was very excited “Really mom?”I said “Yes son!”He just leaped towards me saying “Oh Thank you mom! Thank you very much!” hugging me tight and planting his lips onto mine. The sensations of my son’s lips on mine was excellent. He then he sucked my lips and tongued my mouth. It was ecstatic enjoying my son’s sexual moves and rubs. He was caressing my body with his hands. He moved his hands slowly on to my buttock sand then inserted his hands between my thighs to touch my pussy. I squealed a bit enjoying his explorations. He stroked my ass crack and my pussy with his middle finger for a moment and the moved his hand to untangle my petticoat’s thread knot. As he untangled I felt a bit shy as I tried to hold on to my sliding petticoat but he was too quick to grab my hand. He then whispered in my ear saying “let me unwrap my gift mom”. I was excited to my high with those words. He then untied my bra to reveal my motherly breasts for him. This time to satisfy his sexual hunger. He then took my nipple into his mouth and started sucking on it. It was my son sucking my breasts but I had feeling of my lover sucking me.He kept sucking my breasts for few minutes interchanging them by caressing the other. It was a breast sucking sex of my life. I wondered where did he learn all this?Then he took me to the bed and laid me on my back. By now I just became a follower doing everything he wants me to do. He then started kissing my breasts and slowly worked towards my navel and then to my lower abdomen towards my thick bush. As he reached my bush I inadvertently raised my legs and folded them for him to access. He then used his left hand to widen my crack as he looked at my pussy with curiosity. I felt embarrassed for a moment as he looked on at his birth place. Then he slowly moved towards it to take my clit into his mouth and starting sucking it. It was at that instant I had my first orgasm. It just happened because of my excitement I guess.He sucked my clit for few moments and then his tongue was all over my cunt. He inserted it into my vagina, fucked me with it and licked every part of my pussy clean. It was then he took off his clothes as I watched him in desperate condition of having my cunt fucked. I never was in this position before. Whenever I wanted I hinted my hubby and within minutes he was on to it. Now it appeared as if Ramesh took ages to remove his clothes. As he took off his pajama his cock sprung up like a cunt seeking device pointing towards me. I never imagined I will get to see my son’s erection to the least that I am going to be fucked by his thick meat.As soon as he undressed Ramesh moved over me, positioned himself, held his dick with his right hand and then ran over the head over my pussy lips and my clit. I shuddered as his head touched my clit. He did it for few strokes and then he inserted it into my vagina. I moaned loud. It was the moment I was waiting for. The union of yoni and lingam….the union of mother and son….the union of my flesh with me.I was at my sexual ecstasy as he started fucking me slowly for few strokes. Then suddenly he started pounding my cunt in vigorous motion. I started moaning more and more louder as he increased his rhythm. It was then I had my second orgasm. Ramesh too climaxed not long after that as he squirted his potent seed into me for the first time.He then collapsed on me patting and puffing as if he had been thru an aerobic session.After few moments he said “Mom, that was the best gift I ever had in my life”I asked “Did you enjoy your gift?”He said “Yes! More than anything! How about you?”I said “I enjoyed every moment of being your gift” stroking my fingers thru his hair.He concluded “I love you mom”I said “I love you too son” as he moved to kiss my lips.After the kiss he asked me “Will I get to use my gift again?”I said “Yes! Anytime whenever there is opportunity!”“How about now?” he said pushing his semi erect dick into my soppy pussy.I was shocked that he is already getting hard on. I replied “Ok son!” enjoying our copulation and anticipating for another ride of my life! Half an hour after my son finished filling me with his cum, he was fast sleep beside me. I too was tired from our my sexual encounter and dozed off thinking about all that happened we hours ago.I don’t know how long I slept but I was awaken by the sound of somebody opening the front door. I got up immediately to find my clothes but heard the steps getting near. I quickly grabbed my blouse and went back to bed and covered the blanket over me. I did not even had time to hook my blouse. So I turned on my side trying to hook at least the first hook. Then the door opened and it was Ramesh’s dad. He switched the light on as I pretended I just got woken up. I looked at him and said “You’re back?” He said “yes! not any serious problems so came back”. He looked at Ramesh as I told him “He wanted to sleep with me here. I will wake him up”. I carefully started turning so that he would not notice my open blouse. By then he interrupted “Don’t worry! Let him sleep here. I will sleep on his bed”. I did not attempt to move then on and he switched off the light and went to Ramesh’s room. I laughed at my position. Good that Ramesh is my son. Otherwise which husband would see his wife in bed with a naked man and walk away saying ‘let him sleep?’Underneath the blanket his son is completely naked with his mothers’ drying cunt juices all around his dick and his pubic hair. And I am wearing my blouse unhooked and completely naked below my stomach with my cunt filled with his son’s thick cum. It gave a whole new meaning for the phrase “looks deceive!” I was so excited by the scene that I had to wake Ramesh for another session of mother/son sexual ecstasy.That night was a night of my life with my son fucking me on my bed and my husband sleeping in next room. Ramesh too started talking kinky after he knew that his dad is sleeping in his room. During our fuck session he kept saying words like “Ah! I am in heaven…thanks dad” and “you have a sexy wife dad”. I was terribly afraid that his dad might come back. I think if a mother like me wants to have an extramarital affair, I recommend them to seduce their sons. How many times you will get to fuck your