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Blackmailed Grandmother (Parts 1 & 2)
Part 1
I hated my mother. She was bossy, cruel, self-centered, demanding, busty,
and beautiful.

All she thought about since Dad died was the business that she started. How
to squeeze the last penny out of it, no matter what it took. That left me as
a distraction, a bother.

She constantly made me do all the work around the house and only ridiculed
me for my mistakes.

I'm sure she was glad to get rid of me for a few weeks during my Summer

"Your Grandfather is going on a World War II reunion trip, and your
Grandmother needs you to clean the attic," she said in her usual bitchy

"But, Mom...," I started to whine just before her hand smacked across my
face, making my eyes blurry with tears.

"I don't want to hear any of your complaining," she shouted at me.
I really didn't want to visit my Mother's Mother, my 65 year-old
Grandmother. She was even more bitchy and critical that my Mother. I could
see where that trait came from.

So, I had to pack up my things for a 2-week trip in the county, in a small,
dull town. I took my music and camera and developing equipment. I figured I
could at least take some pictures (photography was the one thing that kept
me sane) while I was there.

I took the train, my Grandmother picked me up at the station. No family
greeting or celebration. Just: "Get your stuff and get in the car. You have
a lot to do."

I could only imagine what chores were waiting for me. Especially in the
heat. It must have been in the 90's.

My Grandmother was about 5'8" and a proportioned 140 pounds. She had short,
straight platinum blonde hair that really showed up againt her dark tan. Her
face was wrinkled, but beautiful (except for her constant stern expression
and frown).

She was wearing shorts, sandals, and a loose-fitting blouse that couldn't
hide the two large hills that protruded from her chest.

They weren't standing straight out like my Mother's, but hung low, just past
her ribcage. I couldn't help but stare when she wasn't looking. They swayed
slowly with each of her movements.

Her legs were surprisingly muscular from all the walking that she constantly
bragged to my Mother that she was doing.

"Aren't you ready yet?" she sighed in disgust.
I loaded all my gear into the trunk of the car and endured a silent ride to
the house.

After getting settled in, she told me to make myself something for dinner.
She went out, and I didn't see her again until the next morning.

"Billy, you're here to get some work done, and I don't want to hear any
excuses." This was the first thing she said. "Now, get up to the attic and
bring all the boxes in the corner down to the curb; they're trash.

Grumbling to myself all morning long, I climbed the 3 flights of stairs more
times than I could count.

Whether I was tired, or staggering from the heat, I accidentally bumped into
a wall in the attic and knocked a board loose. I thought I broke something
and was scared for a minute. Then, I saw an envelope stuck way inside the
wall, obviously hidden there.

I naturally took it out, and was shocked. It was dated 20 years ago, and it
was from my Grandmother to the local Minister. I had met him the last time I

The letter, never sent, was in my Grandmother's handwriting. It told, in
eloquent detail, of a sexual encounter the two of them had, and how they
have to keep it secret from their spouses.

Also in the envelope was a note from the Minister, saying he was breaking
off the relationship and was ashamed of his weakness. This was probably why
my Grandmother never sent the letter.

All of a sudden, a plan developed in my mind. I could finally get some
respect and control over a woman that treated me like dirt, my own

After carefully replacing the loose board, I finished taking the boxes out.
It was late morning when my Grandmother finally talked to me again.

"You took long enough. Now, I want you to completely clean up there," she
said as if it were a great bother to even acknowledge me.

"But first, Gramma, I want to show you what I found. It's in my room." I
just turned and walked to the room I was staying in.

"I don't have time for your games," she yelled.
I started to read her letter in a loud voice. Then I heard her rush into the
room, her eyes wide.

"Where did you get that, you little bastard?" It whispered from her with
hate and fear.

"You know where, don't you?" I said shakily, my confidence not strong yet.
"Give that to me NOW!" Her voice raised to a shriek.
"Oh, I will. If you do just one little thing for me."
I could see her jaw tighten and she made a grab for the letter.
I easily avoided her and rushed to the doorway.
"I'm going right down to the church and give this to the Minister's wife," I

A look of horror passed over her face, and a rage that scared me showed in
her eyes. She lunged again, but I started down the hall as if I were going
straight to the church.

"Nooo! Please! Stop!" she shouted, defeated. Her shoulders slumped and said,
"What do you want?"

I went back into my room and pointed at a paragraph in the letter. "I want
to hear you read this paragraph aloud, but instead of his name, I want you
to say my name, "Billy", and where it says "my Minister", I want you to say
"my Grandson.""

"I won't, you filthy, filthy boy!" she screamed.
"Then you can deal with Grandpa and the gossip in this little town when I
let everyone see this."

She went vacant, deflated. I knew then she would do what I wanted.
"Then you'll give me the letter?" was all she could say.
"Yes, if you do a good and read it as if you were saying to me. You've
bragged about being in plays, so do some acting," I commanded, fully in
charge now.

"What do you want me to say?" she dejectedly asked.
I pointed, and as she read the words, a shame crept over her.
"Billy... I can't say those things... especially not talking to you... using
your name."

"You'd better. And right now," I shouted.
I moved close to the dresser, and she followed. I held the letter in front
of her and she read, inserting my name:

"Oh, Billy, I'll never forget how it felt to take your penis into my mouth,
to use my tongue on you, to feel your long hardness stretching my lips. Even
though you are my grandson, I couldn't resist the excitement of giving you
your first blowjob, and finally tasting your cum as you let go. Billy,
swallowing that big load of yours was the most thrilling thing in my whole

She finished, and I let her take the letter from my hand.
She turned at the door and spat back at me, "No one would ever believe you
without this, you filthy little bastard."

She stormed down the hallway, and I reached behind a picture on the dresser
and stopped the tape recorder I had there. A quick test proved that I got
every word she had spoken in crystal clarity.

I did some more work until late afternoon, took a shower, and did a little
preparation for the next step of my plan in my bedroom. My Grandmother
obviously burned the letter; I could smell the smoke. She kept away from me
until about 4 PM.

I was just wearing a T-shirt, shorts, and underwear when she passed by my
room on the way to hers.

She couldn't help stick her head in, give me an evil look, and say, "You
dirty-minded bastard, I'll make you suffer for your little prank. We'll see
how smart you are."

I was sitting on my bed. I looked her right in the eye, held up my cassette
recorder, clicked the play button, and out blared: "Even though you are my grandson, I couldn't resist the excitement of giving you your first

I clicked it off and watched the shock take over every feature of her face.
"You evil creature!" she shrieked. "Give me that now."
She made a lunge into the room, but I was far quicker and rolled over to the
far side of the bed. There was no way she was going to get the tape from me,
and she now knew it.

Before she could speak again, I said, "Just like I gave you the letter
before, you can get this tape from me. You just have to do what I say."

"I won't be blackmailed by you, you obscene prick!" she shot at me in a
growl, teeth clenched.

"I just want you to come over here, and undress me completely while I'm on
the bed," I stated in a calm voice. I was starting to like being in command.

"No! No! No! Absolutely not!" Her voice was getting louder all the time.
Just then, the phone rang. "You'd better get that," I sang cheerily. I was
in no hurry, and prolonging her uncomfortableness sort of pleased me.

She turned, and rushed to her own room, picked up the phone, and said,
"Hello, Ron. What is it? I don't have time to gab with you."

It was my Grandfather. I quietly picked up the extension in my room and
listened. He was trying to tell of the good time he was having, but my
Grandmother kept cutting him off. He also gave his address and telephone
number, two things I wrote down, just in case.

Just as my Grandmother was about to end the conversation, I said, "Hi,
Grampa, this is Billy. I'm helping out with the cleaning in the attic."

"Billy, get off this phone right now," my Grandmother said in her sternest

"Oh, let the boy talk," laughed my Grandfather.
"Hey Grampa, listen to what I've got on my new tape recorder." I held the
speaker up to the mouthpiece and played a few seconds of some
non-incriminating talk that went on before I forced the lethal words onto
the tape.

"That will be all for now, Billy," said my Grandmother in a falsely sweet
tone. "Wasn't there something you wanted me to do now?"

"Oh, that's right," I said just as sweetly. "Goodbye, Grampa!" I shouted
happily. This couldn't have worked out better.

I heard my Grandmother say goodbye, hang up, and walk back into my room. Her
eyes were murderous, but she looked scared, too. She knew what trouble was
on that tape.

I had positioned myself on the side of the bed facing the windows, and just
sat there. "Come on over here and undress me. Take all my clothes off, and
I'll give you the tape.

"You promise," she whispered.
"I promise; just like the letter," I said. I meant it.
She came over to the bed, and quickly took hold of my T-shirt, pulling it
roughly over my head.

"Take it easy; slow down," I said. "Now sit next to me while you do the

She thought for a moment and sat down. I guess she thought it would go
easiest and quickest for her this way.

Having her this close to me was exciting. She smelled good, not
perfume-like, but clean and fresh, even in this heat.

I looked again at her breasts, hiding under her blouse, low and relaxed.
This made me painfully hard.

"Now, what do you want?" she asked with bitterness in her voice.
"Unbutton my shorts and pull down my zipper."
Her hand reached, then hesitated, and then with a sniff disgustedly through
her nose, my Grandmother, using only the fingertips of her right hand,
quickly undid the single button and pulled the zipper down roughly.

"There, that's enough," she said, and started to rise.
"Not even close," I smiled as I caught her arm and guided her back down to
her sitting position. "Now, pull my shorts off me." I raised my hips off the

She was seething, but turned slightly, reached across my body with her left
hand, and simultaneously hooked her thumbs on each side of my shorts. With a
slight push, she sent then sliding to the floor. I kicked them across the
floor, towards the sun-filled windows.

There I was, just in my thin, white underwear, which stretched tightly over
the obvious bulge of my erection.

My Grandmother stared for the briefest moment before turning her head,
standing up, and saying: "How dare you, you vile boy!"

"Sit down!" I shouted. "Take these off me right now!"
There must have been something in my voice, because she sank down again,
though very slowly. She repeated the process she had just completed with my
shorts, only this time I was going to show her all I had.

I lifted my hips, and she pulled my underwear down. My erection sprang free,
standing straight and proud away from my belly and balls. I never measured
myself, but I know I'm way bigger than the average... way bigger.

My Grandmother's caught one glimpse as I kicked the underwear on top of my
shorts. Here I was, completely naked and next to my sexy Grandmother. I was
thrilled, but, I was only just beginning.

I reached across her body, grabbed her right hand, and before she could
react, placed it on my throbbing penis. She recoiled in horror, trying to
flee. But I held her wrist.

"Listen," I growled. "You're going to give me a hand job right now."
"Nooo! Never, you pervert. I'm your own Grandmother. I'm a 65 year-old
woman. How can you even think of such a thing?"

I knew that this was the decision moment. Either this was going to happen
now, or I'd lose everything.

I reached under my pillow, pulled out my cassette player and pushed the play
button. Those now infamous words poured out in my Grandmother's voice.

"Don't you remember all you have to lose?" I reminded.
So slowly, at first it was hard to detect, my Grandmother again rested
beside me. I guided her right hand back to my penis, guided her fingers
around it, and squeezed her hand tight onto its girth.

I can't explain what pleasure and excitement I felt at that first contact.
My own Grandmother's hand was on my most private area. Unbelievable.

I slowly started an up and down motion. "Slow and gentle," I groaned. Then,
I took my hand away.

Surprisingly, my Grandmother continued the movement. Her head was turned
away, and I could see her face was bright red, even through her dark tan.

"Now, faster," I commanded. Her fist complied, and I staring in thrilled
disbelief at the sight of my prick being encircled by those aged fingers.

I had to act quickly now or I would soon explode. I had one more step in
mind for my beautiful Grandmother.

"All right," I encouraged, "now bend down and use your mouth on me!"
"What!" she screamed. She jumped up and rushed to the doorway. "You've gone
too far. I don't care what you do or say. This is over... over for good!"

But, I was prepared for this. I didn't chase her or argue. I merely reached
over, picked up the phone, and started pushing the number buttons. I called
out each number as I hit it. I was dialing the number my Grandfather had
left earlier in the day.

"Wait until Grampa hears this tape," I said, looking right into her eyes as
she hesitated, half in, half out of the doorway. I swear one hand, gripping
the doorframe was all that was supporting her. She was shocked!

"Noooo! Don't," she whispered.
"Well, you'd better get back over here and do what I said... now!" I called
out the second to the last number and punched it. She still didn't move, so
I pushed the last number and held up the receiver to let her hear it begin
to ring.

She moved quickly, rushed to the phone and pressed the hang-up button. I let
her; I knew I could make the call any time.

"No, don't. I'll do what you want," she hoarsely whispered.
I let her take her time, sit beside me, slowly wrap her fingers around my
still super-hard erection, and start again the easy pumping motion. Her eyes
were on my crotch now, looking at my prick like it was her guillotine.

I reached up and put my hand on the back of her neck, and slowly eased it up
a bit into her gorgeous platinum blonde hair. I put a gentle pressure on her
head, a guiding direction to my awaiting penis.

At first there was resistance, and then her head started to move downward.
"Please, Billy, don't make me do this," she pleaded.
But, I just continued my guidance, and soon I had a lovely sight: my
Grandmother's full lips were about an inch from the little bead of pre-cum
lubrication that had already formed on the little slit of my penis.

"Just open your mouth," was all I could say. Excitement was overcoming me,
but I still had to remain in control if my plan was going to work.

Her lips parted, and I lunged just enough to make contact. She recoiled a
bit, but not much. I put more pressure on the back of her head, raised my
hips a bit, and the head of my penis disappeared into my Grandmother's

I was in heaven, and knew I wouldn't last long. I pushed more deeply into
her mouth, but only a few inches. She wasn't sucking or doing anything. Her
mouth was more like a paper cup just covering my cock, but that was fine.

"Faster," I said as I encircled her hand for a moment, showing her the pace
I wanted. I let go of her hand and it continued at that speed.

I fell back onto the bed for a moment, resting, gasping in ecstasy. I opened
my eyes and looked at that head capping my erection, that hand gliding up
and down. It hit me then: my Own Grandmother was giving me a blowjob... the
first one of my life.

I reached under my nearby pillow and quickly sat up as a tremendous stream
of white-hot cum shot into my Grandmother's reluctant mouth.

She made a gagging, retching sound, and I'm sure she was surprised when I
sat up and pulled her head off my penis as I was still shooting my second
and third streams, these hitting her cheek and neck.

I groaned loudly as this happened. This masked the two clicks that came from
the corner of the room.

I pressed her head roughly back onto my penis, and pistoned my hips, sending
my cock in and out of those lips at a tremendous speed. Finally, I was done;
and I was in a daze. I just sprawled back on the bed and hardly noticed that
my Grandmother quickly grabbed my tape recorder and popped the tape out of
it. She thought she was being smart; I let her.

"You bastard, you filthy bastard!" she shrieked as she left the room. My
eyes were pleasantly shut; I didn't watch her leave.

I did hear her go into her bathroom, and I think I heard vomiting, but
couldn't be sure. I did hear the shower go on and continue for a long, long

I slowly came to my senses, and reached again under my pillow. There was a
small, black button connected to a slender wire. It led to the corner of the
room where the clicks had come from.

I wiped up a bit, and then organized my thinking; I had work to do.
My Grandmother avoided me for the rest of the evening. I just got myself
something to eat, walked downtown to do a few "errands," and watched some TV
before going to my room for a little work on my hobby.

I slept great, even though the heat wave continued. I replayed my blowjob a
hundred times in my head, but nothing could compare with the thrill of the
real thing.

Part 2
I awoke to birds singing; it was already 11 AM. My Grandmother was gone.
"Left without even a kiss goodbye," I laughed to myself. I was really
beginning to enjoy this.

I heard my Grandmother's car pull up about 2 PM. I hurried into my bedroom.
I could guess what was going to happen; people are so predictable.

She noisily climbed the stairs, stormed defiantly into my room, and through
an envelope in my face. I picked it up slowly, opened it, and saw that it
was a train ticket home, departure time: 4 PM that very day.

"Get your filthy belongings together and get out of here, you vile, dirty
pig!" she hissed.

"Oh," I said calmly, "I have an envelope for you, too. I think you'll find
it very interesting." I slipped a manila envelope from beneath my pillow and
tossed it on the end of the bed. She could see that it was addressed to my
Grandfather in large, black letters.

I saw her tremble with a now familiar chill. She knew who she was dealing
with, and knew this meant trouble.

With a shaking hand, she picked up the large envelope, lifted the unsealed
flap, and removed the contents. She took one look, screamed, and, if I
hadn't caught her, she would have fallen to the floor.

I guided her to the only chair in the room. She sat down heavily, taking
another 30 seconds before she again looked at what was in her hand.

The envelope had held a nice, bright, shiny color glossy picture of 65
year-old woman with her hand wrapped around a penis. There was a string of
cum connecting her lower lip with the tip of the penis. There was also a
white splatter on her cheek and neck. It was obvious that she had just
brought this erection to orgasm with her mouth.

Of course you could recognize her and the handsome young man... me. That's
why I had to force myself to sit up when I used the remote button of my
camera: I wanted everyone that ever saw this picture to easily tell that my
Grandmother had given me a blowjob.

It was perfect. All the time I had spent setting the shot up for a perfect
framing and focus had been worth it. And that morning I had developed it.
There were two pictures; this was the most incriminating.

My Grandmother recovered a bit, and immediately and violently tore up the
picture and the photo.

"You pig... there's your picture!" she exploded.
I reached again under my pillow and dragged out three more envelopes.
"Well, you'd better rip these up, too," I said. And I read off the names on
the envelopes to her. They were to my Grandfather (yes, of course a
duplicate), my Mother (that would send shock waves), and finally, the Chief
of Police of this small town.

My grandmother was in suspended animation... a trance of immobilization.
"Of course, I have plenty of copies if I need them," I added just to dispel
any doubts in her mind.

"Billy, don't do this; please don't," she pleaded.
"Well, now that you mention it...." I mused.
"What do you want from me? What? What?" she was on the verge of hysteria. I
had to take this in little reassuring steps so she would remain sensible.

In my calmest, most matter-of-fact voice, I said, "Yesterday, you undressed
me. Today, I want to return the favor and undress you."

"What! No! I'm your Grandmother! You can't see me naked," she protested.
"It's either that, or I send the pictures," I threatened.
"I'll say you forced me; you raped me. Then, you'll be the one in trouble,"
she countered.

I had to give her credit. That was quick thinking. But, not that quick.
I held my little cassette player over my head, and out poured those
delicious words about her loving the blowjob that she had given me.

"Kept a copy, and a copy of the letter to your Minister friend," I breathed,
sounding a bit bored. "Now slip those sandals off and come over here."

I sat on the bed and my Grandmother slowly rose to her feet. She pushed her
sandals off her bare feet and walked over to me, like she was in a dense fog
of doubt and confusion.

She was wearing a short-sleeved, blue blouse; loose fitting as always. She
also had on a pair of shorts: darker blue, with a button at the waist above
a zipper; no belt.

"Billy, don't do this... I'm begging you... don't do this," she whispered as
she finally stood in front of me.

I didn't answer. I was completely absorbed and already completely aroused: I
was going to strip my own Grandmother!

I reached up and slowly pulled the front of her blouse out of her shorts.
Then I pulled it completely out. Wow she smelled good again.

There were five buttons on the blouse. I started at the bottom and after two
of them, I could see the slight swell of her tan stomach. The next one
revealed the bottom of her bra-covered breasts. Finally, I had them all
unbuttoned, and I slid the blouse back, over her shoulders and down off her

I hadn't been prepared for what was before my eyes: my Grandmother had a
gorgeous body: not for just an older women, but for anyone.

Her bra was lacy and frilly, almost see-through, but not quite. I gasped at
the size of her breasts; she had hid them well.

I reached for the button on her shorts and her hand gently grasped mine:
"Please, Billy. Stop now."

But, I was determined. I lifted her hand away and undid the button. Then, I
grasped the zipper and with a satisfying "zzzzzzzz," slid it down its full
length. I could now see the tops of her pale blue panties and see the
slights red marks the top of her shorts left on her waist.

Now I seemed to be in a trance: I eased the shorts lower until they sprang
free of her hips. They dropped to her feet.

"Step out of them and kick them aside," I commanded in a soft voice.
There she was, my Grandmother, dressed in just her bra and panties. I was in

I had expected her to wear those gigantic cotton white panties. But, I was
surprised. These panties, while not bikinis, were cut fairly high on the
thigh. They too were lacy and had patches of skin showing through here and

"Turn around," I said. My Grandmother unsteadily staggered a bit as she

I reached up to the four hooks of her bra. A little tag proclaimed: "38D."
And I nearly lost it in my pants right there. "Thirty-eight dee,
thirty-eight dee." I couldn't stop saying it to myself.

But, before I even touched the bra, it dawned on me that I should be as
ready as my Grandmother when the time came. As silently and as quickly as I
could, I skinned out of my T-shirt, shorts, and underwear. It couldn't have
taken me more than five seconds to get completely naked. I know my
Grandmother didn't notice a thing, facing away from me, staring ahead at the
sun bright windows, and generally preoccupied by her situation.

I reached again, and made contact with the top hook. She flinched like I
touched her with an ice cube. I put both index fingers under the bra from
the top and pulled together using my thumbs and forefingers. The first snap
came easily undone without a word escaping from the groggy woman in front of

I repeated the procedure once, twice, and finally a third time. The bra was
completely unhooked, and I lightly put my fingers under the bra straps at
her shoulders and peeled them down.

But, the bra didn't drop off as I'd expected. My Grandmother had both her
hands holding it on in front in a last act of modesty.

"Let it drop. Now!" I said with an air of command.
She did and it fell away from her now naked breasts. From what I could see
from behind, they were glorious. They hung very low, past her ribcage, but
not anywhere close to her navel. They were stretched thinner where they
attached to her chest, and expanded to softball size quickly thereafter. I
could see little white stretch marks on the underside of the left one.

And speaking of white, my Grandmother had incredible tan lines. She must
have been swimming every day in a two-piece bathing suit, because her
breasts were many shades lighter than the rest of her back (except for the
cute line the bathing suit strap left across her back).

At this point, I almost made out a sob of shame, but couldn't be sure.
I was gaining momentum, and I quickly proceeded. I didn't have her turn
around yet. I didn't want the shock of my nakedness, my obvious, rocklike
erection to ruin things. So I hooked my thumbs under the waistband of her
panties from behind.

Her hands immediately grasped each of my hands, holding them with a
surprising, desperate strength.

"Billy, no! No, this can't happen. You can't see me naked... I'm your
Grandmother!" she hoarsely whispered.

"Take your hands away or things will get unpleasant," was all I needed to

She loosened her grip and took her hands away. I slowly peeled the panties
down: over her waist, to the top of the crack of her surprisingly firm and
shapely buttocks, over her hips... and they fell freely to the floor.

I was surprised that she stepped out of them on her own and kicked them on
top of her shorts.

I couldn't help let my breath out in a gasp as I saw that her but was also
almost as white as her hair, contrasting nicely with her tan.

Her head was hanging low and her shoulders were slumped forward.
I couldn't believe it: my own Grandmother was standing in front of me...
completely naked!

"Close your eyes and turn around," I said softly.
Slowly, so slowly, she spun in tiny little shuffles of her feet. This gave
me a perfect side view before I got the full advantage of a face-to-face.

She was magnificent. Beautiful, firm, curvaceous, and proportioned. A
remarkable body.

I stared finally at her nipples. Her areoles were perfectly round brown
circles the size of a half dollar. Her nipples were the circumference of a
dime, and maybe about four times as thick.

I took that all in as she was turning. Now, as she faced me, I could see her
thick pubic hair. I had heard that older women thinned out appreciably down
there. But... not my Grandmother! She had a luxuriant bush: it was salt and
pepper colored (mostly salt).

"Now, open your eyes," I stated.
When she did, she nearly collapsed again. There I was naked, standing before
her with a huge, raging erection.

She stuttered, "N-n-n-n-n-ooooo. W-w-w-we can't be naked. Not in the same
room. Not together."

She almost fell in a fit of lightheadedness, but braced herself with a hand
on the bed... and then just sat on the edge of it in disbelief, her hands
covering her eyes.

I quickly sat beside her, and before she could react, I lowered my head and
sucked in her large right nipple.

"Nooooo! You can't do that. I'm your Grandmother!" she said in horror.
She pushed my head away, and my lips parted the nipple with a smacking

"Nooo! Nooo!" she repeated. She had regained a bit of her strength.
"Get up and stand in front of me," I said sternly as I lifted her left arm
by the elbow.

She leaned forward, her heaving tits straining downward, and rose. She
shuffled in front of me, her breasts now inches from my face.

I reached up and, for the first time, cupped her left breast and gently
lifted it.

"Stop! Stop that right now, young man!" She tried to sound authoritative,
but, given her present situation, it sounded ridiculous.

"Be quiet. Do you want me to send those pictures?"
She didn't answer, cowed completely. I leaned forward, opened my mouth and
sucked ever so slightly on that delicious nipple. I swirled my tongue around
it, and then sucked harder. To my surprise, it remained completely soft; not
the hint of a response from it.

"Relax," I said looking up to her closed eyes and taut jaw, "you might enjoy

That opened up a flood of words and vitriol from her. She cursed and then
growled at me:

"Enjoy. You think I'd ever enjoy these filthy acts. Your Grandfather learned
long ago that I would have nothing to do with these sins. He violated me
once, and your Mother was born. I despise all this, and I despise you."

"What about the letter to your Minister friend?" I countered. "Look at the
things you did with him!"

"That was only a fantasy I had, written out of loneliness and frustration...
a moment of weakness 20 years ago. I never did any of that; he knows nothing
of it."

It suddenly dawned on me that my Grandmother was frigid and practically a
virgin. She sex just once in her life and had never, ever experienced and
orgasm. No wonder she was so cranky and bitter.

"And the blowjob you gave me yesterday?" I asked.
"I most certainly assure you... that was the first and only time I ever did
anything so disgusting and vile. I'll never forget that you made me do that;
I'll never forgive you for making me use my mouth like that," she said
sending hate my way.

I went back to kissing her breasts, and then lower to her stomach, and then

"Stop!" she shouted as my lips reached the furry top of her almost
completely white pubic hair. "I won't allow that!"

"You're in no position to allow anything," I shouted, standing up, taking
her by the arm, turning quickly, and pushing her to the middle of the bed.
She landed and propped herself up on her elbows.

I followed her onto the bed and quickly wedged myself between her knees.
"You used your mouth on me; now I'm returning the favor! I said in a soft
voice as I lowered my head quickly between those long, tanned legs. My mouth
made contact with her pubic hair.

"Pleeeeeassse! Stop!" she hissed in anger.
But, I wasn't about to stop, and I snaked my tongue out and parted her pussy
hair all along her slit. This opened her outer lips and revealed the inner
treasures to my eyes. She tasted like soap and water, and a hint of salt.

I couldn't believe it: I was eating my own sexy Grandmother. The thought of
it made me even more excited and determined than I had been.

I explored all of her, and stuck my tongue as for as I could up her vagina.
Then I concentrated on her clitoris, a bean-sized low, flat lump.

It never got hard in all the minutes I worked on it. I looked up at my
Grandmother; she had an arm over her eyes, shielding out the world, every
sensation. She was immovable. She had remained frigid for all these years
and had a good chance of beating back any sensation now.

I instinctively knew I couldn't exert enough pressure on that large, almost
flat clitoris to make one bit of difference to her... at least not with my

I tried to wiggle a finger into her vagina, but she was completely dry. I
did plan for that, though: I had heard that older women sometimes need
"help" in the lubrication department, so one of my errands had been to buy a
tube of lubricant.

Without stopping my tongue, I reached down to the floor where I had placed
the open tube. I brought it up to the entrance of her vagina, placed it
snuggly against it, and let a good squirt go, and then a little all along
her outer lips.

With all that was going on down there, and in her state of anesthetic
physical and emotion defense, she didn't notice.

I put the tube down, and rolled onto my back beside her on the bed, to the
right of her. My erection pointed directly at the ceiling.

"All right," I said while pulling her arm away from her eyes, "get on it!" I
pointed to my penis.

My Grandmother's eyes opened wide in the terror of realization of what I

"Noooooo! Not that! I just told you I only did that once... and that was
over 40 years ago! You can't, you won't make me, Billy," she pleaded.

I reached across her body with my left hand, grabbed my trembling
Grandmother's right arm, and pulled slowly, steadily, and firmly. She
started to be dragged on top of me, despite some feeble resistance.

She had one last, desperate ploy.
"Look," she said, "I'll do what I did for you yesterday. Look."
And with those words, she lowered her mouth onto my stiff penis. This time,
she was an enthusiastic participant. She sucked gently, and bobbed her head
up and down on it. Her hand started to make an up and down motion along the
length of the shaft.

"Ooooohhhh!" I moaned. I couldn't believe the pleasure of this feeling and
the sight of my naked Grandmother giving me a blowjob.

She wanted to escape the ultimate act, and she was doing this as a

But, I had come too far, planned too long, and looked forward to this far
too much to let it all slip away now.