lover while your husband is sleeping next room?The next morning I got up early to prepare the breakfast. I felt great that morning! Ramesh and his dad though, slept well until 9 am. Since both had slept late I let them sleep until then and the went to my hubby to wake him up. I woke him up and he grabbed me to give a good lip kiss for the new year. We both hugged for a while as he embarrassed me tight. I told him he should get up as it is getting late. He murmured a bit, gave me another kiss and then trotted to bathroom telling me to wake Ramesh up. He disappeared into the toilet as I went to our bedroom to wake Ramesh up. I woke him up and started pulling his blanket. He is still naked underneath it and I wanted to take a peek at the manhood that took care of my lust last night. He held on to the blanket and asked where his dad was. I told him he is in the toilet. Then he suddenly pulled me on to him as I stumbled on him and he gave me a deep lip kiss. I tried to struggle first but then I stopped as I enjoyed my second kiss of the morning with my second man. He held my left breast with his right hand and started caressing it while kissing. After a while I stopped him and got off him telling him to get up and walked out to the kitchen.Ramesh got up and went to our second bathroom. After a while he came back to me in the kitchen while I was standing at the kitchen table. He asked me where’s his dad and I said he might be taking a shower. He then asked “where’s my breakfast?” I said “wait! it’s getting ready! Let your dad come.” He said “not that breakfast mom!” and came to me from behind, aligned his dick against my ass cheeks, put his hand into my saree tangles and held my womanhood and said “this mom”. I was so excited with his kinky gesture I almost came. I couldn’t help but moan a little and said to him “you just had late night snack few hours ago! Are you still hungry?” He said rubbing my mound and his dick “Yes mom! your food is so tasty I cannot have enough of it!” I said trying to overcome the feeling “this food legally belongs to your dad! So don’t try to eat it while your dad is around!”“No?…not even a taste?” Ramesh said in a disappointed tone still rubbing my pussy lips thru my saree. I was so excited; I could feel my juices coming out but tried controlling it and told him “Nope! Not even a taste! Wait until your dad is gone and you can eat as much as you want”Before I could finish the sentence, Ramesh took his hand away from my pussy as he saw his dad coming. His dad must have over heard my sentence, he asked “What is that you want to eat son?” I stumbled on hearing his words but regained my composure and said “You son is very hungry! He wants his breakfast before you come!” I almost laughed at the kinky meaning of those words. I was looking at Ramesh who by now walking into the lounge with a big smile on his face smelling his fingers that rubbed my cunt lips.“Then you should have given him! He must be starving!” his dad said. Ramesh quickly looked at me with a lustful gaze and said “See! Dad doesn’t object!”“I don’t object! If he is hungry you should feed him Kantam!” his dad added. “I can eat later”I turned away as I could not smile at my hubby’s innocence. I thought to myself “If you know what me and Ramesh are talking about, you would not only object but kill us both”We cut the chat and had our breakfast. Ramesh kept passing me “give me your pussy” looks at me. After we had enough to eat, there is still some left so I asked Ramesh if he would like another round. He said “No mom! Not now”. He paused a while and then said “I will have my next round after dad is gone to work”. I knew what he was getting at but kept quiet. His dad said “That’s my boy! Take a break and have another round! It will make your mother happy!”Every word my hubby says is inducing a twitch in my already drooling cunt. Added to it Ramesh is taking it further saying “Will you be happy mom?………will you?”. He kept asking until I said “Yes!”Ramesh sat on the couch watching tv while his dad dress up to go to work. I knew he is watching tv but counting the moments of his dad leaving the house. Finally after 10 mins his dad bid bye to me and Ramesh and Ramesh saw him off and closed the front door. Before I could hear his dad opening the car door, Ramesh is already naked and untangling my saree. He ripped my saree off and threw it on the couch and dragged me to our bedroom while hugging me and caressing my breasts.By the time his dad pulled the car out of our driveway Ramesh got me naked and was all over my body. He did not listen to my plead that his dad could come back. As he inserted his dick into my wet pussy, I heard my hubby’s car drive away. I did not have any relief until his car pulled away and before he was gone, Ramesh is already pounding my pussy with vigorous and long strokes.I was amazed by Ramesh’s restlessness to fuck his mother. His dad did not even leave the premises he has already made me naked and copulating with my vagina. Before I could come to my senses and started enjoying, Ramesh already came spurting his hot cream into me. He must have been very hot. We both were patting for breath and we are in a mess. We both were lying across the bed with Ramesh on top of me. My blouse and petticoat lying on the floor. My pussy is all wet with combination of our juices. I was left unfulfilled as Ramesh finished earlier than me.“Thanks for the second breakfast mom” Ramesh uttered while controlling his breath. “It was as good as your real breakfast”“You have eaten forbidden food Ramesh!” I said smiling. “This food belongs to your dad”“You know mom” Ramesh said squeezing my nipples “Forbidden food is always tasty…especially my mother’s…Once tasted you can never stop”And then, dad himself gave me permission to eat” he said as we both laughed.We spent most of the new year day naked and on bed. We fucked four times before we both were exhausted and it was time for his dad to get back from work.It was only in the evening I wore my saree again. Ramesh never gave me an opportunity to wear it keeping my pussy wet all the day. He had a final snack before his dad came home and started complaining his dick hurts. I never had so many fucks in a day for years. Ramesh’s dad used to fuck me like that when we were young. Never thought I will see that day again.To say the least from that day onwards, Ramesh became my second lover. We became mother and son only for other people and for his dad. It was very hard to balance being mother and lover with a stud son around and doing all kinds of mischievous things. Ramesh never had enough of me and used to molest me even when somebody is around. He does more of it when somebody is around us. He would never let an opportunity go to fondle his mother’s body. I always wondered whether he is doing it for shear lust or to hint people around that he is bonking his mother. In any case, I liked it.Ramesh’s four week holidays passed by in a flick. This time his holiday was spent in an unexpected manner though! He had new girl and I had a new lover. The new millennium has provided me with a son-lover and with lots of cum in my pussy and another cocktail of love juice marks on my bed sheet. I thought I would get him a bride this time but never imagined I would become his lover and take his semen in me.A week before Ramesh’s departure, I became sad. Previously, it used to be only a son’s see off. Now its a son and lover. He made me rid of all sexual frustrations I had and took me to a new height of sexual ecstasy where only a son can take his mother to. I felt sad missing a son and a lover. Ramesh has another week in Singapore before he would go back to US. Seeing me very dejected of Ramesh’s departure his dad suggested me to take a trip to Singapore with him. I was so excited but at the same time I felt a bit guilty that I am taking advantage of my hubby. It wasn’t until the next day when Ramesh lifted my petticoat yet again to show me heaven, I decided I need to have another week of this forbidden dick of my son. So I booked and flew with my son to Singapore. Ramesh and I had time of our life. It wasn’t a lot different from India but in Singapore Ramesh got access to his mother’s pussy even in the night. Shopping and sex were the two main things in our agenda with everything rolling around those. We talked to my hubby on phone but every time we talked to him Ramesh was either licking or fucking my pussy. We both talked together with him while our genitals locked. Only a son can give this opportunity!Before we knew the week was over and we had the time of our lives. Ramesh saw me off at the airport the day before he flew to US.I flew back with fond memories of our lustful ‘honeymoon’ followed by a big shopping bag. Ramesh took care of all the shopping bills. Somehow I felt like I was his escort or a call-girl and Ramesh paid me for my services to him. The perverted feeling in me was satisfied that I became a personal whore for my son.After he is gone to US Ramesh called me more often specially when his dad is not around to talk about his fantasies of fucking his mother. He makes me so hot on phone that I tell him I replaced his dick with my fingers as we kept talking. I even asked him if he thought of me as his escort during our Singapore lust week. Ramesh said it was not the case and he paid the bills as a gratitude of me being a perfect mother. It was until later I found out that Ramesh also paid for my airfare. Ramesh might have did it for love towards his mother but I certainly felt I escorted my son while in Singapore. With the amount of spending he did on me, I figured its well over 5000 rupees per day. We kept talking about all the kinky things. Our phone calls have become more like lover calls instead of mother and son ones. He never completed a call without giving me an orgasm when his dad is not around.It wasn’t another three weeks passed by, I realized Ramesh has left me more than my fond memories of becoming his lover and probably his whore. The loads of semen my pussy was soaked in all the time when Ramesh was here finally managed to penetrate my egg. Little did my egg know that the semen was from my own son. Little did Ramesh’s semen knew that it his mother’s egg he’s penetrating. How would they know? Their job is to procreate. The evolutionary cycle has turned around with semen from my own son penetrated his own mother’s egg.I went into this philosophy mode. All these mother/son relationships are all created by us. In my opinion everybody is free to mate with everybody. Look at animals; a son always fucks his mother to mate and create more. Likewise a mother always gives her son a chance to make her pregnant. Take a look at ancient history! Every culture has mother son turned lovers relationships. The mother earth also mated with her son to produce. Eve was Adam’s mother. Eve also became the wife of her another son/grandson Cain whom she produced through Adam. Several Greek legends married and lusted for their mother. The famous Jocasta and Oedipus mother/son copulation yielded 3 children. Jocasta must have been one happy woman when she married her son.In my opinion mother/son sex is natural thing to do. Since a woman matures and marries generally when she is 15/16, her breeding season is divided between her husband and son/s. The first fifteen years until she turns 30 are husband’s to produce and when her sons turn 15 she should be mating with her offspring and breed with them until the age of menopause. For me it seems logical and our bodies are designed for it. It is a well-known fact that women reach their prime sexual stage when they are past 30, the age when her sons too reach a sexual age. The sexual desire of a mother and her son would balance each other at that stage.I started out late now at 43, but I still feel I have few more years to breed with my son. I am starting now. To say the least I am pregnant with my son. It felt good. I felt as if I am goddess Rati, the love goddess who became a lover to her son Kama, the cupid.As usual my husband thought his semen lacked some discipline and invaded his wife’s womb. My mother-loving son is very excited that his semen made its way to penetrate his mother’s egg and made his sexy and slutty mother pregnant with his child. I have mixed feelings about this. I am not happy because I am pregnant at this age but at the same time I am excited because my own son made me pregnant. I am fucked by both