I took her hand away, and pulled away from her mouth. A tiny string of
pre-cum stretched from her lips.

I pulled her again, and she was on top of me, legs tightly together.
"Straddle me; straddle me now or I swear I'll get up, get dressed, and mail
those envelopes. In two or three days, you'll have trouble like you've never
seen before.

Her knees slowly parted. "Billy, please... don't."
She rested a knee on either side of my hips, and rose upright so that she
was for from my pointing penis. I put my hands gently on her hips, and
applied a downward pressure.

Slowly, her bottom came down, and I felt the first curly strings of her
pubic hair touch the tip of my penis. She placed her hands on each side of
my chest and leaned forward in order not to fall.

This made her tits hang down completely away from her chest, inches from my
adoring eyes. They stretched the skin that connected then to her chest into
almost perfect cylinders for a few inches; then her tits balloon out into
larger-than-grapefruit spheres, capped by those perfect nipples.

I raised my hips a bit and sloshed against her lubricated slit. She
recoiled, but I thrust again, and she squirmed out of the path.

"You'd better help right now, and put it in!" I said in frustration.
The tone of my voice must have made an impression, because my lovely
Grandmother's right hand reached behind her, grasped the shaft of my
rock-hard penis, and fitted it to the entrance of her well-lubricated

"Nooo, Billy..." she whispered.
"Lower yourself," was all I said.
Slowly, her hips moved. The tip of my cock felt something slick, and warm,
and tight. That feeling started to spread to the rest of the hard shaft.

The head of my penis was completely inside this gorgeous 65 year-old woman.
She raised up slightly and then came down again, taking another few inches
in. She repeated the motion four more times.

And I groaned as I realized I was completely inside of my Grandmother. She
was incredibly tight, but the great quantity of lubricant I had used was

I started a slow pumping motion, and was in ecstasy.
"Oooooohhhh!" I moaned.
"Get it over with, you filthy bastard," was her reply.
Now, that gave me a new goal, on that I had not exactly had until then.
I started to use different angles and different motions: none had any effect
on her. My preoccupation with what I was doing instead of how I was feeling
kept me from exploding inside of her.

This went on for a few minutes, and my Grandmother was a completely immobile statue above me.
Then, all of a sudden, she grunted, "Aahh." Just that once, and no more.
I tried to remember what I had done to get even that small reaction from
her. More time and experimenting, but nothing.

Nothing until: "Aahh. Aahh," escaped her lips.
This time, because I had been observing intently, I knew what caused it.
I had put my hands on her ass, and was kind of supporting her, pulling her
onto me a bit. But, my arms had gotten tired, so I raised my knees to help
support my hands.

Now I realized that this had also forced my Grandmothers already-described
clitoris hard onto my pubic bone.

I raised my knees up again, harder than before and thrust up.
"Aaaaaahhhh!" escaped her lips unintentionally.
I increased the pressure and my speed.
"Aahh! Aahh! Aahh! Aahh! Aahh!" continued to come from her with each thrust.
I raised my head and took one of her dangling nipples into my mouth and
sucked. It immediately went rock hard, becoming a tight pebble in my mouth.

"Noooo! This can't be happening," she gasped. "You're my Grandson!"
I again increased the pressure from my legs, grinding that little pleasure
center with force it had never before experienced.

"Oooooooohhhhhh!" she groaned loudly. And then, as I increased my pace, she
looked to the ceiling and tensed her whole body until it wasn't moving at
all except for an intense internal vibration.

I pressed my knees up against then with all my might and thrust and thrust

A long cry escaped her now, "Aggggghhhhhh! Noooooooooo! You're making me...
making me... Aaaah! Aaaaah! I'm cumming! Billy! BILLY! I'M CUMMING!

The rest was just an explosion of air from her. Forty years of locked-up
lust was being let out of my own Grandmother... and my penis was the key.

I couldn't believe it: my own Grandmother was on top of me, and I was giving
her the first orgasm of her life. Perspiration glistened on her and rolled
off onto me in a rain.

She remained at the top of the mountain of pleasure for a good 45 seconds.
That's when I felt the volcano in my balls decide to erupt.

"Ooohh!" I groaned, "I'm gonna cum!"
I was surprised to hear my Grandmother say, "Billy, no; I can't have your
"seed" in me; we can't mate; I'm your Grandmother... that's incest!

With that I just let go and stream after stream of hot, white cum washed
over every square inch of my Grandmother's womb. Gobs of it; I'm sure more
than I had ever spewed forth in my life.

"Aaaaaagggghhhh!" I howled.
And a strange thing happened. When my Grandmother felt the hot river of my
cum gush inside of her, some perverse or obscene taboo must have burst
inside of her:

"Oooohh, noooo.... ahhhhhhggggggg... aaaahhhhggggg... again... again...

I had tilted the bureau mirror so I could see all the action from another
angle. See, I plan ahead. Now my eyes caught sight of my Grandmother's
buttocks hunching and squeezing tight as she drove herself onto my cock. I
realized my Grandmother was furiously fucking me... fucking me on her own,
her untanned ass a blur.

Again my Grandmother had achieved a tremendous orgasm. This one triggered by the feeling and the thought of accepting her Grandson's sperm deep inside

It continued for another minute... the pleasure we both were feeling, and
then she collapsed on top of me.

I must have fallen asleep for a while. When I awoke, my shrunken penis was
still inside of the beautiful, sweaty woman on top of me.

I looked at the corner, and could make out a tiny red light: my video camera
had been placed perfectly. I was really going to enjoy watching that
lovemaking session. And... I might find another use for it someday.

I glanced at the clock. Well, well; I missed my train home. Home. I didn't
even want to think of it right now, not with my bitchy Mother waiting.

"Wait a minute," I thought. "I bet the IRS would be very interested in the
"extra set" of books my Mother kept." I bet she'd do anything not to have
that happen ... anything! Maybe "Billy Blackmail" was going to ride again.

My Grandmother was sleeping soundly, but the thought of my new scheme, the
thought of fucking my own Mother, had brought my penis back to life. I was
fully hard again.

My Grandmother awoke then, looked at me, and a look of disbelief filled her

"Oh, no!" she whispered. "This wasn't a dream!"
I reached up, brought her lips to mine for our first kiss. She struggled a
brief moment, and then my tongue entered her mouth.

I put my arms around her, and rolled so that I ended up on top of her. She
gasped when my mouth left hers.

I started a slow pumping of my cock in and out of this wonderfully sexy 65
year old. She pushed feebly at my chest with her hands and then I felt her
feet brush up my legs, then my thighs. Those feet finally intertwined at the
top of my buttocks, her long, tan legs surrounding me. This flowered her
vagina open fully to me and she instinctively offered her clitoris at just
the right angle.

"Oh, please, Billy... I'm begging you... harder...."
-The End (Part Two)-

Kamala's New Family

I grew up in south India in the early seventies. My father was a mild mannered man who worked in a mill. He had one addiction, he drank heavily and many a night he would pass out and had to be helped to bed. He was good to my mother and I could see that she respected and loved him. But I sensed there was also sadness in her and at that time I could not understand why.
I helped mother out at every opportunity. I had a crush on her and this way it kept me close to her. mother always looked up to me for help. I was constantly chatting her up, I could see that she appreciated this as it helped to break the boredom of her day. Dad would go to work in the morning and the next time we saw him was late at night when he would come home tired after which he would proceed to drink heavily.
It seemed to me that the spark had gone out of their marriage. Most of the time he seemed either preoccupied in making ends meet or drinking, this I believe led to his neglecting mother. Don't get me wrong, dad stilled loved mother. They still laughed, joked and kidded each other but the romance that characterized the earlier part of the marriage was rare.
I worked part time driving a taxi in order to make extra money to supplement our family income; this left me very little time to socialize. There were good days and bad days.
After the rest of the family had gone to bed had gone to bed, mother and I would sit by the kitchen table and talk. I knew mother appreciated this gesture. As years went by we grew very close. She would constantly hug me and remind me that I was the beacon of light in her life. I was very mature for my age, knowledgeable beyond my years.
When I was sixteen I began to notice Mom in a different light. I was growing aware sexually and with that bought the realization that mother was very sexy. She had long dark hair, hair that reached to her hips. And even having birthed three children she had a killer figure- 36-24-36. Her eyes were very dark and twinkled in good humor. How close were we? Well we talked about everything even personal secrets. I talked of the movie stars I liked and disliked and she talked of her past before she married father. She talked wistfully of those carefree days of her youth of things that could have been. She never regretted her marriage as it produced some of the important things in her life- her husband and her children.
With my awareness of mother as a desirable woman, I began to seek out her hugs and kisses. I began to pay her compliments on her looks at which she would blush. I began to bring sweets and flowers for her every day when I come home from working at the grocery store.
I began a routine where every Sunday evening I would take her to the movies and hotel. At the movies I would innocently lean against her or hold her hands. Pretty soon I started putting my arm around her shoulders at which she would lean back and rest her head against my shoulders. I knew that she looked forward to our weekends together because she would try to pick a movie well in advance.
After the movies we would go and sit in a park near the theater. From here one could look at the whole town. We would talk laugh and josh one another.
"Ramesh", she said one day, "I think we should start looking for a girl for you. You are going to be 17 soon".
"Mom" I said blindly without thinking much of the consequences. "I do not want to get married. I want to be with you always".
She pulled her head back in surprise looked at me and then looked away silent.
"Mom, did I say something to alarm you".
"I think we should leave," she said after a long interval of silence. Mentally I cursed myself for saying what I had said, but knew that now the cat was out of the bag there was no turning back. I decided to go for broke.
"Mom," I said, "I am sorry if I offended you, but you know I have a good head on my shoulders and wise beyond my years. But don't hate me for saying that I am in love with you and I will do anything to make you happy".
The silence continued for some time and then she looked at me sadly. "Ramesh, it's not your fault but mine. I should not have let it continue but I guess I was lonely"
"Mom," I said "I wish it hadn't happened, but since it has I am glad to be in love with you".
"My darling boy, you are my son," she retorted, "these things don't happen between a mother and son and besides I am a married woman".
"Mom," I replied in desperation, "what is done is done. I can't take my love back, but will you give at least some serious consideration to what I just said". She was silent for a long time. She was crying. My heart went out to her. I pulled her to my chest and held her.
"Ramesh" she whispered. "I think we should be heading home"
Things cooled down very much after that. Even though I pleaded with her, she would not let me take her out on Sundays, telling me instead that I should go with someone of my very own age. I could see that it was killing her as much as it was killing me. As days passed she seemed sad and withdrawn. This went on for a month. Father noticed the change and asked her why she didn't go out to the movies with me anymore. Mom shook her head and asked father why he didn't take her out.
"You know Kamala I work every day of the week and Sunday is my only day off. On that day I prefer to stay and relax at home," he replied. He was drunk as usual. After which a big verbal fight ensued which ended with Mom exiting to the bedroom and slamming the door shut.
That Tuesday when my father, my brother and sister were out of the house I asked her out again. To my surprise she quietly nodded her head in assent. I went and hugged and she put her head on my shoulders. I hugged her tightly indicating to her that with her assent the tone of our relationship had changed. I silently but very gently caressed her back running my hands over her shoulders and over her behind. She continued to rest her head over my shoulders. I pulled back and looking deep into her eyes said in a quiet voice. "Mom I love you and I can't change that". I bent down kissed her cheeks, her neck, and then boldly placed my mouth against her lips. She did not draw back from my embrace. I was elated that at last it seemed she was responding back.
My flowers were now accepted with a warm kiss on the cheek. When we were alone the hugs were back but my hands now openly and gently caressed her. In the days that followed before the Sunday date, I saw Mom suddenly change back to her old self. My sister also remarked at her change to which she replied that she was going to see a movie with me. My sister smiled at me saying that she had thought that I had finally cut the apron strings. I mumbled saying something about Mom needing a break.
That Sunday evening Mom looked stunning in a tight dress. Her breasts and butt cheeks molded beautifully into her dress. I was overcome looking at her beauty. She looked very young. I was, I noticed, the recipient of many an envious stares. The movie was a sentimental romance. As usual I put my arm around my Mom while she leaned her head against my shoulders. After the movie as usual we went to the park. It was a cool night.
Mom looked into my eyes and said, "Ramesh, thank you for your patience and thank you for the wonderful evening".
I looked at Mom and said, "Mom you look sexy tonight".
Mom blushed and laughed at the same time, "Oh Ramesh if you weren't my son I would think you are trying to seduce your own mother".
I looked at her and said, "Mom, I am".
Mom pulled her head back and replied, "Ramesh for heaven’s sake I am your mother and besides I am married to your father".
"Mom do you really care for him? I see he has been neglecting you and that you are deeply unhappy. Give me a chance, I can make you happy!"
She replied quietly after a long pause, "Ramesh maybe we should head home before one of us does something that we may deeply regret the rest of our lives".
I groaned. "Mom I am sorry but you are so beautiful you make me say and do things I have no control over. Many a times I have wished you were not my Mom maybe it would have been easier romancing you".
I could see that Mom was pleased at the compliment I had paid her. I'm sure father did not do that.
Mom caressed my cheek, "You poor baby, and by the way I am glad your are my son. Do you really think I am beautiful?"
I smiled and replied by drawing her to my breast, "Yes Mom you are beautiful and sexy." Suddenly I bent down and kissed her.
Mom did not draw back but remained passive and stiff in my arms. I continued to kiss her with more and more passion. Suddenly she responded back with equal pressure against my lips. At last I could see a crack in her armor. I pressed my advantage and we continued necking. I was all over her face I kissed her cheeks her eyes her nose and back to her lips. I gently probed her mouth with my tongue and she opened her lips. We necked for a while. Suddenly my mother said, "Ramesh Its getting late I think we should head home".
As we drove home Mom leaned her head back on my shoulder. I could see a faint smile in the corner of her mouth. Halfway back home I pulled into a side street, to my Mom's surprise. I pulled the car to a stop, pulled her towards me, and started to kiss her.
I gently put my hand on her breast she stiffened pulled away from my lips and whispered, "Ramesh, I don't think we should do this". But I cut off any further protest by forcing her lips back into mine. I continued caressing her breasts. They were firm and felt wonderful in my in my hands. I knew Mom was getting excited because she began to moan as kiss back with greater intensity.
Suddenly she pulled back and said, "Ramesh we should go home".
"Okay Mom".
When we reached home the house was quiet. Everyone had gone to bed. I knew father would be fast asleep drunk. When we entered the house I began kissing Mom again in the living room down stairs. At first she protested saying that someone could come down stairs.
I replied quietly but firmly, "Mom I love you as I have never loved anyone before. I just want to kiss you all the time. I can't help it. Besides everyone is fast asleep".
"That's sweet Ramesh, I love you to! But I am a married woman and whatever shortcomings your father has I am still wearing the mangal sutra he tied around my neck!"
"Mom", I whispered, "All we are doing is kissing and fondling. I don't see any harm in that?"
"But Ramesh, somebody could wake up and come downstairs". Suddenly I had an idea. "Mom, how about going to my room. We can lock the door. father I'm sure is drunk and won't miss you".
Mom was silent for a few seconds. I was surprised when she nodded her head in agreement.
Mom replied, "Go to your room and wait for me I'll go and check on your father".
In my room I paced back and forth excitedly. Suddenly my bedroom door clicked open and Mom walked in. She pulled the door shut and locked it. She hastily came up to me and said, "Your father is asleep drunk as usual". I taught I heard a note of disgust in her voice.
"Son, I don't think we should do this as it could get out of hand", she whispered. "I am scared".
"I know" I replied "But Mom, trust me. We will keep this very secret. Nobody will know.
"Oh Ramesh" Mom said timidly and kissed me on the cheek. I sank with her on my bed and began kissing her. The kisses grew more and more heated and I could feel Mom's excitement through her cotton sari. My hands were now rowing all over her body caressing her breasts one second and rubbing her ass the next.
I reached behind to undo the buttons on the front of her blouse. Mom went rigid in my arms for a few seconds but then she relaxed. I swiftly undid the buttons and removed her blouse as quickly as possible afraid she would change her mind any time. All the while I continued kissing her. I reached back and unsnapped her bra.
Again Mom weakly protested and whispered, "Ramesh think of your father". I knew we were far too gone to think of anybody else. I cut her off with another open-mouthed kiss. All of a sudden her bare breasts were pressed against mine. I blindly reached out and began to fondle them. They felt soft and sexy. I bent down and took a nipple in my mouth and began to lick and suck. Mom moaned in passion. Her nipples were long and thick. Her nipples were soon erect in excitement.
"Mom I love you, I can't help it. I know I should feel guilty of making love to my own mother but I don't care" I declared.
I continued kissing all the way to her navel savoring the slightly salty taste of her body. Mom gave an audible squeak of pleasure. I reached her belly button with my tongue and began to kiss and lick it as Mom pushed herself up to me in pleasure. I began to stroke her legs up and down, all the while kissing her belly button. Her legs were firm to touch. Slowly my hand inched further and further under her sari and petticoat. Her thighs felt firm and soft.
Mom stiffened as my hand reached the crotch of her petticoat. I reached up and sought her lips and gently forced them open with my tongue. Mom moaned into my mouth. She relaxed and opened her thighs in response. I shook my head in disbelief. Mom, the woman of my dreams, the same woman who had borne my brother and sister, the woman who had birthed me was letting me make love to her. I caressed her through her petticoat. I felt her cleft and began to rub it. Mom moaned in pleasure. I could feel to moistness seep through her petticoat.
I pulled my hands out from under her petticoat, quickly puller her sari off. I stood up, removed my clothes as quickly as I could. My lund was hard as an iron bar. I slid down Mom's body until my mouth was pressed against the crotch of her petticoat. Only the petticoat separated her bush from my mouth. I inhaled deeply breathing in the intoxicating aroma of her juices mixed with the faint smell of stale urine.
I began to lick the crotch of her petticoat as Mom wiggled in excitement. I began to savor her juices that seeped through her petticoat.
I reached and hooked my fingers under the waistband of her petticoat and began to tug them down. Suddenly Mom jerked up.
"Oh, beta, no, we shouldn't" she said. "You are my son and I shouldn't be doing this."
"Mom I love you. You are the most beautiful woman in the world. I know it's unusual for a mother and son to be sexually involved. I believe that if you love someone it’s only natural to make love."
"But Ramesh what if someone finds out."
"Mom, we can be careful and no one needs to know our business."
"But Ramesh" I kissed her before she could complete her sentence.
I kissed her hair her eyes and once again lowered my mouth to her full sexy lips. Suddenly Mom went limp in my arms. She began to kiss back with more passionate intensity. Our tongues dueled with each other.
I reached down and tugged her petticoat. This time she did not resist. I pulled them off and threw them down on the floor. She instinctively reached down and covered her womanhood from my prying eyes. I gently but firmly pulled her hand away. I stared at the thick rich dark pussy hair like someone in a trance.
Mom reached up and pulled me down and began to kiss me as I began to gently caress and finger her mons. I nibbled at her teats at the same time inserted my middle finger into her womanhood. Never in my dreams did I ever think that one day Mom would let me pull her petticoat down and caress her femininity.
She was very wet. I moved my mouth down her body to the inside of her thighs and then proceeded to kiss and lick it. I then moved my mouth up to her pussy hair and proceeded to nibble it. All the while Kamala, my Mom moaned in pleasure. I licked the thick pussy hair and then proceeded to pull her choot open. I breathed in the rich feminine odor of my excited mother. I stared at the inner wall and noticed the small pink hole through which she peed. I licked it. I licked the surrounding walls savoring the rich flavor of her very wet hole. I ran my tongue over her clitoris and Mom yelped in pleasure.
I placed a finger in her choot and proceeded to run it in and out while eating her. Her breathing grew ragged. I continued to stimulate her clitoris for a long time. Mom grew very wet. My fingers were drenched with her juices. Suddenly Mom stiffened and moaned at the same time. Her body then shuddered continuously as I rapidly licked her clitoris. I knew she had just climaxed. She quickly pulled me up on top of her.
"Oh Ramesh, That was good". She whispered shyly. "I have never had an orgasm this good.
"Mom you are sexy and beautiful. This has been my ultimate fantasy to make love to you."
"You really think I'm beautiful."
"Mom, yes. More than all the movie actresses"
Mom reached up and pulled me down lightly kissed my lips and then forced my mouth open with her tongue. At the same time she reached down and grabbed my penis and began to rub it up and down her very wet slit. She grew more and ore excited.
"Mom" I whispered. "I love you". She spread her legs wide as if in silent assent and bought the tip of my lund and placed it against her choot orifice. I looked deep into her eyes as she began to push me into her. I was big and thick for my age. Her choot slowly opened like a petal. Mom suddenly pushed upward and my lund slid into her choot to the hilt. Mom was surprisingly very tight for someone who had three children. I could feel her muscles clutching me like a vice.
I pulled out and then slid back in one fluid motion. I then proceeded to fuck Mom with a fury that I had never experienced before. Her body shook in rhythm to the fuck strokes. My penis was soon saturated with her lubricating juices. We moved as if we were made to fuck each other. Every down stroke was met with an upstroke. I could feel the tip of my lund hit the mouth of her womb with each plunge. She began to breathe heavier and heavier.
After rutting like animals for about fifteen minutes she suddenly went rigid and clutched my ass. I could feel began rapid contractions about my lund at the same time I began to ejaculate against her womb. I must have spilt a load in her as I felt the semen running back out of her choot.
We stayed coupled for some time savoring the aftermath of our mutual orgasm, and kissing each other. I started to get excited and felt my self-hardening in her. I gently started to see saw back and forth in her choot. This time the fuck was slow and gentle, it lasted a longer time. Mom and I came at the same time.
"Ramesh" she said after the last romantic fuck. "You lund is very big and hard, I never had it this good with your father. I can't remember when I had my last orgasm." I beamed with pride. My first with Mom had been better than anything father had been able to deliver in all the years they had been married.
"Oh Mom, that's only because I love you so much"
"Oh sweetheart this was the best orgasm so far" she remarked.
"Ramesh, honey" Mom whispered. "I should be going back to your fathers bed. We don't want to arouse any suspicion now, would we."
We kissed for some time whispering sweet nothings to each other. She then got up cleaned herself.
"Mom can I keep your petticoat" I asked in a whisper. Mom was silent.
"A souvenir of our first night," Mom asked mischievously.
"Yes," I replied.
"Only if you hide it".
Mom put her clothes back on and petticoat-less she slipped out of the room. I was covered with a mixture of our fuck juices. The last thing I remember falling asleep was Mom's petticoat pressed to my cheeks.
The next day Mom did not look at me when the family was seated at the breakfast table. I thought I had blown it. The family finally dispersed for the day and I was getting ready to go to school. Mom stepped into my room.
"Ramesh" she said, "we need to talk."
"Mom what's wrong."
Mom blushed.
"Ramesh we can't repeat what we did last night"
Before I could protest any further she motioned me to be quiet.
"I think last night was wonderful. I will always treasure. But I'm a married woman. This is never going to happen again."
"Mom," I protested as I moved towards her and pulled her into my arms, "I love you and I know that you love me. Give our love a chance."
I tried to kiss her but she averted her lips and pulled out of my embrace and shook her head.
"Mom," I said, as she was ready to leave my room "I will not stop loving you and will not stop pursuing you."
Mom left my room with tears in her eyes.
Things cooled down after that. And even though I could see that Mom was unhappy she would not budge from her resolve. I had given up ever getting her back.
Mom also vigorously started looking for a bride for me. She contacted all her relatives and asked them about available girls. She collected horoscopes and consulted astrologers for good matched for me. She arranged for me to see a few girls whoe horoscopes matched mine. I was very unhappy that I am being driven away from my only love my own mother. Finally I gave my consent for a girl who I chose because she looked a little like my mother. The marriage date was fixed.
Then something strange happened. I noticed that Mom's behavior towards me changed. She acted more like someone who was jealous. She snapped at me at the smallest of mishaps. Then one day when we were alone, Mom asked, "Ramesh maybe we should go out for a movie this weekend."
I was pleasantly surprised. But I thought maybe Mom wants to just please me.
"Mom, Oh yes, Oh yes." I whispered.
The days following I was in a trance. I couldn't wait for the weekend.
For our outing Mom had gone out of her way to dress sexy. I could not believe that the sexy woman next to me was my mother. After the movie we drove to our secluded spot. I pulled her into my arms and Mom did not resist. We began to kiss passionately. My hands were roaming all over her body. I could see Mom was visibly excited.
After an hour or so of necking we drove back home. When we reached home everyone was asleep.
"Go to your room and wait for me, I'll check on your father." she whispered.
I was undressed and in bed when she entered. After locking the door she came to me. Our passionate kissing continued. I swiftly undressed Mom and rolled on top of her. I kissed every inch of her body over and over again. I held on to her shapely ass as I ate her out.
I got on top of her, she took hold of my penis, which was hard as a steel bar, and placed it against her chootl opening. I pressed and easily entered her very slick choot. I held Moms ass and started fucking her. Mom moaned with pleasure at every fuck stroke. We rolled around the bed, sometimes she was on top and at other times I was. We were at it for a long time and when I forcefully ejaculated into her, she came with an intensity I had never seen before.
"Oh Ramesh," she said, "it is so wonderful".
"Mom, have you changed your mind about my marriage?", I asked.
"Oh Son I missed you, and as the marriage date came closer, I could not bear it any longer. I realized I was jealous and that I loved you more than anything thing in the world."
"As a lover" I asked excitedly.
"Yes realized I loved you, not only as a mother but as a lover and that I could not bear to be apart from you." She whispered.
"Do you love me more than father." I asked.
"Oh son I respect your father, but I don't love him. After being with you I now know what love is. I am so happy when I am naked in your arms. Ramesh, my darling son, I want to be your wife. Will you marry me?"
I was stunned at these words from my beloved mother. "Mom, You have just made me the happiest man in the world. I don't want to share you with anyone, even father. You belong to me. Your body is mine. I want you naked in my arms all the time. I want to enter you all the time."
"Oh son that is so wonderful. But Ramesh, our marriage has to be our secret. I want to be in your arms naked all the times but we have to be careful. I don't want your father, brother or your sister to find out because it would prevent us from being together."
"Yes Mom I know," I replied.
We began to kiss; my hands fondled my Mom's breasts. I then proceeded to kiss her lovely long nipples, which were swollen with passion. She pushed me on my back and climbed on top of me and lowered her choot on my lund. She pressed down until I was buried in her to the hilt. She lowered her mouth to mine while she proceeded to move up and down, slowly at first and then very rapidly. Suddenly her tongue began to frantically duel with mine. She then opened her mouth in a silent scream. I knew she had climaxed.
I rolled on top of her and continued to fuck her with savage fuck strokes. Her body shook with each fuck stroke. She screamed and at the same time I buried my lund against her womb and proceeded to saturate her inner walls with my semen. After the wild ride we began to kiss tenderly while we were still joined at the crotch.
Mom pushed me on my back and began to kiss my body all over. When she reached my crotch she took my hard lund in her mouth. Mom then gave me a blowjob. When I came she swallowed all of my cum.
Next day Mom and I went to the family jeweller and ordered a mangal sutra. Everybody assumed that it was for the new girl who I was going to marry. No one knew that I was going to marry my own lovely mother. We also bought a wedding sari for Mom and a wedding dress for me. Next week, on an auspicous day, Mom and I went to our village house to get married. Mom wore her new wedding dress and looked gorgeous. I wore my new dress and at the muhurth time, as my lovely mother/bride stood before me shyly bending her head, I removed the mangal sutra on her neck put by my father and tied the new mangal sutra which signified that mother was now my wife. Then we we went to the temple and prayed for a long and happy married life. Then we went to Woodlands and had a festive dinner. Back at home, we started making love.
Mom said, "Ramesh, every night with you has been a first night for me. You have made me so happy. But today is a special first night. Make love to me not only as your mother but also as a wife."
"Mom, can I call you Kamala now that we are married?" I asked.
Mom blushed a little and nodded her head shyly. Then I said, "Kamala, my love, this is indeed going to be a special night because I am going to make you pregnant"
Mom buried her face in my chest and whispered, "Oh Ramesh, the first duty of every wife is to bear a child for her husband. I will be so glad to become pregnant by you, son. I am in a fertile period too and my womb is ready for your seed".
That night, before mother and I slipped into sleep exhausted at four in the morning, I came into my mother's eager choot ten times so that we can have our first incestuous child as soon as possible.
From that time on we tried to spend every opportunity with each other. Whenever we were alone Moms would be the one to first make sexual overtures. She was at her sexual peak and constantly horny- I know because when I pulled her petticoat off she was already sopping wet. I was proud when she told me shyly that she would get wet just thinking of me, and that nobody had excited her that way.
Sometimes we were so crazy for each other that we took risks. One time, while the family was down in the living room, I noticed that Mom had gone to the bathroom upstairs. I went upstairs and silently opened the bathroom door. Mom had not locked it. She was peeing. Her eyes widened in surprise when she saw me. Before she could say anything I pulled her of the commode, ripped out some toilet paper, cleaned her up, turned her around, bent her over the commode, and entered her from behind.
"Honey someone may come up" she whispered. But I ignored her. I fucked until we both climaxed. I then pulled her petticoat up and would not allow her to clean herself up. We did not get caught. But for the rest of the day I knew Mom had sticky petticoat and it was my semen dripping out of her choot.
I remember one night I woke up horny. I wanted Mom bad. So I very silently crept to my parents’ bedroom. They were both asleep. I knew that father was in a drunk and fast asleep. Mom was sleeping by his side with the covers thrown back. She looked extremely sexy. I went up to her and shook her awake. When she did, I motioned her too keep quiet. I whispered that I wanted to see her in my room and left. About two minutes later she was in my room. As I pushed her on my bed and I undressed.
"Ramesh, I know I am your wife and I should come to you whenever you need me but we should not take unnecessary risks like your to my bedroom" she scolded. I cut off any further protest by kissing her. I pulled Mom's dress up and began to eat her. In no time I had Mom wet and excited. I moved on top and entered her womanhood and proceeded to make love to her. Later that night, when she left my room her face glowing with sexual joy, Mom said, "Ramesh, whenever you want me, just do like what you did. Come to our room and shake me and I will come her to your bed and we will enjoy. Ok?". I was thrilled.
But next night, at bed time, Mom came with her bed to my room with a beaming smile in her face. "I told your father that since he is drunk every day, I cannot stand the smell all night and so I am going to be sleeping in your room from now on. He did not mind. So here I am all yours for the whole night every night". I grabbed her and showered kisses on her and said, "Mom, now we can really be the married couple we are", and started making passionate love.
Three weeks after our wedding, after our first love session of the night, mother shyly whispered to me that she has missed her period. We waited anxiously the next few days. When Mom missed her period again, we were overjoyed. Mom was pregnant!!
For the next eight months it was a daily thrill for me watching mother move about with her pregnant belly, glowing with that special pride that women get when they are carrying, now with the added joy of being pregnant with her own son's child.
Then one day I was in the delivery ward in the hospital as Mom beamed with pride holding a lovely baby girl - the product of our incestuous marriage. She named the girl Rameshi because she was my daughter. The love between me and Mom became more intense after we had the baby. Mom wanted us to live like the real husband-wife-daughter family we were. She asked me to get a job in another town which I did. We moved there leaving father with his drinks in our native town. We still maintain the mother-son relationship outside the house. But inside the house, we are husband and wife. I call Mom by her name and the baby calls me father which is what Mom wants.
Its good that Mom is a highly sexed woman hence she doesn't mind the fact that I am constantly kissing, caressing, and undressing her. We average at least two fucks a day. Somedays, I ask her to be naked the whole day and she happily goes about the day-to-day activities like cooking, washing etc completley naked and we make love several times during the day. With all that love-making, Mom is pregnant with our second child.
The joy of living in married intimacy with your mother is something that can be felt only by actual experience. Mom and I hope all young sons out there get the chance to experience that joy.