men of my life and I became pregnant by both of them.Few weeks later I was stuck between two males competing for possession of a pregnant female. Ramesh might have thought he wanted to see his slutty mother belly grow as his baby took shape. So he proposed his dad that I should go to US. He used the excuse saying hospitals are better there. His dad on the other hand wants me to be with him so that he can see me safe. I took the backstage letting them sort out as I have nothing to lose. No matter where I stay I will get good care and my bed will always be warm. If I am here I will have my hubby dick in my pussy and if I am there my son will still keep it lubricated and wet.Finally Ramesh won. His dad let go as he knew I will be well there. A week later, during fourth month of my pregnancy, my hubby saw me off at the airport. I felt sorry for him since he is unknowingly send me to my lover and illicit father of my baby.Ramesh picked me up from the airport in US. He was very excited to see his mother-lover. We drove home and he waited no more to see his mother naked with her growing belly. We both celebrated with you know what!!! He fucked me passionately as if a husband parting from his wife for a long time. I don’t need to tell you the happenings in detail after that. The life is usual with doctor visits, pregnant sex, dad/hubby phone calls to India, sex again, parent talk with my son as mother of his baby, and more sex. We are tired of inventing new positions to rest my belly while Ramesh filled me.A month later, my son revealed his ultimate desire. A desire to marry me. I was shocked at first but was happy that he wanted to marry me. He said “Since we are already having a baby together, we should get married.”I did not get his point. I said “But I am already married Ramesh! to your dad! How can I marry you?”He said “I don’t know! Divorce him or…”I said “Shut up! Why would I spoil a good relationship? And whats wrong with staying as of now?”He said “Like how?”I said “Like now! Married to my hubby! You will still get what you getting from me and have me anytime you like! What wrong with being as now? The baby is yours and I don’t’ need to change surnames either”Ramesh interrupted “But I want you all by myself mom! I want to be your hubby! I want to take care of you myself”I said “That’s sweet son! But I am also your mother and still married to your dad! I might be pregnant by you and sleep with you but relation wise you will still be my son first!”I could see Ramesh got disappointed by my rejection. He did not talk to me well for two hours after that. So I put a proposal. I said “How about an agreement?”“What agreement?” he asked.“Since you will be here in US for a while, I can be your wife when I am here!”“How?”“We can marry here and I will become your wife. Whenever I am here I will be called as your wife. But I India I will be your dad’s wife and your mother. You can share my body with your dad but only as your mother as we are doing now. That means I will be your wife in US and your dad’s in India”The idea seems to have worked with him. But then he asked “What if dad comes here?”I said “You dad will be the same person to you when you will be in India. He will be my illicit lover here”Ramesh laughed “Dad? your illicit lover?”“Yes! Once I am married to you he will become my lover not hubby!”Ramesh agreed. The following Friday, we went to a temple and got married. He put me another mangal sutra around my neck and formally I accepted my son Ramesh to be my second husband. I became my own daughter-in-law. For the first time after my son fucked me, he removed my clothes and fucked me as a husband. I felt Ramesh is more a husband to me than his dad as by the time Ramesh married me I am already pregnant by him and it appeared to me as if I am his real wife.Five months after we got married, we had a baby girl. Ramesh’s dad flew to US to see his daughter. We stayed together for three months. Ramesh and his dad competed yet again for their first fuck with me after delivery. But this time his dad won as he is in holiday here. The next day Ramesh took me to a hotel to get his first taste of his mother-wife’s pussy after delivery somehow avoiding his dad coming with us. I did not tell Ramesh that his dad had the first milking session with his mother’s cunt.After three months, Ramesh’s dad flew back to India giving Ramesh more time to fuck his mother-wife. Ramesh reluctantly sent me to India after another three months

My lactating Aunt
In the society where I was born and grew up, sex was not something to be discussed but a very private affair between a husband and a wife. When I was 12 I discovered my own sexuality by chance. One day while taking bath and rubbing soap all over my body I felt that rubbing my penis with the slippery soapy hand gave me a wonderful sensation. So I continued to rub my penis and all of a sudden I had my first orgasm which was overwhelming. Having discovered the joys of masturbation I became addicted to it when another fine day my penis shot forth my first cum which shocked me thinking that something was wrong and that excessive masturbation has caused it. Later I found out from a family medical book that it was normal for the semen to come out during orgasm. So I was back to square one. By the time I was 18, my penis was 7 inches in length and sometimes I wonder if it was because of the frequent masturbation. However by this time I had learned a lot about sex but all in theory never ever having even seen a real women naked. I did have glimpses of my mother's breast and enjoyed eyeing her body which make my cock so hard. At this time I got a seat in the engineering college located in the same city where my mother's youngest sister lived with her husband and 6 months old daughter. So it was decided that I should live with them so that they could keep an eye on me and also give some company to my aunt Sailaja whose husband Anand was out of town frequently due to his works. At that time my aunt was around 34 years and my uncle 48. Though my auntie was married at 20 they could not have a child due to my uncle's low sperm count but after a lot of medication and spending a fortune they finally succeeded in having a daughter.
From the time I discovered my sexuality my mother and aunt Sailaja had always been the heroines in my sexual fantasies. Aunt Sailaja was not only beautiful but feminine and very sensual too but so was my mother. Now after birth of her daughter she had become slightly plumb but all the same very desirable with her big breast and base while uncle had become fat, bald and potbellied. I was thrilled to be living in the city but much more at being able to live in the same house with my aunt. I actually started to court her like I would a girl in a very subtle way not making it too obvious to her and I could see that all the attention I gave her was paying off. At this time auntie was still breast feeding her daughter and I was looking forward to having a glimpse of her breast. But woe me, she never breast fed in my presence so instead I thought of showing my body. I started lazing around the house with only my shorts and showing off my well-formed muscles and torso to her. I did see her looking at my body with interest. Three months passed by and I settled down nicely bonding well with my aunt occasionally flirting with her which she did not seem to mind. One day when uncle was away on one of his tours I happened to be sitting with auntie in the den after dinner watching the TV when the baby started crying. So she picked up the baby and after adjusting her sari she opened her blouse, lifted her bra and started feeding her. All these time I was straining to see her breast and I did get a glimpse which immediately gave me an erection so I tried to hide my erection from her. After the feeding was over I got another glimpse of her breast along with the turgid nipples when she removed the sleeping baby and laid her down. My cock was so hard and about to burst so I stood up to go to my room trying to hide the tent in my shorts but auntie saw it and I turned crimson while she smiled and looked away. In the privacy of my room I masturbated with the images of her breast and I came so hard my cock just kept on jerking remaining hard for some time. I wondered whether she deliberately showed me her breast as this was never done when uncle was around. The next day when I went for breakfast I realized that she had her sari loosely around her and I could see the shape of her blouse encased breast. Was she trying to show me some sign I wondered. So I took a bold step and made her see the outlines of my erection on my shorts. She blushed and turned away. I went to my room and after pulling my shorts down I laid down on the bed closed my eyes and started to masturbate imagining that I was fucking my auntie Sailaja. Just as I reached my orgasm the door opened and my aunt Sailaja stood there staring at my cock while I ejaculated. She had come to call me for dinner. I was so ashamed and tried to cover my cock when she abruptly closed the door and went away. I could not face her but I had to apologize so I went to the kitchen and told her that I am sorry. She answered that it was okay but that I should behave in future.
Meanwhile Sailaja was dazed to see such a big cock as she had not seen any other cock except that of her husband which was much smaller. She wondered how Varun who is just a boy could have a cock so big when her husband's is so small, how it would be to have such a big cock inside her and all these thoughts made her nipples erect. She could feel the tingling sensation and the wetness in her vagina. Then she chastised herself for having these incestuous thoughts. I must be out of my mind to think of Varun in these ways she thought. But the sight of Varun's big and long erect cock ejaculating so powerfully kept coming back to her mind. Her husband had been neglecting her and fucking her maybe once a month with his small cock. She had seen Varun eyeing her breast and buttocks and was almost sure that he desired her. She loved the company and the attention she was receiving from Varun and she had secretly wanted him but she was scared. She remembered the evening in the den during her husband’s absence when in an impulsive mood she had exposed her breast to him even if it was just a glimpse and the tent in his shorts which made her so wet that even while her daughter suckled her breast she wondered how it would be to have her nephew Varun doing it and it gave her mild orgasms. She was a very sexual person and had resorted to playing with her vagina many times as she knew that it would be a very big risk trying to have an affair with other some other man. She consoled herself that she could always masturbate and had resigned to her fate untill Varun her nephew arrived on the scene. The thought that if her nephew would become her lover it would be within the house and no one would know gave her some hope thinking that since he was young she could control him. He was handsome and his body was full of muscles. She had secretly watched his body when he was lazing around the house only in his shorts. If they were to become lovers they would have a lot of opportunities as her husband was away most of the time on tour to other cities. She loved all the attention Varun gave her as it was an arranged marriage for her having married very young. She also felt that she was slowly falling in love with her nephew and it gave her a lot of pleasure. She wondered if it was love or sexual attraction on her part as she would always get very aroused.
I came home in the evening to find that uncle had gone to on tour again for a week. I was happy at the thought that I might be able to see auntie's breast when she breast fed the baby. As if on cue in the evening while we were watching the TV the baby started to cry and auntie lifted her to her lap. I was looking at her actions intently when suddenly she looked me in the eyes and smiled to herself while she opened her blouse, freed one of her breast from the bra and started to feed the baby. Today the process was slow unlike the other day when she did it hurriedly and I caught quite a nice look at her breast which was swollen with the dark brown aureoles and thick elongated nipples. My cock was so hard and the outline was visible but I made no effort to hide it. When I looked up to my aunt I saw her looking at my crotch area and I felt my cock twitch. She must have seen it as she quickly looked away. After sometime when the baby finished she got up and laid the baby down on the crib. In the process I could see her breast clearly. I stole quick peeks of aunt's bare breast.. I was actually shocked - and excited - at aunt's sudden casual display of nudity in front of me. My cock had its own mind and was twitching by itself. I thought I was going to come there itself when auntie suddenly asked me "Did you liked looking at my breast?". I turned red but managed to reply yes. Then she said "Do you also look at your mother like that?" I said no and she continued " Then why do you look at me? I am your mother's sister and I am also like your mother." So I told her I am sorry and will not do so again. She just smiled and left the room. While going to my room I saw her door was partially open so I peeped and saw that she was changing into her night gown. She was standing near the bed with just her bra and petticoat. With a deft movement she unhooked her bra and kept it aside while her breast swung freely. Oh I was so horny by the sight that the moment I touched my cock it erupted while I saw her put on her gown. I quickly went to my room but my cock was still erect. I recapitulated all the images and masturbated again.