       Terrified Teacher – II  
     Leon’s next conquest of a beautiful teacher occurred none other
than Valentine’s Day.  He had been to this new school for the past two
weeks to assist as the handy man assigned to the school had taken ill.
As this school had a regular handy man, this was his first opportunity
to scope out the beautiful teachers that taught here.

     One beauty had caught his attention immediately.  A second grade
teacher named Mrs. Kristi Ames, who’s beauty just glowed.  Light brown
hair, milk white skin, petite in stature, and always looking elegant
dressed in either a white dress or a combination white and pastel
color.  Her lovely trim legs accented with her low white heels.  What a
beauty to defile.

     Leon’s problem was to even get near this lovely young beauty.  He
learned by listening in the lounge area to learn the Mrs. Kristi Ames
was a happily married mother of three.  Her husband a bank executive and
her children now at the middle school.  She was in her mid-thirties but
looked much younger.  Each time Leon tried to get near the lovely
teacher, she politely answered any questions he had asked her and eased
off to be with other teachers.  It was obvious to Leon that his black
presence scared her and made her very uncomfortable.  All the better to
satisfy Leon’s lustful desires.  But getting into her panties would be
quite difficult.

     On Valentine’s Day, just after school ended, Leon was doing general
clean up as he neared the beautiful teacher’s classroom.  He glanced in
to observe her, with her back to him.  She was reaching up to remove
valentine decorations, exposing her long trim white legs.  Leon’s cock
twitched in his pants. He moved quietly up behind the unsuspecting

     When he was just behind the beautiful teacher, her could smell her
intoxicating perfume.  “Let me help you with that!” he spoke in his deep
voice.  Kristi gasped in surprise and fell back against him in the
shock.  She was frozen for a moment, the large black hands held her
shoulders to keep her from falling.  She was having trouble breathing as
she felt the growing movement against her tight buttocks.

     Kristi finally recovered enough to stand on her own.  Leon stepped
forward a bit just so his throbbing cock could be felt by his lovely
victim.  Kristi gasped and shook in fear.  Finally gathering her
thoughts.  “T-T-hank you.  I’ve got to take care of some paperwork in
the school’s office right now”.  Leon smiled as the shaken beauty
quickly exited the classroom.  He knew that he was the real reason she
was going to the office.  Leon obseved the open can of Coke that she had
just started to drink.  Leon felt it was still full and cold. He quickly
added his little packet of crystal meth, finished removing the
decorations and left the room.

     Going to the school’s office, Leon leaned in “Oh, Mrs. Ames, I’ve
removed all the Valentine Decorations from the wall.” “Th-Thank you” she
replied nervously.  Kristi watched as the black tormentor walked to the
classrooms across the small grass area, parallel to where her room was

     Kristi made a bee-line back to her room, closing the door and
bolting it shut. She began to clean her desk and do a little paper work
before headed home.  “Thank goodness that awful black is out of here.
God, I couldn’t move when he put his big black paws on me.  That damned
filthy man actually had the nerve to rub his thing against me” she
thought as she drank her coke.  Unknown to Kristi, her tormentor was in
an empty classroom, away from the windows, smiling in triumph as he
watched her consuming the can of coke.

     Fifteen minutes later, Kristi grabbed her purse along with some
books to head home and prepare dinner for her loving husband and
children. She held on to her desk, feeling uneasy and light headed.
Never had she felt this way before.  She slowly walked to the door
thinking she had better get home and rest.  She gasped loudly after she
unbolted the door and opened it.  There stood the black janitor,
blocking the doorway.  She stumbled back, dropping her purse and books.

     Leon stepped into the classroom quickly closing the door behind him
and bolted the door.  “ please ……you must leave!”
stammered the beautiful teacher. Kristi had her hands up in defense,
slowly moving backwards while Leon grinned and moved up to the
frightened young teacher.  Leon loved her pained expression of fear.
Suddenly, Kristi’s back met the blackboard.

     Her lovely hands and manicured fingers, held in front of her, met
the sweaty shirt worn by Leon.  She whimpered as she felt the hard steel
chest moving forward.  Leon’s right hand moved quickly and grasped the
front of Kristi’s thin white dress, tearing it down the middle.  Kristi
was too shocked to scream and only gasped in her shock.  Leon grabbed
her outstretched hands and brought them down to his 12” tool.  Kristi
gasped as her hands made contact with the throbbing cock, covered only
by his thin trousers.  Leon’s manhood threatened to break through the
material as the dainty hands touched him.

     The drug was doing its job.  Kristi closed her eyes from this
horror.  Her dainty hands acted on its own will squeezing and stroking
the massive covered weapon.  Leon’s hands moved to the front of her thin
bra and it quickly tore apart from the strength of the black fingers.
Leon leaned forward and Kristi moaned as her senitive pink nipples were
exposed and being suckled by this hungry black.

     A few minutes, Kristi was carried a few feet with Leon licking the
sensitive nipples and her hands still squeezing his now damp trousers.
With one sweep of the hand, the desk was cleared.  Kristi was gently
laid down upon it. Her eyes closed tightly, she sobbed in shame and
humiliation, pleading “Please don’t, please leave, I’m married and have
always been true to my husband!”

     Leon removed her white heels and rolled down her nylon panty hose
to reveal her trim milky white legs.  He brought her dainty white feet
up to his grubby black face and inhaled the beautiful fragance and
licked every inch of each dainty foot.  Kristi’s panties were torn to
shreds in no time at all.  Kristi was stripped bare, sobbing on the very
desk that she instructed her students.  She opened her eyes when she
heard a zipper.  She gasped in fright as she was witness to the largest
and blackest penis she could imagine.  Fear set in “Please don’t rape
me.....please.... you’re way to big.... you’ll kill me with that!”
Kristi’s husband was only have the size, in both length and girth.

     Kristi groaned and her eyes rolled as Leon set out to suck the
honey out of her.  “Please no.........please, that’s so dirty” she
pleaded, never before having had the pleasure of having her pussy sucked
and licked.  The invading tongue brought unwanted sensations shooting up
the petite white body.  Suddenly she arched up into Leon’s face, her
body shaking in uncontrolled spasms as she orgasmed and fed her
tormentor with a flow of thick honey.

     Leon moved up onto the desk, holding himself just above the sobbing
beauty, his thick cock head greasing itself in her slick groove.  Kristi
reached with her hands to push him away “Please no, please no, don’t
rape’ll get me pregnant!  Please don’t, I’m
not on the pill!”  This made Leon grin in triumph as he thought of
impregnating his beautiful teacher with his black cock.

     “Ohhhhhh, please nooooo.........” Kristi pleaded as the huge black
cockhead inserted itself in her wet slit.  “Oh, please ...........
please, you don’t have a condom on!” she begged.  She sobbed when she
heard the response “Baby, I’m going to knock you up good and plant a
little black baby in your sweet tummy!  Oh, God baby, I’m going to love
‘ruining’ you with this ole black snake of mine.  You report this and
you think your loving white boy husband will put his little pecker in
here again?”

     With one arm around her trim waist, Leon covered her mouth as he
reared back a little and slammed his black cock in.
“Ahhhhhhhhgggggggggg....................” Kristi screamed.  Leon was
glad her covered her mouth or the screamed would have had everyone in
the office down to the classroom in no time.  Only half his cock had
sunk in.  Boy, was she tight, like a virgin. He reared back and this
time slammed home the entire black salami.  “Ahhhhhhhhhggggggg.....”
came the muffled scream again.

     Leon let his cock settle in, knowing he was definitely exploring
virgin territory.  Then he began small stroking motions and lengthened
the strokes each time.  Kristi’s sobbing continued and then turned to
mewling sounds, as unwanted pleasure to her drug induced mind began to
effect her lovely body.  Suddenly, Kristi’s trim arms went around his
black neck and her milky white legs lifted themselves and crossed over
the humping black butt.

     Leon loved the changed expression of the beautiful drugged
teacher.  She was in another world with the fuck pleasure he was giving
her with each stroke and withdrawal.  Suddenly her arms and legs
tightened and she moaned “Ohhhhhh, nooooo ………I’m cumming.........”.  As
her orgasm waned, Leon remained perfectly still but a slap to her face
brought her back to a shocking reality.  She looked up to see Leon’s
black grinning face.  She groaned  as he deliberately twitched his
massive cock in her tight channel.  Leon began to hammer away “Here cums
my hot baby juice Mrs. Ames!”  Kristi squirmed, trying desperately to
get away “Please..... pull it out!  Please!  You’ll get me pregnant!”
she pleaded.

     Leon responded by grabbing her by the waist and slammed forward,
burying the full twelve inches.  “Oh, Mrs. Ames, here I cum..........”
he groaned as he erupted his quart load of hot boiling gism.
“Ohhhhhhhhhh........” Kristi groaned in despair but the sensation of his
hot boiling cum cause her trim white legs to again cross over his
spasming black butt.  Her arms crossed over his thick neck as he shot
his gooey load deep into her womb. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Mrs. Ames!
Gonna give you an Valentine baby, Mrs. Ames!” he whispered in her ear,
as his softening cock continued to twitch out is’s slimy goo.

     Twice more the beautiful teacher was seeded on her desk.  After the
third fucking, Kristi lay on her desk exhausted and sobbing in shame.
Then she felt Leon’s large hands caressing her feet.  She gasped as her
dainty soles were wrapped around the throbbing and sticky black cock.
She couldn’t believe he was now fucking her feet.  She was dragged to
the edge of her desk, still sying on it, as opened her eyes to see
Leon’s back to her.  Her legs were spread and her feet were again
wrapped around the sticky black log.  After a few minutes, she heard her
tormentor’s grunt.  Then her legs were let go to dangle from the edge of
her desk.

     Leon was finally exhausted and slowly got dressed.  He picked up
the lacy bra and panties as prizes he had won.  Before leaving, he
looked back at the arousing sight of the beautiful teacher.  The teacher
with all the authority in the classroom was laying with her trim white
legs spread obscenely on her desk.  Her clothing and heels scattered on
the classroom floor.  His cock twitched at the thought of just having
‘ruined’ the most beautiful teacher of the school.

     Kristi opened her startled eyes realizing she had passed out for a
few moments.  She looked about her room to realized she was now alone.
She reached down and felt her aching slit to find it messy and gooey.
She groaned realizing it was not a horrible nightmare.  She had been
raped by the black janitor, right on her desk.  To make matters worst,
he had not used a condom but had shot his dirty scum deep in her womb.
She looked at the large clock on the wall and panic set in.  She had to
hurry home before her husband and before the kids came in from playing
with friends.  She couldn’t let them see her like this and know she had
been raped.  She just couldn’t let anyone know she had been raped and
‘ruined’ by a black janitor.

     Kristi slowly got up and grabbed some paper towels to clean the
scummy evidence of her rape from her desktop.  She grabbed whatever
tissues and paper towels that remained in her room to stop the overflow
of the thick slimy jism.  She sobbed as she couldn’t find her panties
nor bra, both obviously taken by her rapist.  She had to put on her torn
dress, using some safety pins to keep it together.  She had to hurry and
get home before everyone else.  She quickly stepped into her white heels
and groaned in despair.  Each of her dainty feet had stepped into a
gooey puddle.  She sobbed again in shame, realizing that her black
rapist must have cum in her heels when he had grunted while fucking his
long thick cock between her feet.  With no time to spare for further
clean up, Kristi rushed to the parking lot to head home before her
family got there.

     Once arriving home, Kristi was so relieved to see she had beaten
everyone home.  She would have to douche quickly and shower away the
filth on and deep in her body.  Then to get dinner started before her
family realized something was amiss.  Once in the safety of her
bathroom, she set about to douche the slime from her fertile womb,
praying she was in time.  Then she got to the shower stall before
removing her torn dress and cum soaked heels.  She looked into the
mirror and sobbed, seeing the white splotches all over her face and
hair.  All evidence of dried male cum from her black rapist, who had
wiped his slimy cock over the unconscious beauty’s face and cleaned
himself in the silky brown hair.

     Kristi did not know how she managed to get through the dinner at
the elegant hotel her loving husband took her for Valentine’s day.  Her
mind in disgust from the savage rape of two days earlier.  She felt
soiled and disgraced.  ‘Ruined’ by  the muscular black janitor.  She
would never feel clean again.  She knew the rapist was right about her
husband not wanting to make love to her again if he knew his precious
wife had been ‘ruined’ by a nigger.

     That evening, she tried to tell her husband she was exhausted but
just couldn’t put him off.  She felt guilty in letting him soil himself
where a black had deposited his filth.  Yet she desperately wanted to
feel clean again, hoping that making love with her loving husband would
do it.  But her husband had not lasted long as his beautiful wife
wrapped her lovely legs around him and began to fuck back at his him.
Kristi lay back on the bed, wide awake, as her husband fell asleep from

     Fifteen minutes later, Kristi was unable to sleep and got out of
bed.  She decided to go down to the kitchen and gather her thoughts.
Maybe a bite to eat would keep her mind from thinking of the rape. Upon
opening the refrigerator, one item caught her attention.  Biting down on
her lip, she scolded herself and closed the door.

     She leaned against the refrigerator for a moment, her legs feeling
weak.  Then she opened the frig again and reached for the long thick
cucumber on the bottom shelf.  Going quickly to the hallway bathroom,
she locked the door.  She closed her eyes, panting in desperation,
spreading her trim legs as she let the green cucumber give her some
relief.  But she could only achieve an orgasm by picturing herself on
her desk being brutally shagged by the black janitor.

     A month went by and it was now spring vacation.  She had felt
relieved that the rapist had not returned following the eventful
Valentine’s Day Rape.  The school’s regular janitor had recovered from
his illness and returned to his job on the following monday.  She hoped
the spring break would allow her mind to relax and bring back the magic
she used to have with her husband.  Since her savage rape, she could not
reach a climax with her husband.  The only means of an orgasm was
through masturbation, which she felt was sinful, and thinking back to
the climaxes reached during the rape.

     With her husband at work and the kids out shopping with friends,
Kristi could get the house cleaned and putter in the garden.  She heard
the doorbell ring and thought it was one of the kids returning.  Opening
the door, she gasped as the black janitor grinned at her.  “Good
afternoon, Mrs. Ames.  I brought you present for Easter!” Leon greeted,
as he rubbed the bulge in his pants.  Kristi could not speak as she
starred at the janitor’s hand actions.  “Would you like to open this
present I brought for you, Mrs. Ames?” Leon taunted.  Kristi swallowed
hard, unable to say anything.  Biting down on her bottom lip, eyes
tearing, the lovely school teacher nodded ‘yes’.

     “Well, let’s open your present in your bedroom, Mrs. Ames!” Leon
suggested.  Putting he head down in shame, Kristi led the way to the
master bedroom.  Leon leered at the trim milk white legs of the
beautiful teacher.  Those beautiful legs would soon be spreading with
for his big black cock.

     Once in the bedroom, Kristi was panting in need, knowing this black
janitor possessed the instrument that would finally ease her sexual
frustration.  She ripped off her clothing, baring her charms to the man
who had brutally raped her a month ago.  “Time to get on your knees to
open your present teach” Leon taunted.  Kristi got to her knees and
unbuckled Leon’s belt, opening the button, and drawing down the zipper.

     Kristi reached in, pulling the long black snake from its hiding
place.  She let the throbbing black snake rub itself all over her lovely
face, feeling the trails of its thick venom as it moved about.  Kristi
darted her pink tongue to lick the salty venom from the snake’s head,
then sucked the snake’s head into her tiny mouth.  Then she bit at the
thick snake, squeezing it hard in her dainty fists, pulling at it,
trying to swallow it whole.  This caused the black snake to unleash a
torrent of its vicious thick venom, filling her mouth to the brim.   The
lovely teacher began to swallow the thick venom as the snake began to
shrink away.  Had the school teacher’s husband been a witness to this
scene, he would never believe this was in fact his naïve young wife.
Never had her husband had the pleasure of his wife’s soft lips on his
manhood.  Oh, how he had tried to his beautiful wife use her lovely lips
on him but she flat out refused saying such an act was dirty and

     Over the next two hours, the marital bed of Ames’ was occupied.
Only not by husband and wife.  Kristi reached four mind-shattering
orgasms.  The contrast of the muscular black janitor and lily white body
of the petite school teacher was a sight to behold, especially with the
trim white legs and arms securely wrapped around the bucking black body.

     Three loads of black baby juice was deposited deep in the teacher’s
fertile womb.  Leon could not believe the beautiful teacher begging him
“Oh, fuck me, fuck me harder ………I love your Easter present ……….give me
another present …………give me your black baby juice ………give it to me
………..fuck a black baby in me!”

     That evening, Kristi decided to give her husband a surprise.  Her
husband couldn’t believe his good fortune as his wife rubbed his cock
and nuzzled up to it, as he lay on his back.  God, his lovely wife was
kissing his prick for the first time and now she was actually putting it
in her mouth for the first time.  When his beautiful wife straddled him,
he couldn’t believe the change in her as she was going to allow him to
taste her for the first time also.  He had tried once before but that
ended up in a nasty fight with his wife crying and calling him a
pervert.  As he lapped at the slick womanhood, he thought she must
really be excited for the amount of juice she was emitting.  If he only
knew how all that juice had gotten there, Mr. Ames would not have been
so happy with his good fortune. The lovely Mrs. Ames rubbed her soft
womanhood into the face of her loving husband, wanted to share what was
left of her present.

     As Easter approached, Kristi became concerned that her period had
not come.  Normally on her cycle was right on time.  Taking a home
pregnancy test, her fear was confirmed.  In going over her calendar, her
most dangerous period was calculated from the time of her last period.
It became obvious to her that she had in fact conceived in her very own
classroom, right on her sturdy oak desk.

End of Story (Part II).