The next evening we were watching an English movie that was being relayed by the cable operator. We were seated together on the sofa but not touching each other. The movie was about a woman cheating on her husband and there was a lot of lovemaking scenes. I got erect and she saw it. Her breathing became irregular and I could sense that she was aroused. So while the movie came to another lovemaking scene I leaned slightly and touched her hand. She jerked her hand as if a scalding rod touched her. Shocked she said "Why did you do that? How can you, oh I am such a bad auntie to you and I have not been able to teach you the right things. What will I say to my sister?" You have not," I said as I took her hand again. "You are a wonderful auntie and I love you." And added under my breath "more than you can know." "I'd like to be friends with you auntie and that means being honest. Auntie...uh...this is hard to say but...God...you are the most desirable woman on earth to me and I love you more than you know. I know you will hate me for pouring out my heart to you but I cannot help it. Please don't tell my parents, they will kill me, and I am sorry that I am an unusual boy, if I have hurt you, I will never do it again". I don't know from where I got the courage to blurt all these out but my darling aunt said "I have seen you looking at me specially while I am breast feeding or the other evening when I was changing. But it's not right you know...you're like my son. However, I'm not sure you are that unusual. I think many boys have a crush on their mothers or their aunts." "It's more than a crush aunt. I...I...I love you." "Varun, I think you just need finish your studies fast and I'll tell your mother to get you married to some nice girls, so concentrate on your studies now" She did not seem surprised at my revelation. I replied "Auntie I know I am good at my studies but I also know that I will only love you even when I become an engineer, but don't' you have any feelings for me?" "Alright Varun, I admit that I have had feelings for you that...that a mother uh auntie should not have for her nephew. But we have to control them. It's not right. I am your uncle's wife and I cannot love another man. We have to live close together in the same house so promise me that you will control yourself and behave properly or else I will have to tell your parents and keep you in the hostel". So I promised her that I would control my feelings and behave myself.
Varun and sailaja tried to act like a normal aunt and nephew after their conversation. However, there was a sexual tension in the air now because both of them knew how the other felt. They tried to laugh it off, making jokes about it. Unfortunately that just served to remind them of that evening, intensifying the tension. Sailaja started thinking more and more of her nephew. All the attention Varun was pouring on her was not in vain and Sailaja also started to fall in love with Varun. She enjoyed the subtle flirtings from varun specially when she was aroused she would imagine making love to Varun knowing fully well that it would be incest but the thought of incest seemed to heighten her arousal. Her husband Anand was of no help as he was interested only in making money not fucking. This made Sailaja all the more interested in Varun even though he was her nephew. Varun was faring no better, he was so obsessed with his aunt sailaja that he even stole her bra and panties and would sniff and lick it.
A month later Varun's uncle had to go to USA for a month's training and that was when Varun decided that the time was ripe. After his uncle left Varun opened the topic of his love to his aunt when they were sitting in the sofa watching the TV. "Auntie, why is it that the more I try not to love you I become even more in love with you? You see, these days I dream of you every night and in my dream we are very happy" Sailaja was sort of expecting this. Deep in her mind she knew that something was might happen. "Varun, I thought that you have got over it by now". Sailaja teased him "No way! And now I don't think I can ever get over it". Sailaja asked "What were we doing in your dreams?" "Holding hands, laughing, hugging etc.etc." Replied Varun. "Oh, so holding hands makes you happy huh? You can hold my hand". It was a dream coming true for Varun and he quickly went and sat besides Sailaja and held her hands . At this Sailaja asked "And what else were we doing in your dreams?" "That I cannot tell, you might get angry" Varun replied but at the insistence of Sailaja Varun said " In my dreams we were hugging". And saying let me show you he embraced Sailaja and kissed her on the mouth. Sailaja stiffened and resisited but Varun would not let go finally she opened her mouth and their tongues met. Varun was in a daze as he felt her tongue and tasted her saliva. Sailaja felt guilty and pulled away. "No Varun, you must not do that, it is wrong because I am an old married woman besides you are my nephew and you are just a kid". Varun replied "Auntie that was my first kiss and I will always treasure it no matter what comes I cannot help but love you more and more each day, and no you are not old, don't ever call yourself old please" "Varun stop it, otherwise I will have to tell your mother to put you in the hostel". Sailaja said but she knew in her heart that she loved his kiss and endeared it even more. She longed for him to make the move despite her resistance knowing fully well that she would not throw herself at him. If Varun wanted her he would have to force himself on her. Meanwhile Varun could no longer control himself so he once again embraced his aunt and tried to kiss her. Sailaja struggled and tried to get away from his embrace but it was not forceful so Varun kissed and licked her on the neck. Then he kissed her on her lips once again struggling to maintain his hold on her. Sailaja resisted but opened her mouth and kissed Varun back. While kissing Varun slowly moved his right hand and touched her right breast. He found the her turgid nipples and started to fondle her breast. At this Sailaja once again pulled away roughly and started to scold Varun once again to stop it. Instead varun moved on top of her and through all the struggling once again started to kiss her lips and knead his aunt's breast through the bra and her blouse. The sensation was too much for Sailaja and she slowly started to relax allowing Varun to play with her body when her milk laden breast started to leak. Varun was so excited and his cock was jutting out under his shorts. The moment he felt his auntie's breast milk in his hand he lifted the loose end of the saree and started to open her blouse hooks while Sailaja tried to prevent him. Removing the hooks was to tedious so he caught hold of her blouse and tore it. The act shocked and excited Sailaja and she gave a loud gasp. Then Varun pulled the bra up exposing both the white milk laden breast with the dark chocolate nipples and big aureoles. He groped both the breast with his hands and his lips descended to the nipples. The moment he sucked the nipples his aunt gave a groan and milk started to jut out into his mouth. Suddenly the baby started to cry and Sailaja forcefully pushed him away. She tried to cover her breast with the saree while picking up the baby and quickly ran to her room.