Target: Beautiful Married Women - II

Reminiscing once again as he lay upon his dorm room bed, Skipper
Harmon thought back to the past summer and the end of his
freshman year of college coming up in just another month.  He was
dying to get back home, away from this small college town
atmosphere, where he could once again enjoy life to the fullest.
He longed to see the familiar faces in the suburb where he lived
with his parents, also to see the many new faces that came to
join the neighborhood while he was away in college.  In
particular, Skipper was rather anxious to see the new faces of
the eight youngsters that were born recently in March and April.
Skipper could not resist getting a hardon, knowing that there was
a good chance that he might very well have fathered those babies
after having seduced the once faithful and beautiful wives of the
unsuspecting husbands.  He chuckled at the thought of those
cuckold husbands acting so proud that he had fathered a newborn,
getting up in the middle of the night to help care for them, when
in actuality he was taking care of a crying baby that was
actually fathered by someone else.
Those once innocent and faithful wives had succumbed to Skipper's
charms and the handsome young teen loved nothing better than to
notch another conquest onto his belt.  Notching up another
conquest of a beautiful faithful wife of another man was what
Skipper lived for.  But to do that plus knocking up the lovely
wife, with her becoming the mother of one of his babies, that was
the ultimate conquest for him.  Skipper now anxiously looked
forward to the end of the school year so he could return home and
resume his mischievous activities.
He knew that each of his conquests would now be riddled with
guilt, that each would be a bit reluctant to let him into their
panties once again, especially with each still cradling the
consequences of her earlier indiscretion in her arms at the very
moment.  But Skipper just chuckled to himself, confident of his
prowess and ability to once again get into each of their panties.
 By this same time next year, each of the dopey husbands would be
dead weary of having to continue to get up in the middle of each
night to feed another crying baby or to change its smelly diaper.
Having dreamt last night of the first four to pop their bellies
this spring, Skipper now had the images of the other four
beauties that had succumbed to his charms, trying to imagine how
each must have looked recently with their bellies bulging at the
magic nine-month mark. Smiling, Skipper planned on personally
delivering a gift-wrapped toy for each of the newborns when he
got home and planned on shaking the hand of each proud father.
After all, it was the least he could do for his own son or
daughter and to thank the man for taking care of his little baby.
Now Skipper began reminiscing again as the image of the lovely
Mrs. Kristi Hamaguchi, the former Miss Kristi Kato, his sister's
closest and best friend from high school days.  From when Skipper
was in middle school and Kristi came over to their place to visit
and study with his sister, he couldn't take his eyes off the
petite beauty and always hung around home instead of going out
with the guys.  She was so sweet and beautiful that often Skipper
would have to rush to the bathroom and wank off to her image.
'So fuck'n nice legs trim, feet so petite
and cute!' he thought, always wishing that he could nuzzle his
way up very slowly, then put his face up into her soft little
furry bush.
But with Kristi his sister's age and in high school at the time,
Skipper knew that the sexy beauty merely looked upon him like a
little brother instead of a guy she'd consider going out with.
Being five years younger than the sexy babe, Skipper had been
forced to accept the fact that she'd never go out with him on a
date.  Kristi and his sister ended up going to the same college,
rooming together in the same dorm and pledging with the same
sorority, again living together in the sorority house.  Then,
even after they graduated from college together, Kristi and his
sister shared an apartment together.
Once Kristi and his sister had headed off to college, it was only
on rare occasions that he would once again get to feast his eyes
on the petite beauty.  As he himself was busy in sports and high
school, Skipper had kept occupied and given up on his fantasy of
being with the lovely gal.  Then additional disappointment came
when he learned from his sister that Kristi was getting married
to a fellow she had met in college.  And of course, Kristi had
moved out of the apartment upon getting married, lessening the
chance to see his sister's cute friend even more.
By luck or chance, Skipper had stopped in at his sister's place
to say 'hi' and chat a bit before heading out to meet up with the
guys.  When he told his sister when he was headed for, his sister
asked if he minded dropping Kristi's last few boxes off at her
new home which was located in the direction he was headed.  Just
the mention of Kristi's name had Skipper's cock give a lurch in
his pants, especially giving him the opportunity to learn of her
new address and getting to see her once again.
With his sister calling to see if Kristi would be at home,
Skipper's cock hardened in learning that Kristi was home that day
as her newlywed husband was out for his usual 18 holes of golf
each Saturday.  Eagerly loading up the boxes onto the back of his
pickup, Skipper headed out to Kristi's new home.  As he drove
along, picturing the young newlywed in his mind, Skipper couldn't
help but think how lucky her damned husband was in getting sweet
Kristi to marry him.
Just as he arrived at the location, Skipper had to wait for the
van from 'Waterbed World' to back out of the driveway.  The
wheels were churning in his devious mind as he pulled into the
driveway to see 'kute little Kristi' waving at him.  So petite
and cute, the innocent and conservative Kristi always turned
Skipper on.  He greeted and congratulated her on the new house
and upon getting married, receiving a slight hug of affection as
she tiptoed to greet him, giving him a rock-solid hardon in the
Though he had seen and laid upon a waterbed before, Skipper
feigned it being the first time he had ever seen one.  With
Kristi inviting him to give it a try, Skipper told it felt great
and seemed like he was just floating on a wave.  Moving a bit to
create a ripple like wave action, he had patted the side for
Kristi to feel the action.  The unsuspecting beauty, who had
always treated him like a younger brother, fell for the ploy and
was soon lying upon the bed just a couple feet away from him.
With him slowly and confidently making his move upon the
succulent beauty, Skipper heard her gasp slowly and remain
immobile as he covered her soft pink lips with his, then felt her
lips part to admit his probing tongue.  Seconds later, they were
French kissing as he placed his right hand on the outer part of
her bare left thigh.  Caressing her thigh down to her knee,
Skipper's hand then slipped down a bit and began to slide up
between her inner thighs.
Though Kristi had always treated her best friend's younger
brother like she would her own, the development of the handsome
young teen had not gone unnoticed by her.  Average built teen
male when she had first met the younger Skipper when he was in
the 5th grade, Kristi had seen the rather tall and gawky teen
develop into a handsome muscular young man who would become the
hometown hero in leading the team to the State football
Caught totally by surprise as the handsome Skipper made his move
on her, Kristi found herself unable to move as his lips descended
down upon hers.  Once his large hand was placed upon her thigh
and began caressing her, she shuddered and began creaming and
creaming as never before, as her love juices began to ooze out of
her pussylips.  As his hand began moving up between her inner
thighs, her juices were seeping out of her quivering slit into
the crotch panties.  When his searching fingers slipped up inside
the inner leg of her shorts to touch her panties, the crotch was
already sopping wet.
Pushing his finger against the wet crotchband of her panties,
feeling her pointed tongue dallying with his, Skipper knew he had
overwhelmed all the defenses of this innocent young wife.  After
much practice and using the sexual expertise gained, his nimble
fingers quickly got her shorts unbuttoned and zipper pulled down.
 Skipper soon had the beauty's shorts and sopping wet panties
drawn down over her trim hips and down off her sexy legs.  Middle
finger pushing in and out of her juicing slit, Skipper could not
believe how this lovely beauty was creaming on his finger.
Totally disarmed by this handsome young stud, Kristi did not
realize that her blouse and bra had been removed till she felt
the pleasure of Skipper sucking upon a tender nipple and then
began feasting upon the other, getting both buds to stiffen to
attention as he tongued and nipped at them with his sharp teeth.
Unable to think straight, nor much at all for that matter, Kristi
was about to become intimate with only the second man in her
young life.  Right or wrong played no part at the moment, only
the tingling and unbelievable pleasure of being touched by the
handsome young teen matter at this instant, just three weeks
after surrendering her virginity to her husband on their wedding
Head now between her soft thighs, delving his tongue between her
slick juicy lips, Skipper enjoyed feeling the young bride's
fingers entwined in his hair as he commenced to eat her out.  As
she wiggled about the bed, panting "Skipper ..............Skipper
.........Skipper ................Skipperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!" came
her screech as he feasted upon the constant flow of her sweet
honey.  With her hips arching up into his face, Kristi moaned
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .....................Godddddddddddd!"  At
that instant, feeling her quivering thighs around his face,
Skipper knew he had just eaten her out to a mind-shattering
Cockhead rubbing up and down her juicy slit, getting it all wet
and ready, Skipper leaned forward into the delirious young wife.
"Ohhhhhhhh .......................ahhhhhhhhhhhh!  Skipper .......................its too big're too bigggggggggg!  It won't fit!" he heard Kristi pant in fear.
Grasping her trim hips, Skipper pushed himself back and forth
slowly, edging his thick lengthy cock into the innocent beauty.
For the past few years, ever since meeting her now husband,
Kristi had been totally captivated by the man she had just
married.  Though there were many other man trying to woo her
attention, Kristi would have none of that, intent on being true
to her one and only love.  But now, just three short weeks after
getting married and surrendering her virginity to her beloved
husband, Kristi was lying upon her new marital bed that was just
delivered with her legs spread wide and about to be penetrated by
the handsome young Skipper.
"Godddd .....................oh, Godddddddddddddd!" Skipper heard
the lovely beauty scream out as he shoved a good three inches of
his thick cock up into her tight snatch.  There was much more of
it to go but Skipper knew that he was stretching her out as never
before, almost like fucking a true virgin.  'Damn, her husband's
sure got a fuck'n pencil for a dick!' he thought.  Another shove,
another wail of pain, again and again, then Skipper was in her up
to his balls.
Skipper knew that her inexperienced husband had never seen his
beautiful wife in the throes of passion that was now engulfing
her innocent young body.  Slicing his lengthy cock in and out of
the disheveled beauty, Skipper had the young wife clutching at
tightly at his back with her sharp fingernails digging in as her
trim legs wrapped around him, locking her heels to pull him even
deeper into her.  As he took her to another mind-shattering
orgasm, Skipper had to let go as his cock burst like a balloon in
her, filling every crevice in her womb with his hot sticky seed.
Still embraced as Skipper kissed her lips lightly, Kristi felt
his thick cock twitch back to hardness deep within her, causing
her to moan in despair "Oh, Skipper didn't wear
.....................a condom!"  With Kristi and her husband not
wanting to start a family right away, the use of a condom was the
decided choice to prevent such an event from happening.  But for
the next twenty minutes, embraced in each other's arms and joined
as only a husband and wife should be, the worry would have to
wait as her handsome lover sliced in and out of her once again.
Then all was quiet as they fell asleep in each other's arms.
Three hours later, with two more fantastic fuck in the interim,
Skipper then got back into his clothes totally exhausted from his
conquest of another once faithful and innocent wife.  As he
departed, Skipper gazed upon the lovely beauty lying prone upon
her new waterbed with legs spread wide and cum oozing out of her
well-fucked slit.  Only now, the lovely young wife was very quiet
and quite despondent upon realizing that she had just been
unfaithful to her husband.  For Kristi, the guilt was obviously
quite bothersome in view of the fact that she had only given her
vows to be faithful a mere three weeks earlier.
Hearing that Cheryl Mullins had returned home the other week,
Skipper dropped by her parents' home where she was staying,
bringing a gift-wrapped toy for the new baby.  At the door, he
was greeted by Cheryl's attractive mother and was invited in to
see the baby.  For Skipper, before he had tired of teeny-boppers
and set his eyes on sophisticated beauties, he had eyed up Mrs.
Darlene Mullins from the very first time Cheryl had introduced
her beautiful mother to him.
At the age of 37, Darlene Mullins stood at 5'5" and kept her trim
figure at 117 lbs.  A former airline stewardess before starting
her family, Mrs. Darlene Mullins was now a legal assistant for a
large prominent law firm.  She had taken the day off as her
daughter had to go in to the high school and take a test to get
her GED.  Not expecting anyone this morning, Darlene had dressed
in just a blouse and a pair of shorts.
Both Darlene and her husband had been quite upset with their
daughter, learning that she had gotten herself pregnant at the
start of her senior year of high school.  Though her daughter
would not reveal the name of the baby's father, Darlene secretly
suspected that Skipper Harmon was the culprit who impregnated
Cheryl.  Prior to Cheryl dating Skipper, her daughter basically
went out in large groups, with the same happening after Cheryl
and Skipper went their separate ways.  Also, the gossip around
town was all about how the hometown hero went around knocking up
all the girls he could.
Darlene could not blame young daughter for falling head over
heels for the handsome young stud, especially him being the
hometown hero and all.   Darlene knew that if she was again her
daughter's age, she too might let her guard down and allow the
handsome Skipper Harmon liberties not normally permitted others.
Holding baby John up in her arms, she showed the cute baby to his
handsome teen father.  Then Darlene looked up at Skipper, down to
the baby, back up at the teen and said "My, Skipper John has your smile!"
Nervous at Mrs. Mullins comments, realizing that she had indeed
guessed right that he was baby John's father, Skipper shifted
from side to side.   Invited to hold the baby as Mrs. Mullins
handed the child over to him, Skipper got to hold his baby boy
for the very first time.  Then he listened at Mrs. Mullins
relaying how upset Mr. Mullins had first been but now really
enjoys coming home to play with his grandson.
Continuing to cradle his son in his arms, Skipper looked over to
Mrs. Mullins who had gone to the kitchen to warm a bottle of milk
for the baby.  He looked at the lovely woman, took in her long
sexy legs as she stood barefoot next to the stove.  She had
certainly unnerved him for a second with her mention of the
similar smile that the baby had with him, making Skipper wonder
how she would react if he managed to turn the tables on her.
With Mrs. Mullins sitting on the sofa chair with the bottle of
milk, she held her arms out for Skipper to place the baby there.
Doing so, Skipper then edged himself around the back of the sofa,
just behind the woman's right shoulder.  Then he asked "What
about you, Mrs. Mullins? Were you upset that Cheryl got pregnant?
 What if you found out who the father was?  What would you do to
Caught in a rather awkward position at the moment, having just
sat down onto the sofa to feed the baby, Darlene shifted
uncomfortably on the sofa.  And now the handsome young teen was
standing just behind her, a bit off her right shoulder.  Not just
an ordinary teen but the handsome young stud she suspected in
knocking up her daughter.  "I ...............I
........................of course I got upset
................especially with Cheryl having to drop out of
school to have the baby!" she stammered.  "I ................I
never thought what I'd do ..............or even say if I found
out who got Cheryl pregnant!" she added.
Leaning over on purpose, his face just over Mrs. Mullins'
shoulder, Skipper reached out on the pretense of touching baby
John.  Stroking the baby's cheek as he sucked upon the bottle,
Skipper's finger traced its way up along the bottle being held by
his young and beautiful grandmother, deliberately making contact
with her hand.  Letting his finger trace its way up her thumb, up
the back of her wrist, Skipper then slowly traced his finger up
her shivering arm.  He heard her suck in her breath as his finger
moved up onto her blouse at her upper arm, tracking its way up to
the top of her shoulder to loop down towards the jutting mound of
her breast.
"You know that you called it right in saying little John has my
smile, don't you, Mrs. Mullins?  You know that I'm John's daddy!
You know that I'm the guy who got into Cheryl's panties and
knocked her up!" Skipper blatantly said, shocking the once
confident woman into speechlessness. Finger now at the top edge
of her breast, Skipper bluntly told her "You know what I want to
do right now, Mrs. Mullins?  I'd like to get into your panties
and knock you up!"
Panting for breath, unprepared for Skipper's cocksure manner,
Darlene was at a total loss as the teen's finger traced its way
to the tip of her breast, then shivered as Skipper began to
caress her budding nipple to stiffness.  Looking down as the baby
sucked on the milk bottle, Darlene could only shudder as both of
the teens hands were now unbuttoning her blouse.  Blouse
unbuttoned at the top, Darlene was totally helpless and unable to
protest as Skipper pushed the top of her lacy bra down to bare
both breasts.  Her entire body quivered as Skipper cupped both
breast in his hands, flicking at her stiffening nipples with his
She gave a gasp of horror and revulsion upon hearing Skipper
suggest "Look at the little guy go at it!  Bet little John would
much rather suck on a real nipple for a change!"  Repulsed at the
suggestion but Darlene took the bottle from the baby and then
cradled little John up to her left breast.  She shivered as the
baby took her nipple into his tiny mouth, suckling upon her in
search of some nourishing milk.  Darlene closed her eyes and
gasped, throwing her head back as the lurking teen bent over her
and took her other nipple into his mouth.  Both nipples being
suckled upon, one by her grandson and the other by the baby's
father, Darlene was lost in a sea of emotions.
Baby now in the playpen, feeding on its milk bottle, Darlene
found herself being led by the elbow by confident teen, right
towards the master bedroom.  Bared breasts hanging out of her
blouse, nipples still wet with saliva, Darlene soon found herself
in the bedroom that she shared with her husband.  Seconds later,
the unbuttoned blouse lay upon the bedroom carpet with the lacy
bra lying upon her blouse.  Pushed down upon the bed, hips at the
edge, Darlene could only lay there and watch as Skipper grasped
the top of her shorts and panties, roughly stripping them down
over her trim hips and down her legs.
Hips still at the edge of the bed, Darlene swallowed as Skipper's
hands clasped the back of her ankles, lifted and then held her
legs up high with feet pointing to the ceiling.  Seconds later,
the confident Skipper shuffled forward a bit, resting the bloated
cockhead of his thick jutting cock up against her.
.................................ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she
shuddered loudly as the muscular teen leaned into her, spearing
half of his cock into her juicing slit. As the cock sliced in and
out of her now clasping cunt, Darlene heard the confident teen
tell her "Just think, Mrs. Mullins nine
months you'll have your own little baby sucking on your pretty
titties!   Oh, yeah .................ooohhh, so tight
..................going to knock you up with you own little
Creaming copiously as the thick cock sawed in and out of her,
Darlene now knew why all the young girls dropped their panties so
willingly for this handsome stud.  She had to admit that this was
indeed the best fuck ever thrown to her.  So much so that when
Skipper stopped to make her beg for more, she went and pleaded
with him so shoot his thick cum into her, to indeed give her a
cute little baby like he gave Cheryl.  She shot off into outer
space and was about to descend back to earth when she went
further into outer space as Skipper's hot cum blasted into her
fertile womb.
Baby well-fed and asleep, Darlene dozed in exhaustion after the
second unbelievable coupling with the teen hunk.  Awakening a bit
later, cum still oozing out of her well-stretched slit, Darlene
merely put a pad in her panties to absorb the overflow.  She did
nothing to rid herself of the teen's thick spunk, wickedly
thinking how incredible it'd be to have both mother impregnated
by the same handsome stud.  Seeing how cute her grandson John
turned out, Darlene wondered and certainly hoped that the outcome
of this adulterous affair would be equally as good or even
Not only did his sister have beautiful girlfriends but many women
friends of his mother had caught Skipper's attention.  Returning
home one day, with his mower in the back of his pickup, he
greeted the lovely Mrs. Pauline Tabor who was just about to
depart from his home.  "Hi, Skipper!" she greeted him and he
responded "Hi, Mrs. Tabor!  Nice seeing you again!"
As his mother had apparently told her friend of his summer yard
work to earn some extra money for college, his cock lurched when
Mrs. Tabor asked "I hear you're doing yard work to earn some
money for college! I'm working on my garden this week!  Can I
hire your services to come over to do a little digging and help
me seed my garden?"  To this request, Skipper readily replied
that he'd be over the next day.  But Skipper did not relay his
added thoughts of 'I sure don't mind seeding your garden!  Yeah,
seed it and fertilize it to make sure it bears fruit nine months!'
Standing at 5'4", the lovely 35 year old red-haired Pauline Tabor
was happily married and a mother of two middle-school aged boys.
Still maintaining her trim sexy figure, weighing about 115 lbs,
she had caught Skipper's eyes a long time ago.  With no prior
opportunity to make a move upon the lovely woman, Skipper had not
anticipated that such a golden opportunity would ever present
Skipper inquired and learned from his mother that Mrs. Tabor had
cut back a bit on her job during the summer, scheduling her work
hours in order to transport her boys to the numerous sporting
events and practices they attended during the school break.  With
Mrs. Tabor working as a librarian with the state, apparently many
state workers shared jobs at times, a rather new concept to help
families out with raising of a family.
Knowing the Harmons for years, Pauline had watched young Skipper
grow up before her eyes.  She could understand why all the girls
were flocking all over him, having witnessed it for herself
several times when coming across the handsome teen at the mall or
pizza place where a lot of the teens hung out.  Pauline herself
had felt her own heart flutter at the sight of the handsome hunk
and even chided herself for letting such a thought enter her mind
about her good friend's young teenage son.
Just wanting to help Skipper Harmon out, giving him an extra side
job while planning on giving him a good tip to help him out
towards college, Pauline did not know the danger she had put
herself into.  It would prove to be quite dangerous for her,
seduced by the handsome son of her good friend, violating the
vows of being her marriage and that of being faithful to her
husband.  Even more dangerous in that the seduction by the
handsome young stud would end up leaving a growing bulge in her
tummy that would lead to starting a second family.  With twins
seeming to run in her family line, the number of Tabor children
was soon to double in quantity.
Quite nervous in working so close by the handsome young man, the
hero of the community, Pauline had been unable to stem the oozing
flow of her juices into the crotch of her panties.  Wearing a
blouse, shorts and tennis shoes, Pauline perspired under hot sun
as the garden was dug up and eventually seeded.  Looking down at
the ground as she planted the seeds, Pauline could not help but
to steal constant glances at the muscular and glistening body of
Skipper Harmon.  With his t-shirt drenched and dripping with
perspiration, she could not object nor did she want to when
Skipper pulled off his shirt.
Everything completed, Pauline went inside to get them some iced
tea, bringing out a picture of the refreshment with glasses and a
bucket of ice.  About to down her glass of iced tea, Pauline
quivered as Skipper moved about and 'accidentally' brushed his
hairy leg up against her. Pauline swallowed, feeling her heart
thump madly and her pussy creaming into her panties, she advised
"Help yourself to more, Skipper!  Thanks so much for your help!
I'm so grimy, I really need a shower!"
Entering her home, having given Skipper an envelope containing
the money owed plus a good tip, Pauline thanked him once again
and left him out on the back patio.  She breathed a sigh of
relief upon entering the safety of her home, thankful that she
had gotten hold of herself, chastising herself for letting her
thoughts get carried away with the handsome Skipper so close by.
'My, God .......................I'd have melted if he even
touched me!' Pauline realized as she headed off to the master
bath for a cold shower.  But upon entering her home, Pauline had
forgotten to take the safety precaution of locking the sliding
patio door.
Under the cool spray of the shower, Pauline could not get the
image of the handsome Skipper Harmon out of her mind.  'Shame on
you, Pauline! He's young enough to be your own son!  And he's the
son of one of your very good friends!  Shame on you
..............get your nasty mind out of the gutter!' she scolded
herself.  Then she froze, hearing a noise from the entrance to
the bathroom.  None of her family was supposed to be home at this
time of the day.  She thought 'No one's here
.....................but Skipper!'
Her heart thumped in her chest as she tried peering through the
frosted panes of glass surrounding the shower stall.  Someone was
obviously in the bathroom with her, the fuzzy glimpse of a body
that she could make out through the frosted panes.  A cold chill
shot throughout her body as it appeared through the frosted glass
that the person in the bathroom with her was now taking off his
clothing.  Holding the washcloth up in her folded arms as she
backed up into the corner of the stall, Pauline could not breathe
as the looming figure neared the shower stall.
Shivering with fright as the shower door opened suddenly, Pauline
was looking at the large muscular and totally naked body of the
handsome Skipper Harmon.  Panting for breath, embarrassed as the
teen took in her nakedness, Pauline stammered out "Skipper must ...........must
leave!  It ............its ............not right!  You shouldn't see me like this!"  She tried
desperately to keep her eyes focused on his face, keeping her
eyes locked on his, trying desperately not to let her eyes drift
down towards that large waving mass of flesh jutting out from
between his legs.
Washcloth taken from her clutching fingers, hands drawn down by
the confident teen, Pauline found herself grasping Skipper's
manhood with both hands.  Yet inches still jutted out beyond her
grasping it like a baseball bat.  'My, God!  It's so big!  So
long!  So thick!' she thought as she pulled upon his stem.
Pauline swooned, throwing her head back as Skipper delved his
head into the spray of the cool shower to capture a breast in his
mouth, tonguing and nipping at her budding nipple.
Knowing that she was his for the taking, Skipper stepped forward
into the shower stall, grasping the lovely Mrs. Tabor by her soft
asscheeks and lifted her up.  Telling her to guide him in,
Skipper then lunged and literally nailed her to the shower stall.
 "Skipper ..............Skipper .................ohhhhhhhhhhhh
...........................oh, Goddddddddddddddd!" came the
shuddering response as he plunged deep into her tight slit.  Her
arms were now wrapped around his neck, her trim legs wrapped
around his waist with feet locked, Skipper then lunged in and out
of the beautiful wife and mother.
Exhausted, depleted of all her strength, Pauline found herself
with her back up against the back of the shower stall.  Legs
still tied around the handsome teen, arms now resting limply on
his shoulders, she was still impaled against the wall as the cool
water continued beating down upon them.  Then it occurred to her
'Oh, my God!  Skipper did it in me!   He's not wearing a condom!
He shot it in me!'  Squeezing her cunt muscles around his still
thick and rigid shaft, Pauline shivered upon feeling the thick
mushy cum that now filled her.
The ever confident Skipper soon revived and carried his latest
conquest, whom was forced to keep her arms and legs wrapped
around him to keep from falling, out of the shower stall and into
the master bedroom. Still dripping wet from the shower, he fell
upon the skewered beauty, right upon her marital bed.  They were
still joined as only a husband and wife should be on their
marital bed.  Then he began to fuck his mother's good friend once
again, stopping in mid-stroke just as she was about to orgasm.
Frantic for the handsome teen to continue, Pauline found that the
handsome teen had a devilish streak in him as he demanded "Tell
me you want me to fuck you on your marital bed, Mrs. Tabor!  Tell
me you want my baby-making jizz to fill your hot twat!  Tell me
you want me to knock you up, Mrs. Tabor!"  Arching up to try and
get him to continue, Pauline became desperate, then begged "Fuck
me ........................fuck me, Skipper!  Make me cum!  Knock
me up, you bastard!  Fuck your baby in me!"  Only then did the
fabulous fuck continue and Pauline got just what she had been
begging for.
Several weeks before his scheduled departure, Skipper found
himself being pulled aside by Pastor Hawkins after the Sunday
sermon that he attended just for the sake of pleasing his
parents.  Skipper had looked upon Sunday mornings as a total
waste of time but wanted to keep his parents happy.  The only
thing that he did throughout the entire hour-long sermon was to
eye up the pretty babes that attended.  Often his eye would take
in the sight of lovely Mrs. Gwen Chilton, but this was a
succulent beauty that Skipper knew was totally unapproachable not
one that be susceptible to his charms.  Certainly not the
pastor's pretty wife!
Eyeing up the beautiful Mrs. Gwen Chilton every Sunday, Skipper
knew he was only getting his balls churned hup for nothing.  But
as Skipper listened to Pastor Hawkins' asking him to fill in a
week or so until the church's caretaker recovered from a serious
illness, Skipper's mind began to work over time as he glanced
over to the lovely Mrs. Chilton as she talked to other members of
the congregation.  Learning that he'd be paid a higher amount
than what he'd make otherwise, plus being near the pastor's
lovely wife, Skipper could not refuse to be of help to the pastor
and the church.
This would certainly be a challenge as he'd never really had
gotten a chance to talk very much to the pastor's pretty wife.
It seemed that Mrs. Chilton made it her role to see to it that
the women of the congregation felt comfortable and made it her
point to assist them in their every need.  In fact, a couple of
times Skipper felt as if Mrs. Chilton had glanced at him with a
wary eye over the past few months or so.  He had learned that the
pastor's lovely wife helped out a lot at the local hospital and
did a lot to assist young mothers, putting to use the nursing
degree that she had obtained in college.
With Mrs. Chilton setting up a child rearing class at night
during the past year, Skipper had wondered if the lovely woman
knew about him, especially since he was the culprit that had
created such a boom in the birthrate in the community.  With
quite a few high school girls pregnant out of wedlock, the
majority due to Skipper's prowess, he wondered if somehow the
pastor's wife had gotten wind of him being the main culprit.  
'Did one of the gals spill the beans to her, that I'm the one who
knocked her up?' he wondered.
Indeed, Gwen Chilton had cast a wary eye at Skipper whenever the
handsome young man was at church.  Though she had no proof that
he had fathered most of the babies, she suspected that he was the
one responsible for putting a large number of the high school
teens that had come to her classes in order to learn about
childcare.  Gwen had indeed tried to pry it out of the girls,
telling them that they should name the father of their child on
the birth certificate and force him into marriage or at least to
provide some support for her and her child.
But for some reason, those gals remained steadfast in protecting
the name of the father, even though he had obviously been in it
just for the physical pleasure.  Teaching the young mothers
various techniques in caring for the child, then purposely
leaving them alone with the child, Gwen would then peek in to see
if what she had taught them had been relayed properly and that
the young mother was performing it right. Since the classes
began, there had been eight childbirths, five boys and three
girls resulting.
Gwen was peering in on young Melody Kerns and baby Tom when she
got the first hint on who the baby father really was.  As she
watched from the corner of the open window while Melody changed
the baby's diaper, Gwen smiled in seeing that what she had taught
the young mother was indeed working as Melody kept the child
cooing while talking to him as the diaper was being changed.
Gwen began to suspect Skipper Harmon, the handsome teen football
star at that point, after hearing Melody Kerns playing with her
son and saying "C'mon, 'Little Skip' ...........time to change
your diaper!"
That was Gwen Chilton's first hint as to who was the culprit
behind this rash of pregnancies.  Then basically the same thing
occurred when she peered in on Diane Adams and her young son Tim.
 Only this time, Gwen heard the young mother actually refer to
her baby as 'Little Skipper'. Though conservative and quite
religious, especially with her husband being the pastor of the
church, Gwen could not help but think in her mind 'It's that
handsome football jock, Skipper Harmon!  He's obviously using his
star status to get into as many panties as he can get and
'knocking up' all these star-struck gals in the process!'
Gwen was taken aback when her husband advised her that he had
hired Skipper Harmon to fill in the next two weeks, till the
caretaker returned.  She was going to object but then thought
that it might just give her the opportunity to talk some sense
into the young man.  Gwen wanted to get him to see the error in
his ways, that he couldn't or shouldn't be attempting to put a
notch on his bedpost without using some sort of protection to at
least spare his conquests the potential consequences.  'Hopefully
I'll be able to talk some sense into him and put a stop to this
rash of pregnancies!' she concluded.
On his fourth day at the church, the pastor was scheduled to be
out all afternoon making hospital calls.  The Pastor had asked
Skipper to help his beautiful wife move items used in the room
that she taught prenatal and child-caring needs into to a larger
room located at the end of the hall connected to the church's
recreation room.  Going to the classroom, Skipper saw a number of
single mattresses to be moved, mattresses that were apparently
used for the breathing techniques of soon-to-be young mothers.
With Mrs. Chilton out at a women's committee luncheon, Skipper
took his time in moving the items over, setting everything up in
similar fashion to the small room from where he had taken the
items.  He was unsure as to where Mrs. Chilton wanted the
mattresses laid out or stacked upon on another and had it stacked
in two piles about 3' high alongside one another to form the size
of a king-sized bed.  Looking at his work, Skipper thought that
only one thing would make the layout better, that of having the
lovely beauty stretched out naked on the mattresses. Rubbing the
growing bulge in his pants, Skipper told himself to quit
fantasizing or his balls would be aching for days.
At 1:30 p.m., while in the classroom, Skipper saw Mrs. Chilton's
car drive up into the parking lot.  Seeing the beauty with long
honey-brown hair, his cock twitched and grew as he feasted his
eyes on her trim figure as she got out of the car dressed in a
nice gray dress and 3" black heels.  'Damn, so fuck'n beautiful!
I just gotta get her in the sack!' he thought.  Knowing that he
at least had to try, Skipper went outside to intercept the
beautiful woman.  "Mrs. Chilton!" he called out.  Getting her
attention, he asked "Could you take a look at the new classroom
and see if everything's set-up properly?"
Smiling nervously, Gwen walked over towards the handsome teen,
swallowing deeply as her heart began thumping madly.  'Why are
you feeling this way?' she asked herself.  'Gwen, you're not one
of those young high school girls who got charmed out of their
panties!  Why are you so jittery just looking him?  Is it because
you're wondering just what kind of stud he really is, knowing how
many young gals he's made mothers of?' she wondered.
Going into the classroom after the handsome Skipper Harmon, Gwen
surveyed the room and was impressed with the good job he had done
in moving everything over and setting things up like the other
room.  She turned to look as Skipper advised "I took the poster
down from behind the other classroom door and put it up here!"
Gwen did not realize that it was the devious ploy of the teen in
saying that, closing the door in the process to show her the
poster but turning the lock also.
Turning back to look at the entire classroom, Gwen suddenly felt
a nervous chill course throughout her body, caused by the
handsome young man having stepped up close behind her.  His
nearness was much too close for this type of interaction, able to
hear his breathing just over her shoulder.  "Sk
..................Skipper ..................I ................I
............!" Gwen stammered without being able to finish her
sentence, feeling so weak physically, panting and shivering
uncontrollably as she felt Skipper's large hands upon the back of
both her elbows.
Sensing the beautiful woman's inability to protest his advances,
Skipper felt quite confident in having the sophisticated beauty
melting like putty in his hands, just like all the others he'd
managed to seduce. Bending down, leaning in towards her ear,
Skipper whispered "You know, don't you, Mrs. Chilton?  You know
I'm the main reason you had to start up these classes, don't you?
 You know I'm the father of most of the babies
....................that I knocked up most of those high school
"Skipper must learn to
use some protection order to
protect the girls from getting pregnant!" Gwen stammered out.
"In fact should ..............should refrain from
..............such sexual activity!  You should
wait till you get married!  Think of all the girls involved
....................all these unwed mothers
their lives are changed from it all!" she further advised.
Caressing both of her bare upper arms of the succulent beauty,
Skipper felt her go weak as he moved up even closer as she was
now leaning against him for support.  Face up against her soft
silky brown hair, Skipper moved his lips, then his tongue touched
and teased the edge of her ear.  He then began teasing her
earlobe along with the earring that dangled from it.  Next,
Skipper whispered in her ear, telling her "Don't worry, Mrs.
Chilton!  I promise not to knock up any more high school girls!
Besides, I'm headed out of town in another week!"
Letting his hand drift down slowly as he continued to caress the
shivering beauty, Skipper added "But really, these young high
school girls don't interest me anymore!  They're just too
...................young .................for me!  I much prefer
a beautiful .....................sophisticated woman
..................someone like, Mrs.
Chilton!"  He felt her tremble against him as his hands made
contact with hers, continued to nipple at her ear, then drew her
hands back between them as whispered "Feel me, Mrs. Chilton!"
Placing her petite hands over his bulging crotch, Skipper gave
his cock a twitch, getting the desired response as the lovely
woman squeezed back against his pulsating cock.
At this point of the game, getting the trembling woman to touch
and feel his ever-growing cock, Skipper released her hands and
encircled the petite beauty to cup her breasts and knead her
stiffening nipples through her fabric of her dress and thin bra.
Then he was pinching at her stiff sensitive buds, flicking and
making them with his thumbs. "You want me, don't you, Mrs.
Chilton?  You want me to make love to you, don't you?" he
whispered in her ear.  "You want me don't you?  Squeeze my cock
if you want me, Mrs. Chilton!" he taunted.  Feeling the trim
fingers squeezing upon his hard cock signaled her answer.
Though much older than this confident teen, Gwen was quite
inexperienced when it came to sex, having only been with her
husband, surrendering her chastity on her wedding night.  She did
not know what had taken place from the time her hands were drawn
back to touch the handsome teen till this moment as she lay prone
on her back.  Gwen swallowed, trembling in both fear and
anticipation, she found herself naked upon the stacked up
mattresses and staring up at the face of the smiling teen above
Shivering as Skipper took one nipple into his mouth to nurse upon
it, then doing the same to the other, Gwen was squiring about in
anticipation of what was to come.  She was taken by surprise upon
hearing Skipper ask "Have you had it any way but the missionary
position?  Bet the pastor only knows the missionary position!"
Blinking her eyes, trying to comprehend the question, Gwen then
shook her head 'no'.  Hands upon her trim hips to turn her about,
Gwen was at a total loss as she found herself kneeling upon the
mattresses on all fours, her breasts cupped in each of the teen's
fondling hands as his manhood bumped up against her sex.
"Skipper .......................oh, God
.......................Skipperrrrr ....................its too
big ...................its too bigggggggggggg
...................please .................stop!" Gwen pleaded
frantically upon feeling the thick bulb pressing up against her.
Some sense of rational went through her mind, realizing that she
was about to commit adultery with this handsome teen, causing
Gwen to reach out and grasp the top edge of the mattress in hopes
of scrambling away and saving herself.
But Gwen was absolutely no match for the strength of Skipper's
muscular body and arms, as her hands lost their grip on the top
edge of the mattress to find herself being pulled back suddenly,
right onto the thick fleshy prong.  "Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeee
.............................oh, God
......................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hurts ..............oh, Skipper're tearing meeeeeeeeeeeeee!" she
wailed out as the thick cock skewered up into her wet but very
tight slit.
Getting fucked out her mind while on all fours, Gwen was
delirious, yet realizing she was committing adultery while doing
it just like animals mating.  Still, there was no denying that
this was the most pleasure and excitement she'd ever derived in
lovemaking as nothing she had experienced before could compare to
this handsome stud fucking into her from behind.  Cream and cream
she did on the thick fleshy pole, causing her to scream
"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh .....................ohhhhhhhhhh
..........................oh, my Goddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!"
She had a mind-shattering orgasm that reached even another high
as she felt the teen's hot jizz explode deep within her body.
Hours later, having experienced another fantastic and new lesson
in lovemaking, Gwen learned what it was like to skewer herself
onto the teen's thick fleshy rod.  Humping herself up and down
onto the pleasure giving shaft, Gwen found herself shivering with
excitement as she bounced up and down faster and faster, then
shuddered and creamed in another orgasm just as Skipper once
again shot his thick baby-making jizz up into her fertile womb.
Gwen realized that this was a most dangerous time of the month
for her but did not give it another thought as she just lay there
enjoying the most fantastic experience in her life.
Totally fucked out, Gwen awoke in a total panic upon hearing the
knock upon the door.  "Gwen ..................are you in there,
honey?" she heard her husband's voice come from the other side of
the door.  Gwen thought she was about to have a heart attack,
unable to move her legs that were still widespread upon the
mattresses, cum oozing out of her well-fucked slit.  Heart
pounding, she watched as Skipper donned his clothing quickly and
literally dove out of the window.
Some relief set in upon realizing that this newly built classroom
had a brand new door and lock, that she had the only set of keys
as she had not given one to her husband as yet.  Then she heard
Skipper's voice call out "Hi, Pastor!  I'm not sure where Mrs.
Chilton went but I believe she went to the store with one of the
women from the congregation about a half-hour ago!  With
everything moved into the new classroom, she felt it best to lock
it up - never know these days, kids will steal from anywhere -
even from a church!"  Then Gwen heard her husband and Skipper
talk about Skipper's upcoming college venture and the voices
began fading as they moved away from the classroom.
As it was now spring, nearly nine months after coming to college,
Skipper learned of Kristi Hamaguchi's cute little baby girl from
his mother upon calling home to chat with his parents.  With
Kristi's husband having a Caucasian mother and Japanese father,
Skipper knew that Kristi would not have to explain the baby's
light brown hair to anyone.   A day later, reading the email from
Cheryl Mullins whom he kept in contact with periodically, Cheryl
wrote that baby John now had a new playmate named Jim.  According
to Cheryl's email, "Baby Jim is actually little John's uncle!  It
certainly is hilarious that John will actually be a year older
than his Uncle Jim!"
It was getting quite interesting each time Skipper called home or
got a call from his parents.  Tis time, his mother relayed to him
about her good friend Pauline Tabor, that she had just given
birth to twin baby boys.  The next day, getting the latest
tribune sent in the mail by his parents, Skipper smiled upon
opening up the section containing the Sunday services.  There it
was announced that Pastor Chilton and his beautiful wife had just
celebrated the arrival of the newest member to their family and
congregation, with the paper naming baby Julie Chilton as the new
End of Story.