I actually cursed the baby as my golden chance was broken nevertheless after giving some time for her to breast feed the baby I went to her room and knocked. She told me to go away but I kept on calling telling her how sorry I was until she came and unlocked the door. Then I pushed myself into the room and embraced her once more. "Oh my auntie, I love you so much and if you don't love me then I will commit suicide tonight" She scolded me for having such thoughts but when I tried to kiss her she wouldn't allow me so I pledge my undying love for her and started towards her. As I approached her she turned to run, but I quickly grabbed her by the arm and pulled her close to me. She struggled with me and that was when I knew things were going to get ugly. I grabbed her by both arms and turned her so she was looking into my face. "Varun!" She yelled, "Stop it right now!!" She looked like she was going to start crying. This roughness with her kind of turned me on even more. Tears were welling in her eyes. My cock was fully erect and poking her in the leg. She tried to pull away but I held her tight. "I want to show you something, auntie..." I said to her softly. She started crying and shaking her head no but I forcefully kissed her on her lips but she kept her lips tightly closed. I tried to make her open her mouth and in the process she managed to turn away. I told her I loved her so much and asked why she couldn't she just give me one proper kiss? She seem to think for a second when I kissed her again. This time aunt's lips were much softer and more relaxed, slightly parted. I felt her pointed tongue gingerly touch mine at first, then we began dueling with each other as we embraced intimately. Her warm, soft body was pressed tightly against mine, and my cock, which had been rising for some time, pushed against her lower belly. God, she must feel it! I certainly felt the swell of her tits against my chest. This time the kiss went on and on. My heart was pounding, and my head felt feverish with excitement and pleasure.
Sailaja broke the kiss and opening her mouth to speak, she found that she could not get the words out. Finally she managed to stammer "Pl ..............please, Varun ..................pleaseeeeee! This .................this is so wrong! Please .............please ............you ............you're my nephew!" With her handsome nephew standing immediately next to her Sailaja shivered as his hands touched her breast. To her shame, despite all this, Sailaja began to feel herself growing aroused by her nephew's kisses and attention to her breast, she could feel the heat growing in her Vagina as tears coursed their way down her cheeks. Varun would have non of her refusal instead he kept on kissing her all over her neck and face while his right hand palmed her breast. Then varun drew her sari pallu away and pulled her bra up exposing her milk filled succulent breast. At this sailaja attempted to break away but Varun was too strong for her and he pushed her onto the bed. Immediately his mouth latched on to her nipple and started sucking. Sailaja moaned in lust and shame as her milk started to gush out suddenly. For Varun it was a dream come true and for the first time in his life he was actually sucking the milk of his auntie. The sweet taste of milk coming from the nipples into his mouth and the feel of his auntie's body as he laid on top of her with his cock wedged between their bodies was just too much for the youngster that his orgasm hit him and he ejaculated inside his shorts. Sailaja could feel her nephew's cock on her abdomen and she knew he had come as it started to jerk. Somehow she thought it was good that the end has come without her committing incest and adultery despite her excited state. But that was not to be, unlike her husband who wilted the moment he ejaculated, Varun's cock was still hard as steel. Varun started to pull at her sari to removed them unsuccessfully so he just got up a little and pulled her sari and petticoat up exposing her milky white thighs and her soaking panties. At this Sailaja struggled once more and in the process Varun succeeded in removing her panties. Though she struggled Sailaja wanted varun to succeed and willed him on in her mind. In one swift motion he removed his short and undies and his erect cock sprang free. Now he positioned himself between her legs as Sailaja cried softly with tears rolling down her cheeks. This being the first time Varun found it hard to find the entrance to his aunt's vagina but finaly succeeded and he started to hump away. Never had Sailaja felt anything of this size stretch her so widely, having only experienced her husband, who had nothing in comparison to what she was now experiencing. Fear and panic set in as she broke the kiss and pleaded "Ohhhhhhhhh, Varun...............owwwww ................nooooooo ..........stopppp ........stop! Varun .......you ............you're too biggggg! Varun..............you .......... you're too big!" With her hands Sailaja then tried push at his muscular shoulders, trying to push him off her and prevent this incestuous mating. "Oh, please ........stop ............pleaseeeeee! Varun ................stop, Varun.........stop ..............we must stop! This is so wrong ...........ahhhhhhhh, no ........... Varun...............nooooooo!" Sailaja sobbed as the thick cockhead twitched within her.
"Oh, God ......................ohhhhhhhhh, Varun........ohhhhhhhh, ...........you're so big ..........so biggggggg!" Sailaja groaned as her long trim legs wrapped tightly around nephew's humping ass. "Ohhhhhhhhh ...............ahhhhh .....................ohhhhhhhhh, Vaarruuuuuun!" she screamed as a mind-shattering orgasm shook her entire body. Never had she experienced such mind shattering orgasm before. She felt her nephew's cock twitch in her well filled vagina which seemed to be stretched to the maximum as he touched his own orgasm and spurted jets and jets of baby making sperm into her womb. Reality hit her, causing tears of shame to flow from her eyes. Sailaja realized the awful sin she had just committed, committing adultery with none other than her nephew. She sobbed as she looked at her marital bed, soiled now with the slimy semen and her vaginal secretions that oozed out of her vagina as Varun's cock kept pumping into her well-fucked slit. The horror then struck her as Sailaja realized that this was quite an inappropriate time of the month. Trying to get out from under his body and rush to the bathroom, Sailaja was frantic as Varun's strong hands pulled her shoulders and forced her back onto the bed and started to fuck her again.. "Please ..............Varun, I ...........I need to douche! You ...............you didn't wear a condom! I could get pregnant!" she sobbed. Instead of being released as she had hoped, her nephew doubled in his effort of fucking her. "Oh, Godddddddd .....................nooooooooo!" she sobbed as her lover unceremoniously rammed deep into her vagina touching her cervix and pushing it back with his cock. This time his cock was not so hard but hard enough to move inside her vagina which was dripping wet and well lubricated with his sperm and her secretions. In time his cock swelled to its original hardness and she could feel her vagina being stretched as he moved in and out of her at the same time he latched his lips on to one nipple and started to suck the milk out of her breast. The sensation was just too much for sailaja and she hit another orgasm. Varun had come twice so this time his cock could endure longer. The novelty of his first fuck was just too good and that kept him in excited state. After draining one breast of its milk Varun went on to drain the other as he kept up with his fucking. Meantime Sailaja touched orgasm after orgasm as Varun kept pumping his cock all the while sucking and playing with her breast or kissing her. She was so exhausted with so many orgasms that after Varun came inside her again she could not get up feeling too drained from her sexual release that she just laid on the bed. Varun cuddled her and whispered terms of endearment as they rested for the time. Only after sometime when the baby started to cry she got up to feed her baby only to find that Varun had completely drained both her breast dry and there was no milk. So she went to the kitchen to prepare the feeding bottle while Varun slept on the bed in her husband’s place.
In the kitchen while preparing the powder milk for the baby sailaja felt the sperm coming out of her vagina and running down her thighs? She was consumed with guilt and she cried out in despair at the adultery and incest she had committed just some time back.. As she fed the baby with the feeding bottle she was filled with guilt that Varun had drank all her breast milk and she had none to feed her own baby for whom she was lactating. In the quietness of the kitchen she wondered why this had to happen to her. She resolved to herself to throw out Varun from her marital bedroom the moment she went back and out of the house the next day. When she went back to her bedroom she found Varun innocently sleeping. As she viewed his taut body and his semi erect cock her Vagina twitched and her resolve to throw him out melted as she was overcome with love for her nephew. Quietly she laid herself next to him. A few hours ago they had been aunt and nephew. Now they were much more, they were lovers. They were sharing a bed, both sleeping and basking in the musty aroma of their lovemaking. Sweet restful slumber that is available only to those who have performed the ultimate act of love - incest. He stirred sleepily and opened his eyes to see that it was still dark and looked at the clock next to the bed. It was 4:00 AM. He sat up in bed and looked at the lovely figure of his aunt lying next to him, breathing softly, sleeping peacefully. She was still covered partially. He leaned over her and gave her a light kiss on the lips. She moved to kiss him back and then put her arms around his neck. In the stillness of the night, they were kissing deeply, quietly as not wanting to share this moment with anyone else. It was theirs and theirs only. Their tongues loved each other. Their hands caressed each other’s body, exploring, teasing, loving. Nothing needed to be said, they each knew what the other wanted, needed, desired, and yes, craved. Nipples were erect and hard as her breasts were crushed between their hot bodies. Now the bra which was covering her breast were being pushed up. She thought he has to learn to unhook a bra and she herself unclasped it. The nipples were being sucked and gently bitten and pulled between his lips. She released her milk for her lover and he sucked on drinking every drop of her sweet milk from her succulent breast. She felt his hardness on her thighs and after pulling up her petticoat along with the sari she parted her legs as he positioned himself over her. Still no words, just the soft sounds of hot, wet kisses. Tender sucking, the rustling of bed sheets as he moved to get on her. She breaks the silence with her soft whimpers as her nephew's hard manhood gains welcome entrance into her birth canal now giving him the ultimate pleasure. The pleasure that a man feels when a woman totally surrenders to him by parting her legs and allowing him to invade her most intimate recesses with his manhood. But this woman was his auntie. He could see her face in the faint light. He knew she was enjoying the coupling. Her moans and her caresses on his body added to that assurance. He was kissing her deeply. She was sucking his tongue with her mouth and his hard cock with her hot pussy. He had never felt so hard. Her whimpers became louder her nails dug into his ass cheeks as she urged him on and pushed him into her hot pulsating and wet vagina. She was coming! They moaned and thrashed loudly. The pumping became more intense. He exploded in her just as she was reaching her climax, their love juices were mixing again. She moaned loudly as her last spasm hit her body, then she relaxed. Again satisfied. Her lover had taken her again. Her lover was her nephew. It was the best sex she had ever had. He held her in his arms and gently massaged her sexy ass. She moaned softly as he kissed her eyes and her lovely full lips. She could smell the odor of their lovemaking; she closed her eyes to enjoy the moment when she was overcome by guilt. Never in her life had she ever had such wonderful joyous sex. It seems as if this was to be her wedding night when all her sexual dreams would be fulfilled. She felt love and tenderness for her nephew even as his semen mixed with her own secretions once again flowed out of her vagina into her marital bed. Now though she was a little scared she was beyond care whether it was her marital bed or whether she would become pregnant from the incestuous coupling with her nephew. She realized what she had been missing all these years of her married life and now she wanted to make up for all the lost years.


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