             Beauty Blackmailed & Boffed

At the age of 32, John Nishimoto was quite a proud industrious Asian
businessman who had worked tirelessly to establish the most prestigious
and profitable trading company in the west coast.  Born and raised in
California, he was equally as proud of being the man who had recently
landed the former Miss Carol Amazaki, a succulent beauty with long silky
black hair and porcelain white skin, as his wife.  With so many men
plying their charms to attract the lovely beauty, John had been the one
to win her heart.  He sat back in his chair to reflect upon his good
fortune in both business and his love life.

Mrs. Carol Nishimoto, at the age of 25, had fallen head over heels upon
a chance meeting with the influential businessman four years ago.  It
had taken place in an evening MBA class that she was taking at the local
university and the well-known businessman and alumnus was to give a
lecture to her class.  She had been sitting in the fifth row when their
eyes locked upon each other's and then it was like love at first sight.

It did not escape Carol that the handsome businessman made it a point to
seek her out to make conversation after the lecture was over and then he
had invited her out for a cocktail.  What was to be just a cocktail
ended up with the evening turning out to be a full-fledged dinner at an
elegant restaurant.  Over dinner, they eagerly sought to learn more of
each other and then they danced to the nice dinner music.

Carol had fallen head over heels from that moment on as the handsome man
eagerly asked her out for a date that weekend.  One date led to another
and then they were talking on the phone every night and seeing each out
every weekend.  Carol was so pleased that John was not like many of the
guys she had dated, those who only sought to get into her panties and
claim the prize.  As in the customary Asian upbringing, Carol's was very
conservative and she had been taught well by her mother, saving her most
precious gem for marriage.

Upon getting her master's degree in economics, Carol turned down John's
request that she work for his firm, not wanting to start in a job
because she happened to be the head man's girlfriend.   Thus, she
embarked on her own career with a large oil company in the 'mergers and
acquisitions' department.  After two years on the job and numerous
raises and promotions, she was elevated to a junior v.p. position and
began to handle various aspects as the company spokesperson.

But once they were married, John saw no reason why his lovely young wife
should be working for another company other than his.  He insisted that
she join the company as  a full V.P. in charge of the finance
department, promising that Carol would have full control of the
department without any interference by him.  Thus, Carol resigned her
position with the oil company and took on her new role at Nishimoto
Trade & Shipping Co.

John was so happy that he had convinced his lovely wife to join him as
it always helped to have someone you truly trusted working for you.
Their wedding had been quite elaborate with even the mayor of the city
attending and along with many influential people attending the lavish
affair.  To top it all, John found that his lovely bride was very
innocent indeed, giving him a gift that many young women don't save for
her wedding day ……………..her precious cherry!

But the business world was quite a competitive one and John was under a
lot of pressure to expend a lot on capital expenditure to modernize the
firm along with the efforts of his top competitor to buy him out.  Thus
far, John had turned down each offer, deciding that the offer was too
low plus the fact that he just hated to part with the company he had
worked to hard in building up to its current status.  Of course, he
confided with this aspect and often had to discuss the company's finance
on a business level as that was Carol's department.

Rashid Akbar, owner of Mideastern Trading, had inherited the business
from his wealthy father and now sought to expand the company's influence
along the west coast.  He was determined to do so and had set his sights
upon the efficiently run Nishimoto Trade & Shipping Co.  But all his
friendly meetings and offers to his main competitor had been spurned,
leaving him frustrated to say the least.

Recently, Rashid learned that his competitor was in fact expanding some,
taking away one of his long-time trading customers that was based in
Europe.  Needless to say, Rashid was livid and totally pissed, cussing
his 'fuck'n competitor endlessly.  Then, opening up the Sunday
newspaper, there was his competitor smiling smack dab on the front of
the society pages.

Then, settling down a bit, Rashid looked at the smaller photos below in
the news article concerning John Nishimoto and the contributions he had
recently made in hiring the handicapped.  Rashid's cock twitched at the
sight of the sexy Asian beauty next to that fuck'n competitor of his.
Reading the captions beneath the photos, he found that it was indeed
John Nishimoto's beautiful young wife.

Reading the news article with interest, Rashid learned that the sexy
young beauty worked as the V.P. in charge of the finance department of
her husband's trading company.  'Damn!  That fucker's not only got me
over a fuck'n barrel but manages to land a fuck'n sexy bitch like that
fer his fuck'n wife!  Shit, some people got all the fuck'n luck in the
world!' he cussed.

Staring at the sexy beauty in the photos, Rashid's devious mind began to
unfold a more sinister plan to gain control of the company.  'Hmmm, in
charge of the finance department and obviously a confidant to that
asshole husband of hers.  The perfect insider with the influence needed
to get that asshole to see things my way!' he thought.  'Yes ………..yes
…………just the person I need to swing the deal!' he concluded.

For days Rashid concentrated on refining the basic scheme that he had
come up with when seeing his competitor in the society pages.  He
checked the various trade shows notices that would soon be taking place
and then he came upon the one that might just be the one where his plan
could be carried out.  It was a trade show to be held in the northwest
where Nishimoto himself was on the agenda to give a speech.  Now the
only question that remained was whether or not his beautiful young wife
would be accompanying him on that trip.

As his company always was invited and participated in such trade shows,
Rashid had established his contacts over the years.  Making his contact
with a fellow involved in coordinating and soliciting companies to that
particular show, Rashid promised to give him the company commitment
provided he learn of some information on the Nishimoto Trade & Shipping
Co.  With John Nishimoto scheduled to give a presentation, the trade
show would be paying for his accommodations.  Thus, it was a simple
check on the parties checking into the room reserved for John Nishimoto.

Learning that his competitor would be all alone up in the northwest,
Rashid surmised that the beautiful young wife would be left all alone at
home.  To pull off this caper, Rashid decided that the use of the Asian
gang of teens would be the best to employ as they might attract too much
attention entering the Nishimoto's home.  He would just have to make
sure they were cleaned up and looking presentable so as to not draw the
neighbors attention.

Meeting with the Asian gang of teens, which he normally contracted with
to destroy competitors' property and such, Rashid explained the details
of the plan that promised to be financially beneficial to the group.  In
exchange, they would have to conduct the caper exactly according to the
plans he had drawn up.  As the gang had been well taken care of in each
of Rashid's capers, they knew that they would have to follow his orders.

This gang was well versed in breaking and entering as that was how they
made a living, stealing valuables and then selling them to pawn shops or
on the streets.  For this job, they were given the time and place where
they were to break in but were advised that nothing was to be stolen.
They were to wait for the woman of the house to come home and tie her
up, with instructions clearly emphasized that she was not to be harmed
in any way.  Then, they were to call Rashid on his cellphone to let him
know that they had accomplished the deed.

The next week was quite a busy one at the Nishimoto Trade and Shipping
Co., especially for Carol Nishimoto and her finance department.  With
the company's auditors going over the books and Carol talking with the
bankers, it was a constant on-the-go status throughout each day.  With
her husband off to a trade show on this hectic week, Carol also helped
out where she could to cover some of her husband's regular duties in
seeing that the entire operation was working smoothly.

Carol wished that she had been able to accompany her husband on this
trip to Seattle, as she normally would, but the business demanded her
attention at the moment.  Since marrying John, Carol just hated being
left home alone, missing her loving husband terribly if he had to go on
the road and leaving her behind.  Living in a nice luxurious home in an
area of comparable dwellings, there was a sense of security as private
security patrolled the area and there had been no crimes in the

Though enjoying the life of a luxurious lifestyle, Carol wished that her
husband had not gotten her a brand new Mercedes.  She would much rather
be driving something a bit less auspicious, feeling a bit uncomfortable
in such a luxury car.  True, she knew that they had more than enough for
such luxuries, especially living in such a mansion the mansion that they
owned.  Still, with her conservative upbringing, Carol wanted to tone
down the purchases of such extravagant items that her husband loved

Having gotten a call from her husband at work an hour ago, she was
pleased to hear that his presentation had gone well and that new
business was coming in from it.  John had indicated that he'd be taking
a few prospective clients out for dinner and advised that he would not
be calling that evening.  Carol then wished him well as she tidied up
her desk before calling it a day.

On this particular day, Carol was dressed in a nice conservative gray
outfit over a long-sleeve white blouse, with a large bow at the top
front of her blouse.  Her outfit was completed with nylons and 3" black
heels to give her a conservative yet very professional look.  Having
worked late, it was already dark as she drove up her driveway and opened
the garage door with her remote.  Closing the garage door behind her,
Carol then made her way to the door connecting to the kitchen.

Wanting to change into something more comfortable, Carol then stepped
into the darkened living room that was dimly lit from the background
light coming from the kitchen.  Just as she stepped through the door,
several arms and hands grabbed her, with one hand clamped over her mouth
to prevent her from screaming.  Seconds later, Carol found herself
sitting upon the living room carpet with her hands bound securely behind
her back, listening to the threatening voice behind her advising "Be
quite and you won't be hurt!"

Blinking her eyes to get them adjusted to the dimness of the room, Carol
found that she was surrounded by five Asian teens standing about her.
'Oh, God ………….they're here to rob the house!' she shuddered.  'Oh, God
……………just take what you want and leave!' Carol prayed silently as she
shook with fear.  Frightened beyond believe, shaking with fright, she
was rendered speechless.

Then Carol feared the worst as the young men just stood there,
continuing to look down at her.  "Man ……………she's real pretty!  Ya sure I
can't have her?" one of the intruders uttered, causing Carol to tremble
with fear.  "No!  You know the orders the bossman gave us!  No one
touches her!" she heard the leader say to her relief.

The gang leader then got out a cellphone and began making a call.
"Bossman?  Yeah, job's done!  Okay, pull up at the front entrance and
we'll open the door for you!  Got it ………….five minutes!" he advised into
the phone.  "Bossman's gonna get here within five minutes!  Seng, you
get the door for the Bossman!" he advised the gang members.

'Bossman?  Who's the boss of these low-life thugs who can't make a
living on their own?' Carol wondered.  Seeing that the gang members were
merely awaiting the arrival of the 'Bossman', Carol sensed that this was
not an ordinary burglary nor robbery and wondered just what it was all
about.  'Oh, God ……………they're going to kidnap me for ransom!  That's
it!' she worried.

For Carol it was the longest five minutes of her life.  Then she saw the
headlights of a car coming up the driveway and pulling up in front of
the house.  A moment later, the front door was being opened and Carol
could hear footsteps approaching.  Then the lights suddenly came on and
Carol gasped as the sight of this large muscular black man smirking at
her.  Viewing that the gang members were of Asian descent, Carol had all
along been anticipating seeing an Asian as the 'Bossman'.

"Do you know who I am, Mrs. Nishimoto?" Rashid inquired.  Seeing the
frightened beauty shake her head 'no', Rashid smiled and chuckled, then
advised "That husband of yours sure is a stubborn man!  You know
……………..I've made him several offers to buy the business but he won't
give me the time of day!  You're the head of finance ……….you know your
husband needs to get a lot of capital soon to upgrade the operation!  I
would really appreciate you helping me convince that stubborn husband of
yours that it would be better to sell the company to me rather than

It was then that Carol realized just who was the 'Bossman' standing in
front of her, the man whom her husband cussed at regularly as 'that
black ass'!  "You …………….you're the owner of Mideastern Trading!  You
……………you're Rashid Akbar!" she stammered out.  "You're crazy!  I'll
never help you!  I'll never do anything against my husband!" she

"Now ……….now ………… reasonable, Mrs. Nishimoto!" Rashid advised.
"Perhaps I can convince you that it would be beneficial to both you and
me that you help convince your husband to sell the business!" he
advised.  "Never ………never ……….I'll never help you!" came the expected
response from the loving and faithful wife of the man he hated.  Then,
with a snap of his fingers, two of the gang members moved into action as
they set up a tripod and focused a camcorder to take in the stunned
beauty as she sat upon the carpet.

Afraid for her life at this point, not knowing the intent of this evil
man, Carol stammered out "You hurt me and John will kill you!  You'll go
to jail for the rest of your life!"  But her husband's evil competitor
just smiled back at her, then responded "No one's going to hurt you,
sweetie!  No one's going to lay a finger on you!  I would never stand
for anyone hurting a pretty little thing like you!"

Then, after a snap of his fingers, Carol saw the gang members respond as
they edged in closer towards her.  Digging her heels into the carpet,
Carol scooted back on the carpet in an attempt to get away from them.
But after just a foot or so, her back was flush against the living room
wall, preventing her from moving back any further.

Shuddering in fear at the sound of a zipper being undone to her left,
Carol turned towards that ominous sound.  Then her head whipped to the
right as another zipper was being undone.  Seconds later, all five
members of the Asian gang had unzipped themselves and were reaching into
the openings to fish out their filthy members.

Carol cringed with fear as the five horrid teens began to handle
themselves in front of her, each standing no more than a foot away from
her.  'Oh, God ……………….they're animals ……………..nothing but filthy
animals!' she shuddered.  'What are they doing  ………………….what are they
going to do?' Carol wondered as she watched the teens pumping at the now
growing cocks.

Captive, sitting horrified on the carpet of her living room, Carol
shuddered as comments among the gang members told her exactly what was
in store for her.  Among the excited teens, they commented "I want to be
the first one to cum on the pretty lady!"  "Five bucks say I'm the first
one to cum on her pretty face!"  "Man, I'm aiming at her pretty little

"Please ……………please ………………Mr. Akbar, please ……………..please stop these
animals!  Please ………………please ………….don't let them do this to me!" Carol
sobbed in despair.  Then she quickly turned her head away as one of the
demented teens unleashed a stream of cum directed at her face.  She
shuddered at the hot slimy fluid struck her just under her right ear and
the gooey substance began to flow down her neck and soak into her

Turning to the left had allowed her to escape being hit directly in the
face by that first teen.  However, the teen on her left now cut loose
his vile cum, striking her at the top of her forehead and into her
hair.  Turning back to the right to escape the teen's second spurt, she
was suddenly bombarded by the three primed and ready cocks of the other
gang members.  There was now no escape as she was being sprayed from all

'Oh, God ………………..these filthy animals!' Carol shuddered, shutting her
eyes and turning away in an attempt to keep the filth from striking her
directly in the face.  Still, she could not avoid all of the hot
spraying, feeling it strike her on the side of her face and neck.  She
shivered as she felt the wet fluid seep through her silky hair onto her
scalp.  Carol choked back sobs, humiliated and ashamed at being defiled
in such a disgusting manner.  Finally the cum shower came to an end,
allowing Carol to open her eye once again.  She sobbed in shame upon
seeing the splotches of filth soiling her clothing and legs.

Then one of the gang members pulled her too the side and stood behind
her, grasping the back of her head and keeping still as another gang
member took over the camcorder to get a close-up view of their dirty
work upon her face and clothing.  Then Carol heard chuckling and
laughter coming from the background, that from the evil man who had
planned this horrible ordeal.

An opening formed as the gang members stepped aside a bit to allow their
'Bossman' to come forward.  "Well, Mrs. Nishimoto ………………….still think
there's nothing of benefit to you in helping convince that asshole
husband of yers to sell the business to me?" Rashid chuckled.  "I think
your husband would love seeing his beautiful wife staring in this little
flick!  Say, does your parents own a video recorder, sweetie?  I bet
they'd just love seeing their pretty little girl covered with smelly
spunk!" he laughed.

"Looks like the boys here missed a few spots!  We can't have that
……….not a partial facial!  Don't ya worry, honey ……………………I got a full
pint load here fer ya, right in my pants!" Rashid laughed as he unzipped
his pants and stepped forward even closer.  Pulling out the thick piece
of meat hiding under his jockeys, he began jerking at it, not more that
three inches away from her cringing face.

'Oh, God ……………..oh, God ………………how can anyone by so depraved!  My God
………………if I don't help him ………………..John ………………my parents ……….will see me
covered in this filth!' Carol shuddered, her eyes glued to the growing
black length before her.  Growing right before her eyes, Carol observed
the pulsing and swelling of the shaft, growing to nearly a foot in

Never in her life had Carol seen anything so grotesque as it seemed to
have a life of its own, like a live snake trying to get out of the
fist's grip.  She shuddered with disgust, realizing that the bloated
monstrosity indeed must contain a full pint of its vicious scum.  Then
saw the swollen cockhead expanded even further, mesmerizing her.
Suddenly, it spurted out at her, striking her right between the eyes.
Unable to turn away due to the hands holding her head steady, she
quickly closed her eyes as she was given a full hot creamy facial.

"Ahhhhh, baby ……………….ahhhhhhhhhhh ……………….yeahhhhhhhh!" Rashid moaned as
he emptied his load on the beauty's face.  "Oh, sweetie ………….you look so
beautiful!  By tomorrow, I should have a hundred copies of the tape
ready to go out!  Why don't you think about my proposition tonight?  If
you want to discuss it, you know where I am!  I'm on the top floor
………………..say noontime?" he chuckled.

Moments later, Carol was all alone in her home, sobbing as her body
shook with revulsion of what had just taken place.  The intruders had
disappeared and the rope cut to free her wrists.  She could only sit
there on the carpet and sob, shivering at the feel of the slimy fluid
slowly flow down her face to drip onto her clothing.  Reaching up with
her freed right hand, she touched her face and began crying at the feel
of the thick slimy filth that covered her face.  Wiping her face with
her fingers, Carol looked at the messy goo webbing her fingers together
and shook her hand in disgust.

Sobbing, Carol struggled to get up off the carpet and staggered down the
hallway to her bedroom.  Making her way to the master bath, she turned
on the light and gasped at her reflection in the mirror.  'Oh, God
……………..I can't let anyone see me like this!  Not my parents!  Not John!
Not anyone!' she sobbed.  Grabbing a towel, she wiped the spunk from her
face, then tossed the soiled towel onto the floor.

Then Carol began shedding her soiled clothing, throwing them atop the
towel on the floor.  She kicked off her black heels, then pulled down
her soiled pantyhose.  Bra and panties also joined the heap of
clothing.  Carol intended of getting rid of any potential reminder of
what she had been wearing on this horrid night.  Turning on a hot
shower, she stepped in to let the beading water wash the smelly slime
from her face and hair.

With the shower stall of a pinkish/maroon color, Carol shivered in
disgust as white threads of the sticky fluid drifted along the bottom
tiles of the shower stall and into the drain.  'Oh, God ………………..I'll
never be clean again!' she wept.  Shampooing her hair and scrubbing her
body twice, Carol still felt soiled and unclean as she dried herself.
Falling onto the king-sized bed, she cried herself to sleep, wondering
what she should do.

The next morning, Carol awoke and shook her head, thinking what a
horrible nightmare she had during the night.  'God …………… seemed so
real …………… awful!' she shuddered.  Slipping out of bed, she went to
the bathroom to brush up and get ready to go to work.  Then she froze at
the doorway, staring down at the floor, looking at the heap of clothing
that were stained with white splotches.  "Oh, God ……………noooo
…………nooooooo!" she sobbed out loudly.

At his office Rashid pulled up the Nishimoto Trade & Shipping Co.'s
website, he laughed "Ahhh, this is just to fuck'n easy!"  Scrolling
through the website that he checked periodically to monitor his
competitor's products and pricing, Rashid found what he was looking for
- the email link to Carol Nishimoto of Finance.  Typing a short message,
then clicking on various attachments to the email, he hit the 'send'

Across town, a nervous Carol Nishimoto sat in her office, not wanting to
speak to anyone as she tried to think things out.  The horrible details
kept replaying in her mind, the fact that everything had been filmed,
the threats of copies being released to her husband and parents.  With
her loving parents now retired and aging, she thought 'God …………….it
would kill them if they see me like that!'

Trying to busy herself and not think of the 'noon' deadline that had
been given to her, Carol decided to read her email messages.  Seeing a
number of email messages that had come in, her body then went cold as
she shivered upon seeing a message that indicated the sender to be
'Mideastern Trading Co.'  Panting for breath, Carol hesitated as she
moved the mouse to open up the message.

"Oh, my Goddddddddd!" Carol shuddered as the email popped up.  It read
"See you at noon, sweetie!"  Then there were the three attachments,
indicating that photos were attached to the email.  Clicking on the
first attachment, tears began to flow down her cheeks.  The second
attachment caused her to begin sobbing.  The third caused her to shove
the monitor, causing it to crash to the floor and break.

At noon, in the main office of Mideastern Trading Co., the receptionist
looked up at her with a friendly smile and greeting "Oh, you must be
Mrs. Nishimoto!  Mr. Akbar is expecting you!  Go right on in!"
Nervously, Carol walked toward the office in the direction where the
receptionist had pointed.  She knew that she would have to get the tape,
no matter what it took.

"Ahhhh ……………….Mrs. Nishimoto!  Come in!  Come in!  I must say, you look
as beautiful as ever!" Rashid greeted her with his sinister smile.
Entering the large and plush office, she saw Rashid move past her to
close the door to his office.  Then she was advised "Have a seat!  Tell
me, have you thought about my proposition?"

Blinking back the tears, Carol stammered "Please …………..please ……………I
can't have anyone seeing those photos!  They ……………….they would kill my
parents!  I ……………I'll talk to my husband for you …………….see if he'll sell
the company!  But …………….but I don't think he wants to sell the company!
We ……………we've in the process of getting financing to modernize the
equipment we have!"

Rashid chuckled at the beauty's plight, then lifted up the remote on his
desk and pointed it up to the television monitor built into the wall.
As it turned on, Rashid then hit the play button for the video
recorder.  "Photos?  How about your parents getting a full copy of this
video tape?  I think they'll really enjoy it!  Watch for yourself!" he
advised.  Then the video began playing with the monitor showing her
sitting on her living room carpet with hands bound behind her back.

Carol could only sit there in horror as the degrading event unfolded
before her once again, this time on the television.  As she watched her
degradation, Carol had only one thought in mind - that no one could view
this horrid tape of her.  She would have to comply with this evil man's
demands, encourage the sale of the business, even if it was not in her
husband's best interest

When the television was turned off, Carol softly advised "I'll do what
you want!  I'll try to convince my husband to sell the company to you!
But ………….but please ………….I must have that tape ……………the original
…………..and any copies!  I needed to destroy them!  I ………….I can't have
anyone seeing that horrible tape!  Not John!  Not my parents!"

"Now, now …………….don't ya fret any, sweetie!  No one's gonna see the tape
………..if you convince yer hubby to sell the business to me!  I can
promise ya that much!" Rashid advised.  Seeing the distraught young wife
nod her head, then stand and turn to leave his office, Rashid advised
"But, sweetie ………….I need to know fer sure that ya ain't gonna change
yer mind when ya leave here!"

Turning to face the evil man, Carol trembled as she wondered what else
she could say to convince him that she would do as she said.  She could
not believe what she was hearing when Rashid told her "You looked so
beautiful on yer knees last night!  Why don't ya come on over here next
to me so I can see ya like ya were last night!"

Carol wanted to run from the office and get out of there as fast as she
could.  But the thought of her parents seeing that horrible tape had her
slowly moving towards her husband's evil competitor.  'Oh, God ………………he
wants to humiliate me again ……………just like he did last night!' she
groaned.  Then Carol shuddered as she neared the desk and heard a zipper
being undone.

Closing her eyes as she slowly sank down to her knees, Carol realized
that she was in store for even a worst fate as Rashid advised "Don't ya
worry, sweetie!  I know ya gotta get back to yer office!  I won't mess
up that pretty dress of yers!  That is ………provided ya don't let any of
my jizz escape from those purty lips of yers!"  'Oh, my God!  He ………he
actually expects me to put ………..his thing in my mouth!' she realized.

Opening her eyes in horror, seeing the evil man handling himself once
again, Carol pleaded "Pleaseeeeee …………….please ……………..I …………….I can't do
such an awful thing!  I ………….I've never ………………never done such a filthy
thing!  Please ……………please …………….you can't expect me to ……… put
………….to put it in my mouth!"

"Ain't ever had a cock in yer purty mouth, have ya?  John sure been
missing out on the good stuff!" Rashid laughed aloud.  "You'll either
put my fuck'n cock in yer sweet mouth or tomorrow yer parents will be
watching the tape of their precious little daughter getting spunked on
by six guys!  Make up yer mind, bitch!  Now, come and suck my cock or
get the hell outta here so I can get some tapes out in the mail!" Rashid

'Oh, God ……………what do I do?  Not only does he want to put it in my mouth
…………………he plans on doing it in my mouth!' she shuddered as her stomach
churned in revulsion at the dreaded thought of performing such a filthy
act.  Carol shivered in disgust as she saw the familiar snake like
animal growing rapidly once again as it was being fisted.  Forced to
comply or face the consequences of her parents receiving a tape, Carol
bit the bottom of her lip as she slowly moved forward on her knees
towards the devious man.

Nauseated, Carol reached forward with her right hand, fingers trembling
as she was about to touch the fleshy monstrosity.  Carol shuddered with
total disgust as her fingers came into contact with the stick black
flesh, feeling it jump in her hand at her initial touch.  'Oh, God
……………….its so thickkkkkkk!' she realized as her fingers were unable to
full encircle the shaft.  Instinctively, Carol's hand began slowly
pumping up and down the throbbing shaft, feeling it grow even larger
upon her handling of it.

"Ohhhhh, yeah ……………….that's the way, sweetie ………………..pump it
………..ahhhhhh, yeah!  Yeah, baby ………………..ahhhhhhh, that feels so good!
Come and get it, baby!  Give it a kiss!  Wrap those beautiful pink lips
around my cock!" Rashid moaned as he reached forward to grasp the young
wife by the back of the head and pulled her forward into his crotch.

Carol cringed and turned her face a bit as she was pulled towards the
bloated cockhead, causing it to bounce off her cheek and the sticky
underside slid up along the side of her face.  After getting her next
breath of air, her body quivered in disgust 'Oh, God …… smells so
awful!  God ……………..I'm going to be sick!  I don't think I can go through
with this …………sickening act!'

Eyes shut, Carol could merely remain kneeling before this horrid man who
was now rubbing his filthy cock about her cringing face.  Then the
fleshy bulb of the bloated cockhead was pushing at her lips, demanding
entrance into her mouth.  With the pressure pulling on her hair and the
insistent push between her lips, Carol reluctantly parted her lips,
allowing the bloated cockhead to push between her teeth.

Reaching up with her left hand, Carol clamped over above her right hand
that was at the base of the cock, determined to prevent her evil
blackmailer from shoving the entire monstrosity down her throat.
Needing to breathe again, Carol shivered as she inhaled the stench
emanating from the man's crotch, making her even more nauseated.  Her
stomach churned at the despicable act she was being forced to perform.

Mouth plugged by the blunt cockhead, Carol tried to toss her head,
wanting desperately to spit out the filthy shaft.  She used her tongue
in an attempt to push it out of her mouth, but that only seemed to
stimulate him further as the thick cockhead expanded even larger in her
mouth .  Pushing with her tongue, she felt the pisshole part against the
pressure of her pointed tongue, then shuddered as a glob of sticky
pre-cum oozed out onto her tongue.

"Yeah, baby ………………….oh, yeah ………………..ohhhh …………oh, yeah ……..tongue me,
baby ………tongue me!  Ahhhhhhh, yeah ……………….that's it …………..that's it,
sweetie! Tongue me, baby ……………………….ohhhhh, fuck …………….yeahhhhh
…………..ahhhhhhhh ……….ahhhhhhhh!" Rashid moaned, pushing another inch of
his throbbing cock into her hot wet mouth.  Grasping her long silky
black hair tightly, Rashid pushed forward to feed the lovely young wife
several more inches of his thick manhood.

Stomach churning in revulsion, Rashid's thick black cock fucking in and
out of her mouth, Carol had never felt so degraded in her life.  Then
she felt the cock expand even further within her mouth, throbbing
rapidly, signaling that the end was near.   'No ……………..oh, God ……………no
…………….I'll die if he does it in my mouth!  He's sick ……………………absolutely
sick in wanting to do such a filthy thing!' she thought, gripping her
hands tightly around the base of his cock to prevent more from being
pushed down her throat.

The brushing of the innocent beauty's hot wet tongue had Rashid
shivering with pleasure as he was ready to 'pop' his nuts.  “Oh,
baby……………..oh, Mrs. Nishimoto ……………’ve got such soft pretty lips
…………..ahhhhhhhhhh ……………..…yeaahhh, that’s it ……………….tongue me
……………tongue me, baby!  Yeah ………….…oh, yeah ……………yeah
…………….cummingggggggg …………..I'm cummingggggg!  Oh, baby ………… eat my hot
jizz …………...suck it all outta me …………ahhhhhhhhh, yeahhh
……………yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he groaned.

Holding the frightened young beauty firmly by the hair, Rashid saw her
look up at him pleadingly, trying to twist and turn to dislodge him from
her mouth. It was evident that she was now fighting to keep from
swallowing the mouthful of slimy spunk that now filled her mouth.
Rashid saw the innocent young wife begin to gag, the whites of her eyes
showing, causing him to laugh aloud at her plight as she was having a
hard time breathing.

With his cock plugging her throat, Rashid pulled his still lengthy cock
out a bit so that she could swallow.  "Swallow it, bitch!  Eat all of
the hot lunch I got fer ya!  Tasty ain't it?  That's all the nourishment
ya'll need for the day!  Better swallow it all or yer purty dress will
get all messy!" he ordered.  Rashid laughed as the beauty clutched at
her stomach and gagged, body shuddering as she began to swallow this
thick and salty jizz.

Delirious and so repulsed at the degrading act that she had just
performed, Carol felt her stomach about to rebel.  Swallowing once and
shuddering in disgust, Carol quickly got up off her knees and to rush
out of the office.  Before she got out of the office, she heard the evil
blackmailer say "That terrific blowjob bought ya a week's time,

Rushing out of the front door, Carol made a beeline to the restroom.
Entering the restroom, passing the receptionist who was combing her
hair, Carol locked herself in a stall and leaned over the open toilet.
Feeling sick, Carol clutched her stomach, body quivering at the feel of
the thick gooey cum forming a lake in her belly.  Throat clogged with
the sticky goo, she began coughing and gagging, then began throwing up.

Sitting back in his armchair, Rashid smiled at the thought of having
just taught his competitor's beautiful young wife how to suck cock.
'Damn, that was so fuck'n good!' he muttered.  Then the receptionist
returned from her lunch break, a pretty but dumb blonde who just loved
to fuck and suck.  She came into his office and asked "Boss, what did
you do to that pretty little thing?  Did you make her suck that big
boner of yours?  I told you that your jizz is way too salty!  That
pretty thing is in the ladies room, sick to her stomach and puking her
fuck'n guts out!"

That night, after suffering through an agonizing afternoon, Carol picked
up the telephone which rang at the time John indicated that he'd be
calling.  As her husband told her how well things went at the trade
show, Carol merely listened but could not comprehend much of what was
being said.  Her mind was obviously preoccupied with other thoughts,
those of how she had been soiled and disgraced, afraid of her loving
husband seeing those horrible photos or video.

With her husband scheduled to return home the next day, Carol tried to
think out a plan to convince John to sell the business and take the
offer that Rashid had last offered to him.  She thought that one aspect
might be to convince John that, with the sale of the business, they
could relax for a bit and then look to setting up a new and exciting
venture together.  Carol would then ply him with the thought of them
spending more time together, that of romance and travel.  Although she
had been in close contact with the various bankers and there really was
no problem in getting the loan needed to modernize, she would take the
negative approach that it would take them years just to make up the cost
to upgrade.

Nearing a week later, Carol nervously sat at her desk, wondering just
how she could get more time from the evil Rashid to convince her
husband.  She had tried various ways to talk to John on selling the
business, the benefits to them along with the negative aspects of trying
to modernize.  But had not been very receptive, insisting that he had
worked too long and hard in building the business up to where it was.
John had then assured her that he would make it up to her someday, then
they would spend a lot of time for travel and romance.

Locking the door to her office for privacy, Carol looked up the number
for Mideastern Trading Co.  Picking up the phone, she dialed the
number.  "Mr. Akbar, please!  This is Carol Nishimoto calling!" she
advised the receptionist.  Then her call was transferred and she was
greeted with "Hi, sweetie!  I hope ya've got some good news fer me?"
"Please ……………please, Mr. Akbar ……………….I ………………I need more time to
convince my husband to sell the business!"

Checking out for the afternoon, leaving word that she was meeting with
various bankers, Carol nervously pulled into the parking lot of the
luxury hotel in the middle of town.  She desperately needed more time to
convince her husband to sell the business or face the consequences of
having that awful video being sent to her elderly parents.  But to do
so, to get additional time, it could only be obtained by meeting her
blackmailer once again to negotiate the time extension.

Not wanting to attract any attention by pulling up to the front entrance
for a valet, Carol parked in the general parking lot and nervously
looked about as she made her way to the hotel lobby.  Then she made her
way to the bar where Rashid waited for her.  He had told her to meet him
at the bar for a drink so they could discuss the extension that she had
requested.  Carol prayed that she would not have to get on her knees
once again to beg for the extension.

Forced to sit in the booth next to the awful man, Carol prayed that no
one she knew would see her in the company of her husband's main
competitor.  More so, she prayed none of John's friends happened by to
see her in such company.  Trying to plead with her blackmailer, Carol
knew she would again have to negotiate the extension as she had done a
week ago.  She shuddered when he mentioned "You look so nervous, my
dear!  Afraid one of your husband's high society friends will stumble
upon us?"

Biting her lip, she nodded a 'yes' in response to his question.  Carol
steeled her body as she felt his large hand upon her knee, stroking and
caressing her thigh.  Then she heard him advise "Well, we can't have you
feeling uncomfortable here, can we?  Let's go up to the negotiating room
that I got for us!"  With mixed emotion, happy to get out of the public
bar with this awful man, she was now to accompany him up to the hotel
room that he had rented.

Once in the room, Carol pleaded "Please …………..please …………..please don't
make me do such a humiliating thing again!"  She froze as Rashid stepped
up behind her, placing his hands on her trim waist.  His hands were so
large that he could nearly touch his fingers together, encircling her
tiny waist in his grasp.  Then she shivered as he kissed and nuzzled at
the back of her neck, then moved up to nibble at her earlobe.

'Oh, God ………………oh, God!' she shivered as the zipper to her black dress
was being undone.  Then the dress was being drawn over her shoulders and
allowed to fall to her floor to puddle around her black heels.  All
Carol could do was to close her eyes and bite back the sobs that now
racked her body.  Then her lacy black bra was undone and peeled down her
arms to fall upon her rumpled dress.

A moment later, after being led to the bed, Carol found herself being
pushed up onto it.  "I just love having a pretty lady like you on your
knees!" she heard Rashid comment.  On all fours upon the bed, she felt
fingers grasping the elastic waistband of her matching black panties,
drawing them over her trim hips, down her thighs to be pulled off her
legs and heels.

Hearing the rustling of clothing from behind, Carol correctly surmised
that her blackmailer was stripping off his clothing.  She knew that this
time, negotiations would involve more the use of her hands and mouth.
Then she was filled with fright at the recollection of just how well
endowed this man was, twice as thick and as long in comparison to the
only one she had ever experienced.

Bed sagging behind her, hands grasping her hips tightly, Carol shook
with fear as she tried to save herself from being plundered.  She tried
to crawl forward and scoot away, realizing that she couldn't go through
with this, no matter what the consequences.  "Stop ……………stop …………
……………..I won't do it!  I don't care if you send it to my husband ………….to
my parents ……………they'll know it was all forced upon me!" she sobbed.

Rashid just chuckled as he literally had the young wife already in his
clutches.  He knew the rooms were soundproof, but he taunted her "Are ya
going to scream rape, Mrs. Nishimoto?  Ya want security to break in here
to save ya?  Ya want them to call the cops fer ya?  Ya gonna tell them
that ya met me in the bar fer a drink?  That ya came up to my room on
yer own free will?  And now ya screaming rape!"

Realizing that what he had said was totally true, Carol pleaded "Please
…………please ……………I can't ………………I can't do this to my husband!  Please
…………….I ………………I've never been with anyone by John!"  Feeling the bloated
cockhead brush up under her in search for its goal, Carol shivered in
fright "Please ……….please ………….you ………….you're too big …………'ll never

Shifting from side to side, being the true cocksman that he was, Rashid
had gotten himself into perfect position.  'Ah, baby ……………..ya gonna
scream yer bloody head off when shove my babymaker up yer tight little
twat!' he chuckled.  Making sure he had a tight grip on her trim hips,
Rashid then lunged forward with all of his might.  It was music to his
ears at the high pitched "Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Stop

“Oh, noooooo …………please ………please …………….pleaseeeeeeee …………stop!  Please
…………you ……………….you're too biggggggggggg!  You're tearing me …………..I
can't take it ……………..its too bigggggggg!” Carol sobbed with agonizing
pain.  "Oh, ……….please ………… noooooo …………stop ……….pleaseeeeeeeee!
Aieeeeeeeeeeee …………………….ahhhhhhhhhhh …………………God, stopppppp! Stop
………… hurts ………… hurtssssssssss ……………… hurtssssssssss …………so
baddddddddddd!" she cried.

Carol sobbed in agony as Rashid's thick monster thrust deeper and deeper
into her.  She tossed her head from side to side, her silky black hair
in total disarray as she sobbed in pain, her hands tightly clutching at
the thick bedspread.  So deep, much deeper that her husband had ever
penetrated her, the invading cock continued on its destructive path.
"Oh, God ……………oh, God ……….stop ……………it hurts!" she cried.

"Ahhhh, Mrs. Nishimoto …………………sweetie ………….so good ………………so fuck'n
gooddddd! Better than I ever dreamt of!  Oh, baby ………………ahhhhh, yeah
sweetie ……………….squeeze that tight little cunt around my cock ……………….oh,
yeahhhhhhhhhh!  Ya go ahead and tell that punk husband of yers how I
'ruined' his purty and precious wife!" Rashid gloated with pleasure.
Slicing through her resisting and clenching cunt muscles, Rashid
wondered if he'd be able to last very long from this fantastic fuck.
His body quivered as he was tempted on spurting his hot seed deep in her

Again and again, stab after stab as her husband's competitor made his
conquest of her body, Carol tried desperately to will her body not to
respond in any way.  But moments later, with the thick cock buried deep
in her fertile womb, Carol involuntarily squeezed her cunt muscles
around the shaft that was now causing her to shiver with unwanted
pleasure.   Body shuddering uncontrollably, Carol's fingernails dug into
the thick bedspread as she fought desperately from responding.

As her cunt muscles involuntarily squeezed upon the invading cock, Carol
moaned “Oh ……………..oh, my God ………….oh ……….…oh ….………oh ……….…oh, my
Godddddddddddd ……….no …………… ………………nooooooooo!” she screamed as her
body shuddered with unwanted pleasure. "No …………….no …………
…………………don't let me feel anything!" she sobbed as she pumped back onto
the spearing cock, now letting it stab deeply into her.

Rashid slammed his hips into the sexy young wife, wishing that her
damned husband could see her now as he buried the entire length of his
cock deep in her fertile womb. He could not hold back any longer,
thrusting forward and moaning “Oh, baby ……………..oh, sweetie ………………here it
cums ……………….yeah ………….gonna cum …………………gonna cum ………………here it is
………ahhhhh ……………ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  Rashid's body shook in uncontrollable
spasms, cockhead expanding and exploding deep into the sexy beauty.

“Ohhhhhh ……………..ohhhhhhhhhhh …………....ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ….…………ohhhhhhhhhh
…………………..God ………………oh, God ………….oh, my God …………………..I ……………….I'm
cummingggggggggg!" Carol screamed, fingers grasping tightly at the
bedspread as she pushed back to skewer herself all the way onto the
thick black spear.  The unexpected pleasure had her shuddering in a
mind-shattering orgasm, her petite body quivering uncontrollably as she
soared to heights never before experienced.

An hour later, Carol awoke in the hotel room to find herself alone, her
blackmailer now gone.  Body aching, especially the stretched thigh and
cunt muscles.  Feeling the mess between her thighs, panic set in as
Carol worried 'Oh, God …………….oh, God …………he didn't use a condom!  He
came in me!  Oh, God ………………..what if I get pregnant!'  Reaching down to
explore the damage, her fingers came into contact with a piece of paper
glued to her messy snatch.  Peeling it off, Carol look at the paper and
sobbed as she read it "You've earned another week, sweetie!"

Taking a hot shower in the hotel, Carol made a beeline home.  Although
she had cleansed the outside of her body, what remained to be cleansed
was far more important at the moment.  The potential consequences of
such a mating was too unbearable to contemplate.

Driving home, Carol wondered just how she could somehow convince her
husband to sell the business to his competitor.  With all that had
occurred over the past week and a half, she had paid dearly and could
not let it go for naught.  She just prayed that she would succeed soon
and not require obtaining another extension of time.

End of Story (Sequel to come later).

Friend's Pretty Mother
Mrs. Natalie Stevens pondered the drastic change in her life that had
first started just over a year ago.  Now things were even more
complicated and there just didn't seem to be a way out.  If she wanted
to preserve her marriage to her loving husband, she just had to give in
to the blackmail threats being made upon her.  After having welcomed her
son's friends into her home over the past years, always welcoming them
into her home, she just could not believe what had occurred this past

Her mind drifted back to the weekend when Dave took Bryan on their
father-son fishing trip, off to a cabin near the lake.  She remembered
her exact thoughts that went through her mind that day, prior to them
leaving for the lake.  Natalie always encouraged father-son outings,
feeling it was good for both Dave and their son Bryan.  'After all, with
Bryan now entering his teen years, he'd soon outgrow the father-son
outings to be with the guys or even with girlfriends!  Hopefully, Dave
would be able to help Bryan some as he matured into manhood!' she had
pondered at the time.  'Gosh, even his good friends seem to be more
matured at this point, especially when it came to girls!' she told

That last comment took her thoughts back to the day earlier, when Byran
had invited his good friends over for a swim in the pool.  Sam, Josh,
and Tim had been friends with her son since grade school.  But it seemed
that now they were maturing quite fast, maybe faster than they really
should.  She was even a bit embarrassed with the compliments they paid
her that day.  Never before had they made such compliments to her and
she had been a bit stunned at first, then just wrote it off to the
hormones in growing boys.

Bryan was helping his dad with getting the grill ready for the burgers
while Natalie took a dip to cool off from the hot sun.  She and her
husband swam with the boys many a time and thus she had not given it a
second thought in doing so again.  In fact, when the boys first visited
as youngsters, it was a rule that they not go into the pool till either
she or Dave was there to watch them.  They were quite safety conscious
when it came to having youngsters in the pool for fear of accidents.
Also, she was wearing a very conservative one-piece bathing suit at the

Natalie remembered blushing when Tim, the shyest of Bryan's three
friends, said to her "Wow, you sure have long sexy legs, Mrs. Stevens!"
Then Josh, the boldest of the group commented "I've never seen anyone
that compares to you, Mrs. Stevens.  She remembered stammering out a "Th
.....thank you, boys!"  She then thought 'Gosh, I never thought they'd
think of me in such a way!  I just thought they were too young to notice
me as a woman!'  She felt nervous when Sam said "He's right, Mrs.
Stevens!  Far better than even what I've seen in Play .......I mean swimsuit

That's when Josh said aloud "Aw, Sam, you meant to say Playboy, didn't
you?  But he's right, Mrs. Stevens!  You look sexier than any of the
women I've seen in Playboy!"  That was when Natalie could no longer
reply, blushing in embarrassment, knowing that these youngsters were
verbally expressing their assessment of her features to a magazine
featuring nude women.  Still, she did feel honored that these young boys
looked at her in comparable comparison to such sex symbols, causing her
to clench her thighs at the thought.

The next day, with Bryan and Dave off on their way to the cabin, Natalie
thought it'd be a perfect time to relax in the pool and get some quiet
time to herself.  Putting on her yellow bikini, she then rolled her long
blonde hair in a bun to keep it from getting wet.  Grabbing a large
towel, she went out back to slip into the pool.  Slowly she made her way
to the deep end of the pool, resting her elbows on the tile to let the
rest of her body float about weightlessly.  She was just about to doze
off when she heard the clamor of Bryan's friends at the back fence,
calling out to her "Mrs. Stevens ...........Mrs. Stevens!"  She looked up to
see them but before she could get a response out, they were climbing the
fence, excitedly telling her "You won't believe what Josh claims he can
do, Mrs. Stevens!  We're going to make Josh prove it!  It'll just take a
few minutes in your pool, Mrs. Stevens!  Is that okay?"

Natalie had not wanted to be disturbed, especially by these three teens,
even though they were her son's best friends.  Realizing that she had on
her yellow bikini, she shivered in recalling the comments they had made
the other day when she was in a very conservative swimsuit.  She was
glad that she was in the water and hoped the distortion of the water
would assist her in not turning on these young boys.  With the boys
already in the yard, there was no way for her to refuse their request.
"Well ................I guess its okay if it'll only take a few minutes!" she said

With the three boys slipping into the water, Natalie didn't know why but
she felt very uncomfortable being alone in the pool with Bryan's three
best friends.  Then she saw Josh, who had been facing her, sink below
the water and then come up for air.  With a wide grin, Josh burst out
with "Wow, Mrs. Stevens, you look so damned sexy in that yellow bikini.
Natalie could feel herself blush a deep red with that comment, just as
the two other boys disappeared underwater for a look at her bikini clad
body.  Both boys returned to the surface to confirm Josh's assessment,
making her even more self-conscious.

"Mrs. Stevens, Josh claims that he held his breath for over two minutes
when he went diving last year!" Tim said with excitement.  "Can you
believe that, Mrs. Stevens?" asked Sam.  Then Josh chirped in "I tell
you guys that it was high tide in the canal last year and I dove off our
small boat to get some oysters.  I swear I was underwater each time for
over two minutes.  Heck, once when I was underwater, I managed to shuck
an oyster and eat it raw before coming up for air!"  That's when Sam,
Tim, and even Mrs. Stevens laughed at what seemed like a preposterous
feat for someone his age.

"Well, I guess I'm just going to have to prove it to all of you!"  Josh
spoke up bravely.  "You guys told me that you'd each time me, so get
your waterproof watches ready!  Mrs. Stevens, tell me if I accomplished
everything that I claimed I did!"  Natalie was puzzled at that
statement, assuming that he wanted her to time him also.  Josh took
several deep breaths in preparation for his dive, then spoke "Okay,
guys, like I told you earlier .....don't start until my head goes under
the water!"

Natalie looked on as Josh took a deep breath as he prepared himself for
his long dive underwater.  She didn't bring a watch with her to the pool
so she would look at one of the other boys' watch when he began his
descent.  As soon as Josh's head disappeared under the water, she saw
sudden movement from the other two boys who had been treading water on
either side of her.

Completely taken by surprise, each of her arms were in the grasp of Tim
and Sam.  Before Natalie could utter out a cry, Tim had his hand clamped
over her mouth and Sam undid the pin that held her hair up, causing her
long blonde hair to fall about her shoulders.  The young teens were
quite strong from their football training, pushing her back a bit until
she was pinned against the wall at the deep end of the pool, her arm
placed onto the tiled drainage funnel.

She tried to struggle but Natalie found herself helpless in the arms of
these deceitful teens.  Then a shiver went through her body as she felt
hands on her hips, hands that were undoing the ties to her yellow bikini
bottom.  Seconds later, her yellow bikini bottom was floating a foot
away from her face.  She shuddered when Tim exclaimed "Josh is sure
making good time!  He's already shucked the oyster!  Let's see if he can
really eat it all underwater!"

It was all happening so fast that Natalie did not understand just what
Tim was referring to.  But when she felt Josh's hands trying to spread
her thighs apart, she realized what the filthy little animal intended on
doing to her.  Struggling with all her might, trying to break free, her
body suddenly froze and visibly shuddered.  'Godddddd .............oh, God
...........this can't be happening to me .............they're Bryan's best friends!
This evil Josh is a little animal ........he wants to me!' her mind

The shuddering of Mrs. Stevens sexy body was the signal for Tim to
release his clamping hand from her mouth.  "Ohhhhhh ..........ahh .........ahhh
........ahhhhh .......ohhhhhh!" came the moans from the now delirious woman.
"Christ ............Josh is really eating Mrs. Stevens' cunt!" Sam blurted out
as he continued holding on to the shuddering beauty.  "Go, Josh, go that oyster!" both Tim and Sam cheered in harmony.

"Ahhh ............ahhhhh ...........ahhhh .............oh, God ................I ..........I'm cummingggg!
Ahhhhhhhhh ...............ohhhhh, Godddddd .............!" Natalie cried out as she lost
total control of her now convulsing body.  Seconds later, Josh broke the
water was a smirk on his face, licking his chops for the benefit of his
buddies.  Running his tongue slowly across his upper lip, Josh told his
buddies "That was the juiciest and sweetest oyster I've ever tasted!"

Natalie was totally delirious from the mind-shattering orgasm that had
rocked her entire boy.  She was unaware of her yellow bikini top being
undone, allowing Tim and Sam the freedom of caressing her sensitive pink
nipples.  She seemed to be just floating along in outer space, her mind
unable to focus on anything.  But actually, she was floating along the
top of the water with the boys assisting her like a rescue attempt,
taking her to the shallow end of the pool

When her feet touched the bottom of the shallow end of the pool, it was
as if she had finally come down to earth.  She gave a horrified gasp at
her realization of what had just taken place, struggling once again in
the arms of the boys.  "How could you boys do such a horrible
thing to me!  I ..........I thought you boys respected me!" she sobbed.  "You're nothing but filthy animals!  I'll going to report you and see
that they put you all away!" Natalie sniffled.

"But, Mrs. Stevens, we do respect you!  We think so much of you!" said
Tim.  "Yeah, Mrs. Stevens, every night in bed when we're jacking off!"
Sam snickered.  "We've thought so much of you, Mrs. Stevens, that we all
selected you to be the one to teach us what fucking is all about!" added

Hearing that, Natalie began to struggle with all her might.  "We don't
think you're going to report us, Mrs. Stevens!  Not with the tape we
have of you fucking 'The Stork'!" advised Josh.  Natalie's trashing
ceased upon hearing that, realizing that the boys had uncovered her
dreadful secret.  She felt that her world had come to an end now that
her son's best friends were aware of it.

"Yeah, Mrs. Stevens, we talked to 'The Stork' the other day.  He tells
us that it was less than 15 minutes after you met him when you jerked
him off all over you in the kitchen!  Then, when we went over to my
house, you let him fuck you right on the bed you share with Mr.
Stevens!" Sam bravely challenged her.  "Does, Bryan or Mr. Stevens know
about this, Mrs. Stevens?" asked a smirking Tim.  "Tell you what Mrs.
Stevens, we won't say a word if you take us to your bedroom and teach us
the 'facts of life'!" advised Josh.

Sobbing, trying to cover her nakedness with her arms, Natalie realized
that she had no choice but to comply.  Slowly she got out of the pool
and shamefully, while still dripping wet, led the way into the house and
towards the master bedroom.  Once in the bedroom, Natalie slowly walked
to lay down upon the bed, closing her eyes, not wanting to see her son's
friends approach her with their manhood in their hands.  She wondered
who would be the first to rape her, then she heard how the decision was
being made as the boys took coins from the dresser.  They were flipping
coins for the special honor of being the first of the group to become a
man, with the 'odd' man winning that privilege.

Eyes tightly shut, Natalie tried to steel her body in preparation of
what was to come.  She told her self to keep her body lifeless, to let
the boys merely satisfy their lusty hormones, but that she would not
respond at all.  "Yessssssss ........!" she heard the excited yell from Sam,
who apparently won the honor of becoming the first to be a man.  She
shuddered and bit her lip upon feeling the young teen scrambling up onto
the bed, pushing her thighs apart as he scooted into position.

"Ohhhh ...........owwwww!" Natalie yelped as the eager young teen quickly
scooted up onto her sublime body and sought out his first taste of a
woman's breast, slobbering upon her left breast then biting at her
tender nipple.  Sam was eager to become a 'man', shuffling up further
with cock in hand, searching for her golden treasure.  "Ohhhhh ...........!"
she moaned as the anxious teen stuck his cock into her without any
further preliminaries.

"Yes ...........yes .............I got her ...............I'm in Mrs. Stevens!  God, she's
fucking fantastic!  I'm a fucking 'man'!" young Sam exclaimed.  He began
thrusting with all his might into one of his best friend's beautiful
mother, fucking her with jackhammer speed.  Sam heard his buddies
encouraging shouts "Go, Sam, go!  Give Bryan a little brother to play
with!"  Hear that, along with the feel of beautiful Mrs. Stevens cunt
now squeezing at his sensitive cock, young Sam groaned with pleasure.
"Oh, yes .......yes ............I'm cumming in Mrs. Stevens .............yesssssss!" Sam
stammered as he began spurting his hot cum into a woman for the very
first time.

Natalie had kept still on the bed as she had planned but she could not
help her cunt muscles from responding to the eager young teen.  She
wanted to laugh when young Sam lost his load with just two squeezes with
her contracting cunt muscles.  She was just beginning to react when the
boy lost it all.  All of that had lasted for just under two minutes.
She felt hands grabbing Sam, pushing him over and she felt his cock slip
out of her with a slight pop.  Then she heard Tim's "Yesssss" as he
prevailed in the coin toss with Josh and felt him scrambling up onto the

Although she was horrified at what was taking place, blackmailed by her
son's friends, she could not blame the boys entirely.  Natalie realized
that if she was a young teenage boy, inexperienced in sex and with the
opportunity to take advantage of an attractive older woman, it was a
forgone conclusion of the end result.  She willed herself to keep her
body absolutely still but thought it'd be interesting to see how many
squeezes of her cunt young boy could handle before losing control.

Feeling Tim's eager mouth upon her right breast, tonguing and teasing
her stiffening nipple, Natalie bit down on her bottom lip to keep from
showing any response.  Tears formed in her eyes with the humiliation of
knowing that another of her son's friends was now about to satisfy his
lust upon her body.  The teasing sensations of her sensitive nipple sent
a shiver of pleasure throughout her body but she fought the urge of
clutching the young teen to her.

Tim was anxious, loving the feel of Mrs. Stevens' beautiful breast,
enjoying the feel of her pink nipple actually hardening in his sucking
mouth.  But he was so hard, his young cock throbbing in anticipation of
fucking a woman for the very first time.  'Oh, God, I gotta get it in
right away or I'm going to cum all over her!' he told himself.  Grabbing
his cock, he shuffled into position, then pushed forward into the
beautiful Mrs. Stevens.

"Oh, yes ..........I'm in her guys ...............oh, God, it feels so good!" Tim
exclaimed as he pumped slowly into the now sobbing beauty.  After a
dozen strokes, he suddenly felt her cunt muscles clamp tightly around
his boyhood cock, sending him immediately over the edge.  "Oh, God
..............she's squeezing me ..............ahhhhh .......ahhhhhh .............cummingggg!" he
cried out as his body shook and he began spurting his load.

 Josh had observed how Mrs. Stevens had been steeling herself, forcing
her body to remain as still as possible, not wanting to show any emotion
at all.  He wanted to make this beautiful woman respond to him again,
like the way her legs had closed around his head as he ate her in the
pool.  He grasped a collapsed Tim by the hip and pulled him over and off
the sobbing Mrs. Stevens.  Then Josh, with the aid of a recovering Sam,
turned Mrs. Stevens over onto her belly.

Pulling her up at the hips, Josh had the woman of his dreams on all
fours, right on the bed that she shared with her husband.  He knew she
would try to steel her body and merely let him have his way with her,
just as she had done with Sam and Tim.  Reaching forward, he cupped her
beautiful breasts and began caressing her, gently teasing her stiffening
nipples with his thumbs.  With her nipples now aroused to stiffness from
his touch, he heard her moan softly as she continued to fight the urge
to respond.

Slowly, Josh let his hand move down to caress her trim belly, then over
the outside of her soft creamy thighs.  Then, as his hands wandered to
her inner thighs, he felt her body shiver and heard her start to pant
for breath.  He knew he was now turning her on and he would be in for a
real fucking treat.  Josh smiled as he heard her gasp loudly as his
fingers made contact with her love slit, his middle finger slipping
inside in search of her sensitive clit.

With one hand fingering the now swooning Mrs. Stevens, Josh's other hand
was on his cock, attempting to get it into place.  "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh
................!" Josh hard her coo as he pushed his cockhead into her mushy
slit.  He knew she was now turned on by his caresses and fingering of
her twat.  Pushing his hips forward, his sliced through a woman's hot
cunt for the very first time in his young life.  More so, he had her in
heat, hearing her moan for him to take her.

"Ohhhhhhhhh ..................ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Natalie cooed, losing all willpower to
refrain from showing any type of response.  "Ohhhhhhh, Josh .............yes've become a 'man' .................fuck me ............fuck me!"  she begged.
"Ohhhhhh, fuck me .................fuck me .................make me cum!  I need to cum!"
she groaned as Josh began to hump into her.  Reaching forward, she
grasped the bottom of the headboard, allowing her to push back as her
young lover sliced his manhood into her.

"Ohhh, yes .............Mrs. Stevens ................I've been dreaming of you every
night!  Ohhh, my dream has come trueeeee!  Ohhhh, I want to make you a
little baby .......give Bryan a baby brother or sister!" Josh chanted as he
humped in and out of her gripping snatch.  Then what he heard sent him
over the edge, hearing the beautiful Mrs. Stevens respond to him "Oh,
yes, Josh ..............fuck me ...............give me a little baby ..........ohhhhhh, I'm
cummingggggg ............shoot it in me!"  And Josh did just that, achieving his
very first cum deep in a woman womb, adding his seed to her fertile

Collapsing forward onto the bed, Natalie sniffled back tears of shame,
realizing just how she had responded.  'Why did I have to respond to him
in such a way!  Just like a slut in heat!  Begging Bryan's good friend
to fuck me make his baby in me!' she told herself.  Feeling the
young teen's body still upon her, still connected to her in a way only a
husband and wife should be connected, she clenched her cunt muscles
around the still oozing young cock.

Then all four occupants on the Steven's marital bed looked towards the
doorway upon hearing loud clapping in applause.  "Well, 'boys' ........I
mean 'men', that was a fucking fantastic performance!" 'The Stork'
congratulated them.  He began to get out of his t-shirt and shorts and
announced "Now it's time for me to show you how a 'real' man treats a
beautiful woman like this!  Wait till you hear I make her scream when
she gets a treat of some black meat!"

The young teens got to observe their hero in action as he indeed was
true to his word, making Mrs. Stevens scream and squeal with pleasure
when he fucked her with his lengthy black cock.  They had seen it on the
tape but in real life it was so much more exciting to see the trim white
arms and legs of the beautiful Mrs. Stevens embracing the ebony body of
the high school football star.  They observed how wild and wanton she
became, begging for 'The Stork' to stick her with his big black dick.

After getting his rocks off, 'The Stork' played traffic cop, first
directing young Sam to get on his back to let Mrs. Stevens impale
herself on his rising cock.  Then he had Josh on his knees above Sam's
head so he could get his first blowjob.  Of course, Tim would be the
first of the group to sample Mrs. Stevens' beautiful tight ass.

As the young teens rested a bit, 'The Stork' had revived to again give
the beautiful woman the long black cock that she craved.  Once he had
brought her to another wild orgasm as he unloaded his love juices into
her, he again directed traffic so each of the teens would get a
different piece of the lovely woman.

At mid-afternoon of the next day, Natalie looked about the house to see
that everything was in order, now that her visitors had left after she
had prepared them sandwiches for lunch.  She was quite tired, dozing
very briefly between the frequent bouts of lovemaking.  After the young
teens had her in each of the three positions, they had taken time out to
eat the pizza that had been ordered for their dinner.  Then, the teens
wanted private times with her, wanting to now make love to her in
private.  She had enjoyed this too, feeling free to let herself go
without anyone else looking on at her slutty behavior.

Having stripped off the well-stained bedspread and sheets, she remade
the bed that she and Dave would be sharing that evening.  Then to clean
up the kitchen and wash all the dirty dishes that the five of them had
used.  In cleaning up the den, where three of them watched television
while waiting his turn to join her in the bedroom, she looked at the
mess and commented to herself 'What a mess!  Typical teenagers!  Empty
pop cans and crumbs all over the place!'

Natalie took a long soothing shower, enjoying the feel of the warm
water, letting her hands wander about her body in remembrance of how
each of the boys had intimately touched her.  She also put her head
under the shower, needing to wash her hair of all the telltale evidence
as she thought back to the final event that took place right after

That final event would not be one she would easily forget.  On her bed,
while she had her back to 'The Stork' and impaled on his thick black
cock, the anxious young teens also wanted to get into the act.  The
anxious teens had gotten onto the bed and stood on it facing her.  She
was then fed Tim's young cock while her hands were placed upon Josh's
and Sam's cocks to jerk off.  Those two cocks in her hands had exploded
all its hot juices into the silky strands of her long blonde hair.

Donning on a pair off shorts and a blouse, she surveyed her home once
again, now satisfied that she had removed any telltale evidence of
having visitors over the night.  Upon Dave and Bryan's arrival home, she
eagerly greeted them and inquired about their fishing trip.

In the kitchen, while making some cold drinks for Dave and Bryan, she
heard her husband calling to her from the backyard.  She shivered and
her heart sank when she heard "Honey, what's your yellow bikini doing
floating in the pool?"  Looking out, she saw Dave holding up the two
yellow garment strips in his hands.  Going out to retrieve her bikini,
she blushed and lied "I'm sorry honey!  I was relaxing in the pool
yesterday and with no one around, I thought I'd be wicked and swim in
the nude.  I got distracted and taken away to the bedroom from the pool
area, completely forgetting about my bikini!"  Little did her husband
know just how true that last statement was.

A couple of months later, at the dinner table, Bryan commented "Gosh, it
seems that its so difficult for all the guys to get together at the same
time these days.  Something's always coming up these days and one of the
guys always has to cancel out for one reason or another!"  Dave just
laughed and commented "Well, guess everyone's getting busier and busier
with this being the teenage years.  Maybe they're meeting a girl on the
side and just don't want you to know about it!"

Natalie just continued eating, not adding anything to the conversation.
Taking a deep swallow upon hearing her husband's last comment, she
couldn't tell Bryan just how true it was.  When one of his good friends
canceled out at the last moment, it was because it was his turn to
perfect his manly status.  The two others who did show up were to keep
Bryan away from his home in order for her to entertain his other friend
in the privacy of her bedroom.

It had been nine months since that eventful day with Bryan's friends and
'The Stork'.  Now Natalie lay in the hospital bed, letting her newborn
baby boy suck on her swollen breast for his feeding.  'Thank God the
baby's white!  I just wonder which of Bryan's three friends is the
father of young little Tyler here?' she pondered.  'Thank goodness
little Tyler was under six pounds!  It'll certainly be easier to
convince Dave that the baby was a month premature.

Once she had discovered her pregnancy, Natalie was of course worried
that 'The Stork' was the potential father of the baby.  It would be fine
if one of Bryan's friends had been the one to knock her up, but a little
black baby certainly would not do.  She did not believe in abortions so
Natalie pondered long and hard to find a possible solution to her
problem.  To do so, she had worn outfits that would not show her bulging
belly it its full extent, allowing her to convince Dave that her
pregnancy and due date was a month further on.

Fortunately, her best friend from the sorority at college was living in
another town a few hundred miles away.  She and Julie had been roommates
at the sorority house for the last two years at college and had been
inseparable, rooming together after college until Julie got married.
Julie had a bit of a wild streak in her and Natalie had often saved her
good friend from some embarrassing situations, like when she was dating
her boyfriend and now current husband.

She laughed thinking back to that time, Julie had just gotten engaged to
Ryan, who had been off on job interviews.  Ryan was supposed to return
the next day but managed to get in early and dropped in unexpectedly.
Upon answering the door and seeing Ryan, Natalie had thought quickly and
advised him that Julie had called her and advised she had to work quite
late.  In truth, Julie was right upstairs in her bedroom but she was not
alone.  Julie still had a crush on her old boyfriend and when she bumped
into him that day, one thing led to another.

When Julie had given birth to her first little one, a baby boy that was
named Jimmy, Natalie suspected that Ryan had not fathered the baby.  Not
hiding any secrets, Julie confided in her, advising that indeed her old
boyfriend had knocked her up on that night when Natalie had saved her
from being discovered by Ryan.  Thus, Julie was more than willing to
assist Natalie in any way possible.

With the concocted story that Julie was in need great need of assistance
with her sitter taking ill seriously, Natalie volunteered to go over
hand help her good friend.  After all, Natalie was now on maternity
leave and wasn't expecting to give birth for another month.  Julie had
set things up with her doctor to see Natalie and to eventually handle
the delivery of the baby.

Preliminary steps were taken for a couple to adopt the baby if Natalie
so desired.  That young black couple was looking for a baby of black
descent and if Natalie had been knocked up by 'The Stork', they would be
taking a newborn home with them.  If such occurred, Natalie would simply
tell Dave that she had complications and had to be rushed to the
hospital but the baby had not survived.  With all bases covered, Natalie
had set off to give birth in the town where Julie resided.

Dave Stevens took the call from Julie that his lovely wife had a fall at
the home and that had set things in motion, causing the baby to come
prematurely.  He was quite relieved that both his wife and baby were
doing fine.  He was now the proud father of a little baby boy.  He
packed his bags to make the long drive to pick up his wife and baby boy
from the hospital.

Upon the Stevens' arrival home, along with their new baby boy, Bryan
showed his parents the gift that his buddies had bought when they heard
he was going to be a big brother.  Dave and Bryan were surprised that
the three young teens had bought such an expensive gift since they only
had part-time summer jobs to earn money.  It was a nice car seat for the
little baby, a rather expensive one, decorated with a big blue bow.  But
the young teens were only too happy to get such a gift for the new baby
boy, after all, one of them were the baby's 'real' father!

A week later, with Mr. Stevens back to work and Bryan remaining after
school for a science project, his three good buddies went to visit his
little Tyler for the first time.  Each possible father got a chance to
hold and cuddle little Tyler.  While one was cradling and feeding the
baby with his formula, the other two got to taste the natural formula
that Tyler was normally fed, each sucking hungrily on a pink nipple that
little Tyler nursed upon.

During her days at home, when young Tyler was asleep, Natalie would go
through the baby pictures that Tim, Sam, and Josh had dropped off for
her to look at.  Then she found what she was looking for.  In the batch
of Josh's baby pictures, she found a picture that  reflected the
spitting image of little Tyler.

End of Story.

Honeymoon Horror

     Lovely Marty walked down the aisle, looking radiant in her lovely
white wedding gown.  Skin so white and pure, lovely blonde hair and
bridal veil made her appear to be an angel .  An absolutely untouched
pure virgin everyone was certain.  Every man at the wedding could not
but help wishing somehow he himself could despoil such a pure innocent
bride, before her husband had the opportunity. She looked down to the
end of the aisle to see her handsome husband-to-be, standing alongside
the elderly priest who would conduct the wedding vows.   Exchanging vows
to be true to each other, both looked at each other and her husband knew
that no one could be so beautiful and true to him without a question.

     The evening was quite a happy event for all. The reception was
being held in the banquet room of an elegant hotel, located in the
city.  The bridal suite was reserved for the bride and groom.  Both
bride and groom danced through the night with the guests and drank with
them.  Marty told her husband to stay and enjoy himself, in the late
evening, as she wanted to freshen up and be ready for him.  The groom
knew what was in store for him and also enjoyed the opportunity to
continue partying with his old friends for a while.  Marty's parents
were about to depart and was happy to escort their beautiful daughter up
to the bridal suite.

     Relieved to be alone, Marty wanted desperately to cleanse her body
and be as clean as possible for her beloved husband.  She was excited
and anxious for she was now Mrs. Marty Wilson, the wife of Ted Wilson.
She hurried to the large bathroom and first took off her bridal veil.
She looked at the white veil and gown, which truly indicated her purity
and innocence. Then off came her white heels followed then by rolling
down each of her white nylon stockings. Her dainty manicured feet and
trim legs always excited men nearby and had them lusting to touch her.

     Marty had showered and dried her hair.  She dressed in a thin white
negligee, lacy white bra and panties.  She had wanted to make it fun and
challenging for her husband, wanting this to be a treasured evening.
Unfortunately, Marty's husband partied way too much and drank too
quickly at the end.  The doorbell rang and she jumped from the bed and
ran to the door to greet her handsome husband.  Her husband's arm was
around the shoulders of hotel's muscular black janitor.   He was nearly
out cold and couldn't walk on his own.  The muscular black placed the
bridegroom in the nearest chair and in a few seconds loud snoring came
from the drunken body.

     Her concern was for her husband.  She did not wonder why this black
janitor was the one to carry her husband in rather than his friends.  It
had been easy for Kareem to intercept the bridegroom and his friends.
As the entire group was ready to pass out from the liquor, they were
appreciative of his help.  Kareem loved this part time job at the
hotel.  He had his choice of the most tender and innocent young white
brides that spent their honeymoon here.

     Kareem's attention to the bridal couple came as soon as the limo
pulled up to the hotel lobby.  Once he saw this beautiful blonde bride,
with so innocent and na ve appearance, he knew he had to have her.  He
had checked the couple's information out with his friend at the front
desk.  He got to look at the banquet room rental sheet and got the names
and even the new address for the young couple.

     In her concern for her husband, Marty forgot about her alluring
outfit. This was all taken in by Kareem.  His lust was boiling and no
one was going to stop him.  He approached Marty.  As soon as she saw the
lustful look on his face, she became aware of her attire.  She turned to
run to the bathroom, where she would lock herself.

     Seeing her turn to flee, Marty's black admirer caught her arm and
threw her on the bridal bed.  He covered her with his black muscular
body.  Looking at her beautiful face, her eyes full of fear, he smiled
and said "No bride should sleep alone on her wedding night.  If the
bridegroom can't be a man to you tonight, its only right that I help him
out".  Holding Marty's two dainty hands in one of his large black fist,
he raised her arms above her head.  With his free hand he savagely tore
off all of her clothing.  Such a pure and lily white body to defile.

     Marty fought and struggled as best as she could, but she was no
match for this muscular black man.  He sucked at her large breasts and
pink nipples, arousing them to hardness.  He fingered her slit and she
began to moan in shame but could not help but feel the stimulation
between her legs.  The young bride pleaded "Please, don't, please I'm a
virgin".  Kareem stopped in shock and then gave a wide grin "Man, this
is my lucky night.  I haven't popped a cherry in years.  I'm going to
love `ruining' you, Mrs. Wilson".

    Kareem grinned and could not wait any longer.  He placed his
drooling black knob at her entrance.  "Oh please, please don't rape me!
I just got married today!" pleaded Marty.  Kareem licked his lips in
anticipation, reared back and slammed forward with all his might.
"Ahhhhhhhhhh ....... Noooooooo .......... Pleaseeee
...........Aieeeeeeeee.......!" screamed Marty.  Five inches on the
first plunge without much lubrication.  Kareem wanted this young white
bride to remember the pain of her deflowering by a nigger's cock.

    "There went the bride's precious cherry!" smiled her black rapist.
The virgin bride was the tightest cunt Kareem ever had the pleasure of
plundering.   It took he six more lunges before had his full 12" in the
beautiful body. Each lunge brought a shrilling scream from the innocent
young bride.  This was the first cock to plow this fertile field.

     Marty was going out of her mind as the big black cock continued to
touch her clit and she shuddered in an unexpected and unwanted orgasm.
"Oh, please .......don't make me feel this way, please, ........oh no,
I'm ...........ugggggghhhhhh!" screamed Marty, as her innocent young body
quivered and shook in its first ever orgasm.   Kareem let go of her
hands and held her hips tightly to him.  His black snake of a cock was
twitching and just as he exploded his hot thick cum, Marty's body
betrayed her and instinctively responded by circling her arms around his
neck and encircling his black ass with her trim legs.   Her dainty white
feet locking around each other over he humping black ass of her rapist.
Yet she moaned in fear "Pull it out'll get me pregnant!"
A quart of gooey black baby-making cum was pumped into Marty's lily
white body. He collapsed his black body on Marty's tiny one, his cock
deflating slowly but still oozing out his potent baby making goo.  He
smiled, thinking that now maybe he just might impregnated the innocent
white bride on her honeymoon bed.  What a wonderful thought, he
concluded, twitching his black cock to get all his seed out.

     Kareem regained his strength quickly, as he wanted to make the most
of this special wedding night.  Straddling Marty's face, he got his
drooling black cock up to her soft pink lips.  Marty knew what he wanted
and opened her mouth slowly in fear of being hurt.  He wrapped his hands
into her silky hair and began to fuck her mouth.  Marty was afraid of
its girth but managed to just get her mouth around the fat drooling
cock.  She looked up in despair and tried to push his hips away.  Kareem
was delighted with her fearful look and his body tensed.  Out shot two
thick streams of slimy cum into the bride's virgin mouth.  She gagged
and coughed around the thick cock, cum escaping from the corners of her
mouth.   He then pulled his cock out and directed the last four streams
into her face and hair.  Marty was totally exhausted and ashamed.  She
covered her eyes with and arm and fell into a deep sleep.

     Looking down at the bride's beautiful white body, Kareem gloated at
his accomplishment.    He would not wake her now.  But he would take
advantage of her once more.  He starred at her trim white legs and was
beside himself when he got a glimpse of her dainty white feet.  Now they
were for his enjoyment.  Kneeling at her feet, he licked her tender
soles and tiny manicured toes.  Having his fill, he held her dainty feet
together cupping his again hard drooling cock.  It did not take him long
to get his cock hard again, fucking the bride's soft dainty feet was
like a dream come true, and a load of white slime to paint each dainty
foot and toes proved it.

     Now, Kareem was finally exhausted.  He looked again at the lily
white body of the bride, lying on the bed, covered from head to toe with
his white slimy cum.  Prior to leaving, he managed to undress the
drunken bridegroom, down to his jockeys, and escorted him bed.  Side by
side now lay the bride and groom.  A final look at the bride and groom,
he hopes his potent cum will do the trick.  He surely shot enough in her
to make a set of twins.

     Arising with the sun, the groom awoke with a terrible hangover.
Where was he and how did he get here?  He couldn't remember a thing
other than partying downstairs.  He looked over and saw the beautiful
pure white body of his precious wife, totally naked.  He surveyed her
features and concluded that they must have had a wild sexual bout last
night.  Yet his mind was a blank.  "Sure hope I performed good.  From
the looks of it, I must have cum a gallon" he thought to himself.  He
saw the cum encrusted trails across her beautiful face and hair.  He
loved to touch and massage her dainty white feet, which he now held and
off onto his hands came the crusty goo.  "I must have fucked her feet
last night, like I always dreamt about" he said to himself.  Her pussy
curls were cum encrusted.  Thighs coated with the dried mixture of cum
and cherry juice.  He dipped a finger into her slit and upon withdrawal,
it was covered with pink slime.  "Wow, did I have a time last night" he
bragged to himself.  Totally unaware of the fact that the black muscular
janitor had so kindly performed the slimy deed on his behalf. Smiling,
he left Marty a note advising of his hangover and that he would go to
get a bloody mary and something to eat.  He wanted her to get as much
rest as possible and they would have a nice lunch together.

     Marty awoke soon after her husband's departure.  She was relieved
he had not mentioned anything in the note about the condition of her
body.  She had been shocked when she saw herself in the mirror, totally
cum encrusted.  She prayed he had not seen the dried cum stains or
realize that he may not have done the deed himself.  Marty showered and
cleansed herself as best as possible, trying to erase the vile rape last

     Arriving back at the bridal suite, Marty had just showered and
toweled off.  She was just about to douche and try to kill the nigger's
dangerous sperm, when her husband knocked and came into the bathroom.
He apologized for not being there when she awoke and kissed his lovely
bride.  It was a deep and loving kiss.  His hand reached down and made
its way to his bride's prize possession.  Marty breaks the kiss and
tells her husband that she was about to douche and she was still wet
there from 'their' lovemaking last night.  He pulled Marty to him and
gave her another lengthy kiss.  She couldn't prevent him from forcing
his hand to her cunt lips.  A finger was deeply inserted.  Out came a
finger covered with gooey white slime with traces of blood.  "Boy,
you're so juicy" says her husband.  Marty's face flush red in
embarrassment.  Her husband lifts his fingers to lick it clean.  Marty
is shocked.  "It's dirty, don't!" she says.  "It's only my cum and your
virginty!" responds her husband, licking his finger clean.  If he only

     Her husband takes her from the bath and to the bed.  He was anxious
for some lovemaking and hoped that he'd remember the pleasure 'this
time'.  Marty was distressed.  Her plan to douche away the nigger's baby
making sperm had to be put on hold.  She prayed it wouldn't be too late,
fearing the worst.  She prayed she would not get pregnant, within 24
hours of her wedding, by the black rapist.  Her fears drifted to what
her rapist had told her.  That he would be visiting her after the
honeymoon and fuck her royally on her marriage bed.  And that he was
going to be certain to breed her with his black seed.

     Marty was relieved to be in her new home.  She desperately tried to
block out the rape on her wedding night.  She felt so relieved when her
period came, knowing she had escaped being impregnated by her black
rapist.  The only thing that bothered her was the inability to reach any
peak nor achieve an orgasm with her loving husband.  It seemed that her
got so exited when he entered her that he would cum after only a dozen
strokes or so.  Needless to say, she was left sexually frustrated.  She
was upset with herself over the past week, after her husband's quick
love making, she had fingered herself each time dreaming of how her
black rapist had made her cum.

     Kareem was true to his word.  On a Thursday afternoon, Marty
answered the doorbell to be greeted by Kareem, dressed as a repairman so
as not to attract attention in the neighborhood.  "I'm here to do the
plumbing, miss.  I'm going to do a roter-rooter job on a clogged pipe!"
he snickered, rubbing his big bulge.  Kareem stepped in as Marty was
frozen to the spot.  Kareem grasped her hand and plunged it into his
trouser. Marty unconsciously grasped the familiar black salami that she
ate on her wedding night.  "Take me to your bedroom.  I want to fuck you
on your husband's bed" Kareem ordered.

     As Marty lay back on her marital bed, watching the muscular black
body being shed of its clothing, she reached over and got condom from
the bedstand.  She and her husband had recently decided to wait a bit
for children and thus the decision was made to use condoms.  She tore
the open the foil packet.

     Kareem kneeled upon the bed, moving up to the beautiful young
wife.  He smiled to see the beauty panting in anticipation.  "Please,
you must put this on.  I can't have a baby from you!" Marty stammered.
Kareem smiled, letting the white wife handle his throbbing cock in her
attempt to put a raincoat on it.  Marty gasped in frustration, the
difficulty in getting it on, and then it tore.  "Better get hubby to buy
the giant sized honey!" Kareem chuckled.  Marty quickly scrambled and
tore open another packet.  She sighed in relief as this one rolled
tightly onto the thick black shaft.

     With her legs wide spread and receiving the deep satisfaction only
this lengthy black shaft could give, she became frantic when Kareem
stopped and backed away.  "No, what are you doing?  No, please .....
please, you must leave it on!" Marty screamed as she witnessed the
rubber being rolled down.  "I can't feel a damned thing with this.
Baby, if you want any more of it, you take it off for me!" Kareem
responded.  "Oh please, put it back in me.  Please, I need it.  I can't
have a baby from you!" Marty groaned in frustration.  She desperately
tried to arch her body up to impale herself onto the mighty shaft.
"Please, please, I need it!" she pleaded, as she unconsciously began to
roll the thin rubber protection off the throbbing black shaft.

     That afternoon, she received three doses of thick cream into her
fertile womb.  Each time that Kareem was about to unleash his potent
cum, he taunted the beautiful newlywed "Oh, here I cum Mrs. Wilson.
Going to give you my black baby juice.  Going to knock you up with a
black bastard!"  Kareem sensed the wife wicked excitement from his
taunting, for each time her long with legs wrapped tightly around him to
squeeze out all the cum his nuts would produce.

    Marty knew this black rapist somehow had a hold on her and she would
be forced to do his bidding anytime he wanted.  She knew she would
submit whenever he showed up.  And she knew no protection would be
used.  She was allergic to the pill and could only pray that the douche
would be strong enough stop the baby making juice.  She knew he was
determined to lay his black baby deep in her womb and that eventually he
would succeed.

End of Story.

Terrified Teacher - V  
     Leon got a call in mid-July, advising that he was needed at a
different school as it was having a second summer session along with a
summer fun program.  Leon was happy to have another change, always on
the prowl scouting for his next unfortunate victim.

     Beautiful Ellen Myers had made the unfortunate decision of teaching
summer school as a favor to the principal.  She didn't need the money
and normally would relax over the summer.  This summer session would be
most unfortunate for her.  Her beauty immediately caught the new
janitor's attention and became his unsuspecting target.

     Leon's prick twitched as soon as he saw the beautiful young
teacher.  He observed her at her desk with her reading glasses on.  Such
a young beauty with milk white skin and honey colored hair.  He quickly
learned at the office that she was happily married with two daughters.
This was going to be a fun summer for Leon if he could soon get this
little bitch's tight panties.

     Three weeks without any new pussy and Leon was climbing the walls.
He needed relief soon and couldn't wait to corner the innocent beauty.
God, he wanted to hear her scream when he stuck his cock in her.  He
closed his eyes and pictured the beauty laying before him and he licked
her milky white legs and give her dainty feet a tongue bath.

     Leon kept watch on the beauty, who always avoided him and always
left soon after summer school ended.  On this Friday, the lovely teacher
was forced to stay late for a parent teacher conference.  He observed
only her car in the teacher's section and one car in the visitor's
section, apparently belonging to the parents that were there for the

     Leon's maintenance shed was near the teacher's parking lot and it'd
be the perfect place the take the beauty. Take her by force and hear her
screams and pleas for mercy.  In his first week at the new school, Leon
wanted a secluded place where he could spend time in comfort and also
serve as his hideout where he could check out the beautiful teachers as
they arrived at school.  He had revamped the maintenance shed to make it
soundproof and also made it comfortable by installing an old air

     Leon went to the parked car and quickly deflated the right rear
passenger tire.  Then he watched with anticipation from the shed, having
cleared off an area and spread out a dirty rolled up mattress that he
kept there to relax on.  He wanted to have the beautiful teacher
comfortable when he pounded his pulsing cock in her.  His excitement
reached another level as he observed the visitors going to their car and
leave the lot.  Five minutes later the beautiful teacher could be seen
approaching her disabled car.

     Ellen felt uncomfortable being the last one to leave the school.
She gave a sigh of relief once she entered and locked her car.  However,
relief turned to despair as she drove a mere car length as it was
obvious that something was wrong with her car.  She got out to inspect
the problem.  "Oh, no!" she groaned as she observed her problem.  She
was suddenly startled when a voice came from behind her "Can I help you
Mrs. Myers?".

     At first Ellen was about to decline and use her cell phone to call
a tow wagon.  However, Leon advised her he'd merely change the tires for
her and she'd be on her way in ten minutes.  Ellen didn't want to be
obligated to this lustful black man, for she always felt as if she was
being stripped naked whenever he looked at her.  But she couldn't refuse
his assistance in this emergency situation.

     Ellen opened the car truck and leaned over to remove some school
files.  Suddenly a black hand clamped over her mouth and an iron hand
encircled her trim waist.  Her scream was muffled as she was dragged a
short distance to the maintenance shed.  The shed's door was kicked shut
by Leon as he held the frightened beauty.  She tried to pry away the
hand covering her mouth but her attacker was way too strong.  Her sobs
were muffled and tears filled her eyes from the fear.  Her blouse was
ripped apart and the rough black hand began to roam over her bra encased
breasts.  Another minute and the black hand crept into her thin bra and
tweaked at her hardening pink nipples.

     In no time Leon had ripped off the teacher's blouse, bra, skirt and
panties.  He then threw the young beauty down onto the dirty mattress.
He knelt down to remove the white heels off her dainty feet and paid
homage to her soft soles and toes.  Just as he had dreamt it would be.
Then he licked his way down to his treasured jewel as the captured
teacher sobbed and grasped the edges of the mattress in obvious

     As he ate the sweet honey, Ellen's hips betrayed her and arched up
to the source of the unwanted stimulation.  Leon licked up the sweet
juices that flowed from this beautiful teacher and he suddenly felt her
dainty hands grasp his head to prevent him from stopping his tonguing.
Not that he had any plans to stop.  "Oh, nooooo......nooooooooooooo"
came Ellen's gasp as she arched up and was overtaken by an unwanted
orgasm.  Twice more, Leon's tongue gave the beauty a mind shattering

    Then Leon scooted up on his knees to rub his oozing and throbbing
cockhead at the beauty's slick pussy lips.  He pressed forward but only
half of his thick cockhead would fit.  ", please it hurts
.....please...nooooooooo.........." pleaded Ellen as she tried to push the
hulking black body away from her.  Ellen could only sob in fear and
humiliation as Leon leaned forward to put more pressure at her slick
treasure "Ready from some thick black meat Mrs. Myers" he teased, adding
emphasis to Mrs.

     He grasped her dainty white feet and pushed her legs upwards,
placing her feet on both sides of face.  The beautiful teacher was bent
double with her knees pushing her shoulders into the mattress.   Leon
grasped her by the hips and slammed forward.  "Aieeeeeeeeeee .....
aggggggh.....noooooo.........ohhhhhhhhh.......noooooooo......" came the anguished
screams.  Actually it was music to Leon's ears, hearing the young
beauty's painful screams and groans.  His black cock was half way in
with another full 6" to go.  He withdrew a little and slammed forward
with all his might.  "Arrrrghhhhhhh......" sobbed the beautiful Mrs.
Myers as the black cock imbedded its entire length.  Never had she
experienced a cock so long and thick.

     An hour later, Leon left he soiled sobbing beauty spread obscenely
on the dirty mattress.  She wished she was dead, her lily white body
soiled by bruises and the slimy spend of the black.  He had shot a pint
full of black baby juice deep in her unprotected womb.  She was forced
to eat a load of his gooey protein and had shot a load into her silky
hair.  Finally she had to bring him off with her feet and he erupted
into her soft soles.  Leon looked down at the sobbing beauty, now
totally soiled, and began stroking his black cock.  He left her curled
up, streaked with rivers of cum on the dirty mattress.  Leon got his
polaroid camera and took two dozen shots of his sobbing prize, having
her suck his cock as he took the final shots.  He left the two well
positioned video cameras on to continue filming.

     Ellen finally got the strength to put on her torn clothing and
stumbled out of the shack.  She saw her flat tire had been fixed by her
rapist.  She had to get home unnoticed and cleanse herself of the filthy

     The weekend ended too soon.  Ellen thought she should quit teaching
the summer session, but how would she explain it to the principal and
her husband.  She thought it best she return but was absolutely
determined to keep away from the lusting janitor and would leave
immediately when school ended.  Both Saturday and Sunday nights, Ellen
desperately tried to cleanse her body and mind of the rape.  Wanting to
feel clean again, Ellen sought the comfort of her loving husband.  But
each time, her husband made love to her in their regular loving way.  As
Ellen hunched up hard against her husband, the unusual aggressive
movement caused her husband to cum unexpectedly, leaving her seeking
satisfaction.  Each night, Ellen ended up in the bathroom using her
hairbrush to seek satisfaction, picturing the forced sex with her black

     On Monday, Ellen kept a nervous eye out for her rapist and was
relieved to see him on the other side of school.  Midway through the
day's session, she opened her desk for a ruler and observed an envelope
with her name on it.  Opening the envelope, she gasped upon seeing a
polaroid of  her cum streaked body lying on the filthy mattress, her
mouth sucking on a big black cock.   Tears formed as she read the note,
her body cringed on reading the part asking if she wanted the remainder
of the pictures but it ended at that.

     Nervous throughout the remainder of the day, Ellen awaited till
everyone left, then fearfully made her way to the maintenance shed.  She
had to retrieve the other photos of her disgrace.  But upon arriving at
the shed, it was locked and the janitor was no where to be found.  Ellen
was worried about the photos being in the demented janitor's hands, but
she could do nothing at this time.  Getting into her car, she began the
drive home.

     Ellen's mind was preoccupied with the photos being in the wrong
hands.  She had not observed  the car following her home.  Arriving at
her driveway, Ellen pressed the switch for the automatic garage door,
allowing entrance to the two car garage.  Pulling into her spot, Ellen
got out of her car and reached over the seat to get her school books.
She was then startled as a car raced up and parked in her husbands
spot.  Ellen gasped as she observed who the driver was, the grinning
face of her black rapist, who held up various photos of her.

     Leon smiled at the frightened teacher "Better close the garage
door, Mrs. Myers!  What's the neighbors going to say if they see a black
man paying you a visit?"  Ellen fearfully bit her bottom lip, not
wanting to be alone with this rapist, yet she did not want any neighbors
seeing this black intruder at her home.  Against her better judgment,
Ellen pressed the button on the garage wall, bringing the two-car garage
door to a close.  Now Ellen was alone in the confines of her home with
her rapist.

     Ellen backed away as the black intruder got out of the car and
slowly approached her, holding up a photo of his black cock at ther pink
lips.  "Oh, please ......please give me those photos ......please, don't show
those to anyone...." Ellen pleadingly sobbed.  "Well, Mrs. Myers, you can
have this particular photo, but only if you do exactly what's in the
photo!" Leon offered.  Tears formed in her eyes at the horrid
proposition she was faced with.  With a large hand on her slender
shoulder, Leon pushed the beauty to her knees.  Putting the photos onto
the car, Leon unzipped his trousers and fished out his twitching black
pole.  Ellen swallowed deeply as the horrid black penis waved before her
horrified face.

     Minutes later, the beautiful teacher was leaning forward on her
hands and knees, coughing up a mouthful of slimy white jism and spitting
it onto the cement floor.  Then large black hands came around her back
to encompass her breasts, tweaking at her hardened nipples.  Ellen
groaned, eyes closing, and tilted her head back against the intruder's
chest "Ohhhhh, ohhhhhhh, oh, please .............ohhhhhh!"

     Moments later, Leon had the petite teacher in his arms, kissing her
deeply and was pleasantly surprised to feel her tiny tongue dueling with
his.  Opening the door to the home, Leon teased the beauty "Oh, Mrs.
Myers, I want to fuck you right on the bed that you share with your
loving husband!  Show me where it is, Mrs. Myers!"  Leon watched the
frightened beauty bite down on her bottom lip, then hesitantly pointed
the way to her bedroom.

     Had Mr. Ron Myers returned home within the next hour, he would have
had the shock of his life.  Besides finding a strange car in his spot,
he'd have observed the discarded heels along the hallway, followed by
his wife's clothing piece by piece in a trail to the bed he shared with
his beautiful young wife.  But he would have had a heart attack had he
discovered his beautiful wife in the middle of their bed, trim white
legs spread wide and crossed over the black ass that humped away like a
jackhammer.  His heart would have sank had he heard his lovely wife
"Ohhhh, pleaseeeeeee .........fuck me .........ohhh, fuck me, hardddddddd
.......ohhhhhhh ...........fuck me!  Oh, yesssssssss ........yessssss, shoot it, shoot
it in meeeeeeeee .......ohhhhh, fuck your black baby in me!"

End of Story.

Terrified Teacher - III

      Now things were really looking up for Leon. As the school district was
always short of funds, they needed a handy man to go from school to school as
the situation dictated. Often it would take a month or so at one school and
then move on to the next school in need. Leon had quickly volunteered for this
handyman/janitor job, as it would give him access to many schools, a job that
gave him exactly what he wanted. A means of expanding his selection to choose
from - a selection of prime `white' meat to satisfy his hunger.

      It was on his assignment to Wilson Elementary School that his next
unfortunate victim was selected. A prim and petite school teacher who was
happily married, or at least was until he gave her a sample of his 12" black
snake. Mrs. Patricia Miller was the third grade teacher at the elementary
school, thirty eight years old, who still had maintained a stunning figure. She
has long flowing black hair down to her delicate shoulders, about 5'3" with a
34-24-34 figure, with the face of an angel. Her tight little ass and long ivory
legs, in her black heels, immediately caught Leon's attention. She was
obviously the most beautiful teacher at the school.

      The principal had taken him around to introduce him to the teaching
staff, so they would know he was working at the school for awhile. When meeting
the Mrs. Patricia Miller, his mouth watered while looking at the lovely
teacher. He wanted her badly and a glance down at her left hand sealed her
faith, as Leon gazed at her sparking diamond ring. It was obvious she was
repulsed by his very black features. That made him all the more determined to
get into her sweet panties.

      That week, while in line for lunch he found himself in back of her when
the line was suddenly slowed. He managed to bump against those firm buttocks
and nestle ever so slightly his semi-hard pole against those tight cheeks. At
first she was embarrassed and froze. She was silent among the chatter of the
other women teachers. He could not tell if she was embarrassed because he had
rubbed his nearly hard black cock against her tender firm little ass or frozen
with fear. He apologized to her with a slight smirk on his face.

      This was the Friday before the Easter break. At exactly 2:30 p.m, the
school doors burst open at the sound of the bell. On this day, Patricia was
wearing a white blouse and medium length black skirt, with three inch black
heels. Her white cotton blouse is pressed tight against her firm and perfectly
formed breasts. Within half an hour, most of the other teachers also quickly
departed the school. Patricia Miller however decided to stay and straighten up
her classroom for the return after the Easter break.

      Standing on her tip toes in her three inch black heels she was straining
to reach the Easter decorations along the top rim of the chalk board. Leon
stood in the doorway and observed the flawless ivory legs as the beauty reached
for the decorations..

      As she got one set of decorations down, she turned to put it in the
storage box and was startled to be face to face with the handy man, a man who's
eyes always seemed to strip her bare. He detected her uneasyness as she became
flushed. "Do you need some help Mrs. Miller? I would be happy to help the
prettiest teacher in the school...... any time at all," he spoke, grinning at
her all the while . He could tell the beautiful teacher was uneasy, as her eyes
darted to the door and back to him as he stood directly in front of her.
Patricia was unable to answer, frozen to the spot. Leon moved closer and
continued to look into her eyes.

      Leon could tell the pretty teacher was becoming frightened. Slowly he
turned and started pulling the decorations from the wall. Glancing towards the
lovely brunette, he saw her start to relax. He licked his lips knowing that he
would soon be burying his long black snake into her pretty little body,
spreading wide those long beautiful white legs, hearing her scream in pain and

      The decorations were all taken down but still needed to be boxed and
stored. "Would you like a coke. I think I have two left in the small frig?"
Patricia asked out of courtesy and appreciation for the help, not wanting to
show her fear and repulsion by him. Smiling, Leon turned to face the pretty
teacher. "Thank you. A coke would taste real good right now," he answered.

      Patricia handed the black janitor a cold can of coke and opened one for
herself. Taking a sip from her can of coke, she felt nervous being alone with
the muscular black janitor. Thus she excused herself saying she needed
something at the school's office. But Leon knew the main reason why Mrs. Miller
wanted to get out of the room. "Go ahead Mrs. Miller. I should be done and out
of here in ten minutes" he responded. As her three inch heels clicked on the
tiled floor a plan developed in his mind. He pulled out a small packet of
crystal meth and opened the small pouch. The white powder was deposited into
her glass and a smile covered his face as the white powder dissolved. Just
enough to have the beauty drowsy and feeling the effects. Leon did not want the
beauty passing out on him. He wanted to hear her scream as he laid the meat to
her innocent body.

      When Mrs. Miller returned she had hoped the black janitor had left. But
instead the muscular black had settled himself on a counter and sipped at his
coke. "We've got to finish our drinks quickly. I have to get home and fix
supper for my family," she nervously stated. "Sure...." he replied. Leon
watched intently as she drained her coke. He contented himself to wait until
the designer drug had traveled throughout her system. He watched as her eyes
started glassing over.

      He walked the few steps to the now wobbly woman and put his strong arms
around her shoulders. The movement seemed to startle her and she put her arms
around his waist tostabilize her wobbly legs. His black cock had tented itself
and rubbed against the front of her dark skirt. Her mind tried to understand
the pleasurable sensation that was touching the outside of her sweet little
pussy but her mind was hazy.

      Leon lowered his face and kissed the delicate mouth. His long thick
tongue began to probe the delicate opening. Patricia body froze in the shock
and she weakly pounded at her attacker with her dainty fists. He held the
delicate teacher in his strong black arms and pulled her closer to him, his
bulging cock rubbing against her clothed womanhood.

      With her mind swirling, Patricia let out a soft moan and as her tender
lips opened allowing Leon to probe her wet and warm oral cavity with his thick
dry tongue. Patricia tried to retreat but she was still unsteady on her feet;
the crystal meth taking firm hold. Leon could feel the beautiful teacher
shivering with fear as he held her tighly against his raging hardon.

      He allowed his strong hands to drop and gently caress her soft breasts.
Her nipples were rock hard and he roughly massaged each of the tender little
orbs. As he twisted the little pleasure buttons he felt Patricia tense from the
unwanted stimulation. Some sanity began to return to her mind "Please, you must go ..... please leave me alone! Please, please don't
rape me!"

      "Has the precious little teacher ever been fucked by a big black stud ?"
Leon quietly asked. "Please....pleasse don't rape me! I'm happily married to my
husband. Please don't rape me'll get me pregnant ..I'm not on the
pill" she softly begged.

      He picked up the writhing teacher and brushed aside the books and pencils
from the teacher's desk, allowing them to fall to the floor. He lay the
struggling young teacher upon her desk. He stepped between her partially spread
legs, leaned over gave her a passionate kiss. Patricia's drugged induced mind
caused her to responded to his tongue entering her wet and warm oral cavity.
Leon unbuttoned her white blouse to expose her white lace bra. Reaching around
the frightened teacher, Leon pulled and snapped the clasped of thin bra
allowing Patricia's beautiful breasts to be exposed. Leon's thick black fingers
began to tweak at the soft pink nipples, which soon hardened from the

      She moaned with pleasure from the unwanted stimulation.
" leave me alone ... I've never been with anyone but my
husband ... please don't rape me!" she softly sobbed. Leon began to pull the
panty hose over her firm thighs and removed her black heels. He made a
production of pulling them off her toes. He raised up her dainty white feet and
rubbed them all over his face while inhaling their lovely fragrance. He raised
her legs further and kissed the inside of her calves. "I'm going to take off
your sweet little panties next, Mrs. Miller! I'm going to slide my ole black
snake up your husband's little treasure chest. Gonna `ruin' you, Mrs. Miller!
Think Mr. Miller will make love to you again, once he learns his treasure chest
has been spoiled with nigger cum?" he taunted.

      Patricia writhered on the very desk that she taught her students at. She
found herself on her back with a black rapist kissing the inside of her thighs.
"No...please let me up. Please don't rape me ......please!" the pretty teacher

      Leon continued to lick the inside of her calves bending to lick her soft
warm thighs. He unbuttoned his jeans and let them fall to the floor. His black
cock sprang to attention. As he licked the warm thighs, then moved forward to
let his long black snake press against the entrance to the teacher's now slick
entrance. Patricia's juices flowed from the stimulation and coated her white
lace panties, moaning as the black cock rubbed up and down against her now
slick womanhood.

      "Beg me to fuck you Mrs. Miller!" He ordered, as he slowly began to roll
down the silky white laced panties, the last article of clothing from the

      Her face grimaced...."No PLEASE....let me go home. Don't...." her voice
fading. Leon grabbed his twelve inch black tube and rubbed it directly against
her wet slit, concentrating on the top of her tight slit, agitating her hard
little clit. He achieved his objective. As he wormed his black pole against her
sensitive clit, the helpless teacher pleaded with him to stop while her
beautiful white body thrashed around on her desk.

      " more. I can't stand any more....Please have mercy.."
Patricia begged. Leon smiled as he let his black cock continue to rub up and
down her slick groove . He felt her body tremble as he rubbed the tip of his
leaking black cock against her sensitive little clit. Patricia was continuing
to thrash around as he held on to her long pretty legs.

      "It's time that you got a little of this ole black snake teach!" he said
as he slipped the plum sized cockhead into the thrashing white beauty. Tears
were coating her pretty face "No...God, stoppppp ....pleaseeeeeeee's too
big ..pleaseeeeeee hurts! Ohhhhhhhhhh ....stop, please hurts so

      He let his hips thrust forcefully forward, slipping in another inch,
causing the beauty to moan from the pain of being stretched wider than ever
before. Leon placed a large hand behind the head of the sobbing beauty, forcing
her to look down upon the instrument of her downfall. "No......please, no
....I'm married...... I've never been unfaithful to my husband No, please,
you're to big. You'll tear me!" she screamed.

      Then he began to trust slowly a bit, in and out up to four thick inches,
causing a hot feeling to rise in her tight belly. The thick black snake was
causing the beautiful teacher much distress but suddenly her trim hips began
returning his thrusts, with mewling sounds of pleasure being emitted from the
subdued beauty. Leon sensed that her tormented mind had just surrendered.

      "Oh, oh, oh .." came the moans of pleasure, as the drug induced body of
the innocent teacher made her lose control. Seeing this change of behavior,
Leon stopped, nearly withdrawing his entire cock. "Beg me to fuck you with his
big black cock," he demanded of the struggling beauty. Reality set in and her
eyes burned into him as she glared at his face from her subservient position on
her back with her feet around his face. She finally surrendered;
"Please......please....I can't....please ...don't degrade me .. please .. I
have a husband!"

      Patricia's body was on fire. She had to quench the fire between her
thighs. She began to arch up to get the black fire hose to put out the fire,
but only the head was enveloped in her slick groove. Then her bodily needs
overwhelmed her sense of reasoning "Oh, please, please ...I need it ..oh,
please, I'm burning up..!" Leon smiled and wormed his hard black snake into
Patricia's slick womanhood. She was tight for a married woman with children. He
was gentle but persistent as he continued to stroke his twelve inches of
throbbing cock into her tender body. He felt her body respond and hump against
his pumping black cock. The little beauty shook and cried in pain as he got his
cock half way home. She was obviously never penetrated beyond 6" and was virgin
from there.

      "Oh my are sooooo deep. Please be gentle. I've have never had
anything this deep.." she moaned. Another inch of his black pole gained
entrance in her tight little chute of pleasure. Her lubricant coated his cock
giving it a sheen as he pulled it out before ramming it home. Each time he
pushed his black cock forward poor Patricia shuddered and attempted to inch
away. " are so deep. Be gentle. No one has entered me this far,"
she begged.

      Her pitiful whining excited him and he tightened his hard ass muscles and
pushed brutally forward. Patricia gasped and dropped her hands to grasp his
cock. " must go are so deeeeeeeeeeep .... oh, God!" she
sobbed. She tried to shake her head as he fed her another throbbing inch of his
black snake. The sobbing teacher cried as tears ran down the side of her face
onto the wooden desk.

      He pulled his black ramrod out and as Patricia regained her breath, he
brutally and without mercy buried the entire twelve inches deep. Deep into her
inner womanhood. "Nooooooooooooooo......" she screamed as his tip pushed
against her cervix. With his hands on her outer thighs he controlled the
helpless teacher. She could not retreat.... she could only accept his long
black cock deep into her little cringing and clasping vagina.

      Her first climax caught him offguard. He felt her initial tremors and her
hands tightened on his back, scratching at his broad back. As she screamed at
the top of her lungs he stopped his cock insertion. Her climax had her body
arching up, lifting her heavy rapist upon her. The short tight body quivered
and shuddered all over and Leon felt her clinching vaginal muscles as they
tightened around his twelve inch black cock.

      It was hard to resist not blowing his cum deep into her womb. But he
resisted and knew he soon could not overcome the clinching muscles that had
enveloped his throbbing cock. Leon held his body still, knowing another thrust
and it'd be all over for him. Finally, the beautiful teacher's ivory body began
to relax and settle back down onto her desk. He looked at the beauty, who was
on the verge of dozing off from her mind shattering climax. A slap to the
beauty's face brought back all the fright and fear as Patricia realized her
horrifying situation.

      `You just came on my long black cock, Mrs. Miller! What's your loving
husband going to say if he knew?" Leon taunted. Patricia began sobbing, pained
at the thought of how her husband would indeed react to such a degrading event.
The long hard cock continued to throb deep in her slick groove, right at the
entrace to her fertile womb. Then the long black cock began to slowly fuck back
and forth again, bringing agony to the beautiful teacher as she realized that
her rapist was intent on filling her womb with his hot seed. "Please, I beg you
...please ..pull it out ..please'll get me pregnant!" Patricia pleaded.

      This was what Leon wanted. Wanted to see the look on the innocent
teacher's face as she pleaded with him and the look of horror as he was about
to dump his potent load, deep in her precious womb. The look of horror of an
innocent white wife, knowing she was being `ruined' by a nigger's filthy cum,
with the knowledge of the possible consequences she faced from such a mating.
Looking at his victim's horrified face, Leon began to fuck away with all his
might, withdrawing till only his cockhead remained and then slamming forward
with all his might, burying his cockhead deep in her womb.

      As the terrified teacher fought, pushing at Leon's broad black chest with
the dainty white hands, Leon joyfully laughed. Leon continued to pummel his
victim with hard slamming thrusts. "Gonna cum soon Teach! Gonna fill you little
belly with my black baby juice! Gonna knock the beautiful teacher up with a
little black baby!" Leon yelled. "Oh, no .no ..don't ..pull it out!"
Patricia pleaded.

      "Ugggggggghhhhhhhhhhh....!" Leon groaned, as he buried his 12" cock as
deep as he could. Then the throbbing black cock exploded deep in the womb of
the shrieking beauty, who suddenly arched up in response. Long white legs
raised up to encircle the quivering black ass, drawing it even deeper into her
womb The trim white arms no long pounded nor pushed but now encircled the broad
black shoulders.

      Leon looked at the beautiful teacher, who's legs were still squeezing him
tightly and draining his cum into her womb. He smiled as the young beauty came
to her senses and realized just what she had done. A look of horror and shame
set in as Patricia closed her eyes and began to sob in shame. She cringed and
sobbed loudly as Leon's black cock twitched in her flooded womb. What had
brought her to the height of pleasure now made her cringe in shame. Now Leon
added the final insult "What would your loving husband say if he could see you
now Mrs. Miller? His beautiful and faithful wife filled a nigger's cum!"
Patricia could only sob in shame.

      At long last the pretty teacher and faithful wife lowered herself to the
desk top and let her legs fall to the sides of her attacker. Leon's cock was
still rock hard and as he removed it from her still tight chute, his thick
spunk flowed from it's stretched opening. His white discharge puddled on her
desk and began to increase in size as the river of cum continued to ooze from
the raped beauty. He slowly walked around to the other end of the desk and as
Patricia opened up her tear stained eyes.

      Leon put his hands under his victim's shoulders and dragged her about a
foot until her neck was over the edge of the desk. As Patricia strained to keep
her neck parallel to the desk he put his hands on each side of her face and
allowed her head to drop. When her mouth was at the same level as his still
hard cock he gave her his next command; "Clean your lovely mouth for
my black cock." Patricia looked as if she would throw up at the thought of
performing such an act, making it clear that she had never tasted a man before.
Out of fear, her pink lips opened and allowed him to insert his spunk coated
black cock between those pouty little lips. As he inserted more and more black
cock into her willing mouth she started to gag...but he kept inserting
more...more and more black cock until the cock was past her throat.

      Twenty minutes later, Leon exhaustedly zipped up his pants. As he was
about to leave the classroom, he turned to look at the most beautiful sight.
There on the wooden desk lay the beautiful petite teacher's milk-white body,
laying on her side with her body soiled by his cum. Leon's cock twitched as he
observed the thick flow of cum continue to seep from the beauty's raped body,
seeing her gagging and coughing in her attempt to throw up the slimy contents
in her belly. And to think that the little beauty may soon be carrying his

      Patricia was fortunate that no one was left to see her stagger to her car
and in hopes of getting home before her family. She rushed to the bathroom to
take off her soiled clothing and to desperately attempt to cleanse her body of
the filth on her. She douched twice, praying that her rapist had not
accomplished what he intended, in leaving her pregnant with his child.

      Gathering her soiled clothing, Patricia put them in a garbage bag and
threw it in the trash, as she did not want to be reminded of what took place
that day. Her thighs ached so bad from the savage rape. She was mentally
distraught and left a note to her husband, saying she was not feeling well and
asked that he take the kids out to the pizza parlor for dinner. Patricia wanted
to be alone and not have her family see her in such a mental and physical

      Over the spring break, Patricia went in to the school to clean the
classroom of any evidence of her defilement. She learned from the school's
secretary that the janitor had just moved on to another school that needed help
over the spring break and would remain at the new school till the end of the
school year. She also made sure others were near her school room for the day.

      Opening her classroom door, Patricia wandered over to her desk. Tears
formed in her eyes as she gazed down her the very spot of her defilement. She
sobbed as she saw the large spot of white encrusted filth that marked her
defilement. She sobbed even more when she wiped off the dried filth, as the
large spot was quite shiny compared to the remainder of the desk. Polishing the
desk did not help the matter. Thus, she ended up leaving a large dictionary in
the middle of her desk to hide her spot of shame.

      Patricia's homelife began to show signs of strains. Though her husband
loved her very much, their lovemaking ran into serious problems following her
attack. Never before had Patrica froze in the middle of their lovemaking But
now, she keep freezing up with the thought of letting her loving husband stick
his penis into soiled goods. "Would he even touch me if he knew I was raped by
a black man, with a cock twice as long as his?" she wondered.

      Two weeks later, the children went out to the park with the neighbors and
their children. Her husband was off the the country club for a round of golf,
leaving Patricia home alone. But it gave her time to think and relax as she
puttered in her garden.

      As Patricia was merely going to be in the back yard, puttering and
pruning, she put on a loose lacy bra with a pink blouse over it, along with
shorts and tennis shoes. She enjoyed working about in her yard, as it kept her
busy and especially kept her mind off the constant itch between her thighs. An
itch that her husband could no longer satisfy. And with that frustration,
Patricia's mind could not help but wander back to that eventful day when she
reached numerous mind shattering orgasms. But such was not reached with her
loving husband. Instead it was from being savagely raped by the black janitor.

      A half hour went by and Patricia was now pruning the rose bush. As she
held a branch with one and pruning shears in the other, she was unaware of the
stalking figure approaching from behind. She gasped loudly in fright when she
felt two large hands suddenly on each side of her trim hips. Her mouth opened
to scream but no sound came out. She looked down to see two familiar black
hands on her hips. Black hands that were slowly moving up, under her blouse,
touching her bare skin.

      Her head tilted back as she was panting to catch her breath. Closing her
eyes, she leaned back into the muscular chest of her uninvited guest. The black
hands were moving up, now at the bottom of her lacy pink bra. Her bra was being
push up to be replaced by the large black hands. Her soft pink nipples becoming
hard from the stimulation as thick fingers tweaked and flicked at the pink

      The sharp pruning shears that could have been used in her defense, fell
softly to the ground, indicating her total surrender. Then thick lips were
nuzzling her right ear, a wet tongue slowly traced the inside of her sensitive
ear. "Can I help you again, Mrs. Miller? What do you want, Mrs. Miller? Would
you like my long black snake again, Mrs. Miller? Would you like me to fuck you
right on the bed you share with your loving husband, Mrs. Miller? Can I shoot
my black baby juice deep in your woman again, Mrs. Miller? Want me to fuck a
black baby in your little white tummy, Mrs. Miller?" taunted the intruder.

      Minutes later, the innocent young wife stood in front of the marital bed
as the black intruder stripped her of her clothing. Then she shamelessly went
about stripping the muscular black body of her intruder. Crawling onto the
middle of her marital bed, the beautiful wife lay back with her trim white arms
and legs spread wide to welcome her visitor. "Oh, please, please .......I need
it, please ......please!" she begged.

      Three hours later, Leon zipped up his pants, exhausted from depositing
three heavy loads deep into the beautiful wife's womb. He had lost count of the
number of climaxes the beauty had reached, with each climax she had squeezed
him tight with her arms and legs while begging him "Oh, God ....fuck me ...fuck
me harder ..ohhhhhhh". And when he was about to cum, the once innocent beauty
began to drum her dainty feet on his quivering black ass while spurring him on
"Oh, yes, yes ...give me your hot black baby juice ....knock me you with your
black baby! Knock me up on my husband's bed!"

      Leon bent over to kiss the beautiful teacher goodbye. He was surprised to
feel her tiny tongue slip and dance between his thick lips. The beautiful woman
looked up at him and asked "When will you be coming back to my school again? I
need you to finish a job. My desktop needs more of the special liquid applied
to it! I want the entire desktop to be shiny!", as she ran her dainty hand up
and down the throbbing bulge.

                            End of Story (Part III)


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